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Day 3,941, 13:04 Published in USA USA by The Mike

August 2018

Dear Americans,

I hope you are enjoying the wars that we are having. For the past month USA has been one of the countries with most wars in-game - daily out of the 100 open campaigns on average 8-9 are American. But while most of the other countries only have Training Wars (TWs) - our wars are real and are not solely for earning True Patriot cash and little non-shiny gold medals. It has been a few crazy weeks, since the start of term. This article is going to be a quick & dirty explanation of what has been happening over the past few weeks.

First of all, allow me to congratulate you, Americans, for getting our first full Congress since April!

The eWorld is on fire, and the eUSA is the fire ball. I trust all of you have been following the national feed, so you would know that, even despite the absence of articles, me and my team have been working day and night to provide the USA with the best possible outcome from the region swaps which have been taking place for the past 3 weeks. When Plato announced the game mechanics change to determination, it gave us a great opportunity to improve our position. The most obvious benefit is that we now have real Congress for the first time since April. And it is not a single region Congress of 10 people, but Full Congress with the standard 40 seats! Although I was quite certain that we will have real Congress this term, when setting my objectives for this term, I genuinely wasn’t sure if we will manage to have Full Congress.

The new determinations are now active. I want to thank and congratulate all American fighters and RW supporters who took part in our war strategy efforts throughout the past three weeks. I was mindblown by how many of you came to help the USA by supporting RWs we all knew that we were going to lose (and this will bench us for 7 days from supporting other RWs), so keep the spirit high and going! With this article and with the use of some screenshots, I will aim to explain to you what was happening!

The Status Quo and Plato’s intervention
Before Plato announced the new determination rules, there were seven countries in our cores - 4 with Asterian affiliation (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Lithuania and Slovenia), and 3 without (Croatia, Hungary and Egypt). A month ago Plato announced two changes to the game mechanics. They aim to help countries which have been conquered for a prolonged amount of time and USA is one of those countries. The new rules say that determination is going to build up more quickly, but for each occupier individually. So, if Bulgaria has held California for 100 days in the past 250, they will face big determination when trying to keep or conquer that region. However, if Macedonia attacks California, Macedonia will not face any determination because they have not held it for any of the past 250 days.

Essentially this means that our occupiers had to swap positions from which they would expose themselves to potential attacks by us. This was a big opportunity for us to make a stand and try to improve our situation. However, we are (significantly) weaker than the occupiers, mostly because they work together against us and because they are stronger in air, they have more lower division strong accounts than we do and they also have more high level Legends than we do. However, Americans do not sit idly and observe our opponents conquering our regions. Americans find ways to fight. And so we did.

War with France
We knew pro-Asteria will try to bring another country into the mix, called American Salad. We were surprised to find out that this was France. I think from all our neighbours France is one of the countries we have a good historical relationship with. I don’t remember any wars or animosity between us and them. Also, like us, France is a country with many regions, no colonies abroad and quite a few guests - Chile, Argentina and Turkey for starters. While I do not presume to be an expert on eFrench affairs, I understand their motivation for attacking the USA.

And while I agree with my team that France is not our enemy, we went to battle with them. It was clear that they had prepared for it with Legends and Mavericks fighting a lot in all rounds until victory was sealed. If it had been a 1:1 fight, we might have just edged a victory there. The USA consistently did similar amount of damage as France, and with the x1.14 determination bonus we would have sealed a win. However, France received an immense amount of help from Bulgaria and Lithuania and had a large money pot to spend (see here and here (second page)). While this is not an excuse for us losing this campaign, it surely is a compliment to their preparation for going into a war with the USA.

this was only the beginning

Here I must note the massive performance by jaywalker71 and the many Americans who tanked hard. Noting jaywalker71 because you don’t outtank Gnilraps every day 😛 He managed to inspire not only the whole nation into a full resistance against France, but also our friends and allies to come to our help! You totally deserved that EPIC D4 BH medal 🙂 😉 😛

Special thanks go to Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Argentina, Greece and many other nations who helped us in this first big battle! And then carried on fighting for us throughout the month!

We did quite well and received a lot of help, but we need to improve if we want to start winning these fights!

Other guests: Albania, Cuba, Cyprus + Egypt relocating
While France were the big new guest in our cores, there was movement from all the others as well. As determination had built up for Slovenia, it was only a matter of time before they released Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana. Consequently, Croatia took those regions and is occupying them now. As Egypt was surrounded by Bulgaria, Macedonia and Canada,
The objective in these region swaps has been not to allow Bulgaria & co. to increase their holding of regions. And we achieved this by allowing Cyprus to take the regions previously occupied by Egypt, who moved to the southern states of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas. Croatia and Hungary swapped their regions early on as well.

By the time these swaps were completed, Bulgaria & co. hadn’t started their maneuvers yet. As the French started their invasion, we showed in the battlefield that they will not be getting a free pass. Therefore, they decided to go to plan B and introduced Cuba into the mix. Cuba attacked the Lithuanian regions in the south east, while France attacked Cuba. So, this was the way France managed to get the regions they now occupy.

Bulgaria also decided to use a middleman - Canada. This immediately told us that Macedonia was going to take the west coast regions and therefore the central regions were going to go to Lithuania. However, neither of them had started to move towards the latter. Instead, we managed to successfully open several key RWs which further prevented Macedonia from easily going into the west regions, or Lithuania to go into those regions held by Macedonia at the time. Eventually, Macedonia managed to slip through Montana and Idaho, but further RWs in other Bulgarian regions prevented them from continuing their advance into the sunny beaches of Los Angeles and the bay area.

At that point in time Macedonia was releasing the central regions, as a result of the high determination. But no other country was in a position to take them. Albania was first to step in. This eventually led to another big war.

Albania - Lithuania War
This war started days after Greece gained liberation from Macedonia. It was a Sunday full of EPICs in all divisions and it drained a lot of the resources of Macedonia and Bulgaria and some of Asteria. The USA managed to liberate the region of Missouri away from Macedonia, which if it had stayed in their possession would have made their next region swap very easy. So, the USA managed our first major victory, since the 2018 Occupation began, on Sunday August 25th! On the same day that we got full Congress for the first time since April!

We were right to be quite hopeful. But then things started to go wrong. First, I was 6 seconds too late with declaring the NE on Lithuania and they got the initiative. I did get a pat on the back from the LT President - it was a real thrill clicking the f5 button waiting for that NE button to show up 😃 Next, Plato gave the eRepublik players the long awaited EB sale. All those players who had been hoarding tens of thousands of gold finally could use it on buying EBs. And they did. So, our advantage of fighting against a drained enemy turned into a disadvantage of fighting against a highly well stocked enemy. There is no point to discuss further what happened next, but I’ll let a few screenshots speak instea😛

what a beautiful map!

The amount of damage in this single round surpassed Han Solo’s records!

We fought against a stronger opponent

Finally, I want to thank Colin and all Albanians for their heartful fighting in these campaigns. We are all sour that we didn’t celebrate a deserved victory afterwards. But we are overwhelmed by how you came along to help us. I hope at least a little bit of your winning mentality has rubbed off you onto us 🙂

With this article I wanted to address what had been happening on the military front for the past few weeks. This week there has been some additional development, but there is no space left in this article to discuss it. A more political article with an overlook of the next month is due to come next! Thank you for your patience, regarding my media.

Best regards,
The Mike
US President August 2018