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£100,000+ for the eUK?

Day 2,077, 06:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Max Blue
Simply, no.

The UK would have to work together for that. The UK has a history of dividing itself for minor reasons and failing to work for the bipartisan good of the nation.

As you probably know the admins have started a Military Unit Tournament. 100,000 CC or 454 Gold (1 Gold = around 220 CC) is available for the 50th place unit in the world (higher ranks get more money).

The Top 50 Military Units in the global ranking will receive a currency prize, based on the unit’s final position in the ranking, as follows:.

200,000 Currency for 1st place
180,000 Currency for 2nd place
160,000 Currency for 3rd place
140,000 Currency for places 4-10
130,000 Currency for places 11-20
120,000 Currency for places 21-30
110,000 Currency for places 31-40
100,000 Currency for places 41-50

However the standard is crazily high. Other nations are much bigger than the UK and they often have Gold buyers who boost their MU's firepower by massive levels. But if we work together in the UK we can still get a unit into the top 50 and take home 100,000 CC or more for our nation. Plus bonus energy bars for all our citizens who get involved when completing the daily order.

Now the most powerful MU in the UK is Legion. Legion has delivered just over 3,000,000,000 (3 Billion) in damage during the tournament. However Legion is in 56th position and the 50th position is held by over 3.8 Billion!

Legion has delt 3 Billion damage,
Dental Corps 2 Billion,
The British Army 890 Million,
The Royal Navy 350 Million,
Liberty UK 330 Million and
Funky Militia 320 Million.

Realistically if we look at this there is only one MU that can make it into the top 50. We can get a huge amount of money for sponsoring UK battles and UK allies if we win 100,000 CC.

I myself am from Liberty UK, but I have joined Legion for the purpose of this tournament and my MU is happy for me to do this. Why? Because this helps the UK step forward on the global stage. Lets not let nations such as France get in the top 50, but fail to do so ourselves. Many nations such as Poland, Serbia, the US, Spain, Hungary, Indonesia, Slovenia and Romania have multiple MU's in the top 50. Damn it! France is in the top 5!

So do what I and others have done and join Legion for a little holiday from your current MU!



Rfeist Day 2,077, 06:27

DC dropped 2billion o7

Pfeiffer. Day 2,077, 09:32

I think the word you're looking for is 'wasted'. Wasted two billion.

WayneKerr Day 2,077, 11:13

the butthurtness from you is quite telling...

FragUK Day 2,077, 12:23

So doing damage for the eUK is a wast.

Pfeiffer. Day 2,077, 12:52

During this competition, you're either helping us get a Top 50 MU, or you aren't. So unless you've got a magic button to put your damage in the 4.5 billion range at least...I'm going to call a spade a spade.

FragUK Day 2,077, 16:18

um, im helping my MU, same as your helping legion , as for calling me a spade, just fo back to eUSA henryboy.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,077, 16:43

Dentists doing what Dentists do best... Winning. o7

Lord.Wellington Day 2,077, 06:34


CptChazbeard. Day 2,077, 06:35

Probably easier to organise it before hand rather than towards the end

mick cain Day 2,077, 10:45

Comment deleted

Carlini8 Day 2,077, 06:36

Impressive indeed.

We probably should have learnt from last time and just made a new MU so there was no resentment involved. However then people would have stayed in their MU to get second and it wouldn't solve the issue.

I just knew from last time there wasn't much of a point pushing this sadly. I am very grateful to those that have come over and maybe, just maybe, we can make it.

Carlini8 Day 2,077, 06:38

The original bit was aimed at R Feist - I see people popped in there.

N W G Day 2,077, 06:36

all those together would almost be a guarantied top 20 finish

Jamie2721 Day 2,077, 06:41

All i hear is

My MU isn't good enough so it's your fault for not joining

Pfeiffer. Day 2,077, 09:35

Legion is regularly a worldwide Top 50...but most big units are pulling in new people and seeing massive tanking done. I know of an American MU that is usually in the 80-90 range but had a member tank nearly 4 billion damage to boost their numbers.


helpmeslack Day 2,077, 14:39


Alphabethis Day 2,077, 06:47

bipartisanship deserves an article itself...

IfIWereARichMan Day 2,077, 06:56

@Jamie2721. The Legion is good enough, and more, but for this purpose we all need to join together. For crying out loud, there are MUs from some nations that are bigger than the whole of the eUK.

WayneKerr Day 2,077, 07:25

Legion want top 50, they better tank for.


Pfeiffer. Day 2,077, 09:33

and you still lose.

WayneKerr Day 2,077, 11:12

But we win the hearts and minds... that stuffs more important to the long term health of the nation.

Pfeiffer. Day 2,077, 12:51

You're only winning your own members 'hearts and minds'. To anyone else it's just pointless tanking to show up BA.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,077, 16:45

Dentists win even if they lose... You should have learnt that lesson by now. In this case however they won, like every other case. Dentists simply can't lose.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 2,077, 18:31

I generally see things the way you do Wayne, but I think you're wrong here and the comments on this thread make me sad.

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day 2,078, 16:02

I agree with Elle. Dentists are only helping themselves. The Legion invited members from all different MU's to help the eUK, not the Legion. All the money would have went back into the country.

