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[Presidency] Updates

Day 1,888, 20:24 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

Hello everybody,
So we did not wipe Uruguay. This is okay, there was no technical "War" Declaration from their side. They should attack us back at this point and we will lose Western Cape. When we lose WC we receive some food bonuses as well as our Capital returnes to our main clump of regions. This also allows us to Resistance War it back and then have a couple rest days for congressional elections.

Then it will start all over again. The threats from their side will probably still hold true regarding a "War" declaration if we conquer the region, however, we will continue to fight the way we know how... I still hold true that a Training War is a Training War, even if regions are lost.

Some notables:
Very special thank you to our Allies. I saw many USA citizens helping and dropping LARGE amounts of damage on our side of the battle. Brazil was also right there with our battle as a top priority.

Also a thank you to ryan.schmitz for writing an article of recognition for me. I didn't ask him to do it, but it saves me the time.

Read this:

Very Proud of the South African fighters. I know next time we'll do better still!

This has been a tough time for us fighting-wise. I hope everyone is keeping well-stocked, and staying alert on the battlefield.

One more thing when fighting, especially newer and lower level players, remember to always fight "Smart." Our Ministry of Defence has a great explanation of how do do this in their articles:

Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!
Claudio Kilgannon
Country President



Knight of Brutality
Knight of Brutality Day 1,888, 21:17


LiquidIce Day 1,888, 21:37


Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,888, 21:43

thanks voted

AdUnit Day 1,888, 22:45


kuckuck Day 1,889, 00:20


Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,889, 00:21

How about we beat them back in WC and attack Charrua again?

Badger06 Day 1,889, 00:53

what rico said

ryan.schmitz Day 1,889, 01:15


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,889, 04:39


jmanya Day 1,889, 06:31

TW and you voted mpp with chile? haha

atrawall Day 1,889, 08:26

You guys seem so mistrusting of us that I really think its within our best interest to make sure our MPP stacks are just as tall as yours... You (technically uruguay) signed an MPP with Croatia and China for our TW so I don't want to hear it.

Matafuego Day 1,889, 09:11

We've no problem with your MPPs. We've nothing to do about your foreign affairs since you're a sovereign country, but I can tell you that our hurry then to sign that MPPs was because, again, you didn't say nothing to us about your intentions when you send the NE.

Besides that, you didn't answer to our goverment attempts to have some communication anytime. Not then, not now. Don't you think it's better to answer us in other ways besides articles comments Claudio?


atrawall Day 1,889, 09:35

I was on e#Uruguay IRC for hours last night, maybe it goes both way. Other than you, Matafuego, I haven't had any contact with your government. Your CP is going to other people to ask plans as well, Politics go both ways. You have been great in helping bridge the gap Matafuego, and I appreciate it. The rest have not been so good. It seems like a lot of accusations are coming from Argentina players...

Matafuego Day 1,889, 09:53

If you have some to say to argentinians, said it to them, not to us. We're uruguayans.

Our CP and MoFa went to your MoD and MoFa and they never answer. Aren't they important part of your goverment?
If I'm trying so hard in helping bridge the gap is because your attitudes are doing the opposite thing. I have nothing agains you or eSA (in fact I still think you as good friends), but your way to go with us this days is very poor.


Matafuego Day 1,889, 09:54

Besides I was all night in #eUruguay yesterday and you never spoked with me or anybody. In fact I didn't saw you.

Leochao Day 1,889, 11:14

To see how the facts were and are, read at this article:

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