WayneKerr Day 2,084, 10:41

We were one of the hardest hitting and most dedicated members of Team GB. I'm disappointed you can't congratulate us and understand why we stayed within our own unit this time around.

BigAnt Day 2,077, 07:47

Uk never learns

Pfeiffer. Day 2,077, 09:33

you're not in Legion, so you've no room to speak.

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,077, 22:37

lol. :v

Niemand Day 2,077, 09:00

We better try learning, try working together and improve that way.

Rylder Day 2,077, 09:52

- That's something that has always bothered me: Why a low-population country like ours have about ~30 MU's ?

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 2,077, 12:37

Most of the 30 MUs have only a handful of members in. Why people might have such a small unit is either so they can set their own Daily Order, or simply so that a group of friends can use the MU feed to chat...

Rylder Day 2,077, 13:10

- So, pure vanity ..

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 2,077, 13:57

Not really... Conveniance more than anything else...

mick cain
mick cain Day 2,077, 10:47

joined Legion last time around and so did a few others from the RN.I was'nt aware that we were doing the same this time around,has it been made public?

Carlini8 Day 2,077, 11:18

We didn't push for it this time due to the resentment it created for many people.

We were very grateful for everyone who did come over last time, sadly the eUK did not quite benefit - we also grateful again to those who have come over this time.

mick cain
mick cain Day 2,077, 11:27

Is there any way we could be preemtive next time around?
It would be great to see a UK MU in the top 50

Carlini8 Day 2,077, 11:28

The issue is how it is done. If we make a new MU then there will still be masses of tanking going on for that second place.

mick cain
mick cain Day 2,077, 12:20

If this is going to be a regular thing,could we not move to MUs on a rotational basis
Legion next time. BA the time after (god forbid) then DC....RN and so on.Or would that be impractical. I suppose if one of the MUs did'nt make top 50 then there would be bawwwww,but they could have there turn again until it happened

Max Blue
Max Blue Day 2,077, 12:08

It is not all over yet. There is still time for people to move and try to help drag the UK over the line. 🙂

mick cain Day 2,077, 11:25

Comment deleted

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 2,077, 12:30

The last time this competition ran, a load of people from the various MUs joined the legion in order to try to get an eUK unit into the top 50... And I believe most MU leaders encouraged their members to do so...

The exception was Commander Dapper who insisted that the British Army wouldn't be co-operating as he felt it was the duty of the British Army members to compete with the Legion to be the number one eUK MU... Hence, for as long as there is a partisan approach in the minds of individuals leading the MUs, the eUK will never unite in such a situation.

And if I recall correctly, even if all eUK damage was done by a single unit, the eUK would have still fallen just short in the damage stakes...

Niemand Day 2,077, 16:31

When only the 3 top hitters of DC now had hit that for Legion, Legion would be in the top 50 now. So it is possible.
It is sad there is not made a real effort (like a eUK commanders meeting) to get it done this time.

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,077, 15:14

word to admins

1) give us better notice, say a week, to organise ourselves into a new MU, say "MU-UK", set up by the eMoD

2) stage this event, including the bonus part, to end just before captain elections, so regiments aren't left captainless due to someone buggering off to the new MU .. as we'll all be in there .. so that when we return to our old MUs we'll only have 1 day, 2 at most, without captains. In fact, why not move captain elections to the 1st of the month & go from there,

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 2,077, 16:44

1) Or people agree on the setting up of a new MU now with the intention of everyone joining once the tournament starts up again...

2) I think the idea from the admins point of view is that it should be MU verses MU under normal circumstances... I suspect the idea of everyone switching to a single unit is against the spirit of what Plato wanted and so the risk of regiments having no captains is just a side effect. It could be argued that if everyone moved then a lack of captain would be a mute point.

Pfeiffer. Day 2,077, 23:43

If that was the idea they wouldn't put on a gold sale and EB 2x sale at the same time...and they wouldn't announce it, they'd just tally up the last seven days of damage.

This is to generate revenue, that's all.

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,078, 00:05

if everyone moved

however, it's my opinion that captains should remain with their regiments until the next election & not disappear mid-term for 'selfish' reasons, as did a couple of Royal Navy captains last time. If the captain wants to move, they should get the rest of the regiment to move first

Jamie2721 Day 2,079, 06:10

It's better this way

The MU's with weak captains will hurt their MU's. Captains who leave shouldn't be captains

Michael Ludgate
Michael Ludgate Day 2,077, 16:07

Two small points someone might pick up on:
1. Every other country wants to maximize their position, the tail-end being our only realistic goal means we'll likely fall a long way short when the other country's MU's do similar.

2. It's been mentioned that larger countries have individual MU's more powerful than all of ours. It makes a serious amount of sense of some of them to split, multiplying the positions in the top 50. The reward Vs. position favors several MUs in 30th-50th position rather than 1 in top 10.

Being proactive makes people feel like they're doing something, but it's pissing in the wind - which is fine, so long as you're aware that's what you're doing and thus face away from the wind. Maybe a little more effort in working out and remedying the root causes to why big countries are big and - as a developed 1st world country we sux so much.

Boy Blue
Boy Blue Day 2,077, 17:13

There's still 55 hrs left,

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