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[POTUS] Unleash Hell

Day 2,488, 20:59 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

It's been a busy week for the eUSA. My administration started hearing whispers and rumors of impending airstrikes that would happen on 9/11. Well coordinated RWs were opened September 9th in Japan, France, Cuba, and Mexico as an opening salvo. This was likely to test our capabilities and potentially drain our resources. Sure enough on the 10th Thailand and then the Phillipines proposed an airstrike. The Philippines eventually voted down their proposal, but Thailand in a show of despicable contempt for decency attacked New York on the 13th anniversary of what is still a living tragedy. I have made my thoughts and feelings about these actions known.

Yesterday was a complete and total success. With the help of many across the eWorld, coordination here at home, and the righteous outrage of our Military Units we won every battle we wanted to win. It had been decided before hand that we would ignore the RWs in Japan, and once the dust settled from other battles we'd move back in and reclaim our colony there. Earlier today I proposed Japan as our Natural Enemy with the intent of reclaiming our food bonuses. So it is that I'd like to thank Thailand for footing the bill and coordinating the reset of determination in our Japanese colonies.

Much of yesterday was positive, and I will happily return to thanking and accrediting our allies and citizens, but first I need to address the treachery of Cuba. The eUSA has had a negotiated rental agreement with Cuba. We are much stronger than Cuba and could have easily subjugated our new neighbors to the south. However, despite that fact DMJ sat down and in good faith agreed to rent regions we could have simply taken. A few days ago Wild Owl and I received a pm from the MoFA and CP. They claimed want to continue working towards good relations with us. As part of the conversation they asked to go over the terms of our rental agreement. As we were preoccupied with the impending attacks on 9/11 Wild Owl and I resolved to revisit the issue after the airstrike was defeated.

A lot of shouting went on yesterday. I did my fair share myself in an attempt to direct traffic. I have circled names and details of a few shouts I saw in my friends feed yesterday. One might wonder who these two are shouting to hit for Cuba while indicating COs and supplies were available. No doubt they're Thai or just rogue eCubans right? Wrong!

The Cuban Minister of Defense, and the very Minister of Foreign Affairs that approached me recently about continuing to improve relations between our nations just a day or two ago. Incensed by these shouts DMJ approached the Cuban President to express his displeasure over this violation of the treaty he worked out with Cuba. He was told that these were not official orders. Note that I circled the send a gift icon. I'll touch on that in a moment.

Hmmm… looks like official government DoD orders to me. Complete with irc links to get the aforementioned supplies. To sum up Cuba shredded an agreement we negotiated in good faith. They chose to seize an opening created by the less than honorable actions of Thailand, and made a push to evict us from lands they agreed to rent. I could be mistaken but it's my belief that the rental of regions exist so the occupying nation will not have the government of the occupied nation actively fighting against them, while also providing compensation to the nation giving up the region in question. It's supposed to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. In the face of such treachery and duplicity I unequivocally and resolutely declare the eUSA will no longer engage in diplomacy with eCuba. When we are finished reclamation of our colony in Japan we will turn our attention to sending our new neighbors a gift.

Protected status on your Capitol is gone in less than a week, see you soon!

Once we're finished with Japan we will turn our attention to Cuba. We attempted to be magnanimous and deal with Cuba in honor. They spat in our faces. The day their Capitol loses protected status will be the day the eAmerican flag flies proudly over our new 51st state. Welcome to the Union, Cuba. It's more than you deserve. Now back to the positives of 9/11/14.

There are so many nations, military units, and individuals to thank for yesterday's success. Pakistan, Turkey, and Croatia put up massive COs for the eUSA. Countless others MPPed to the eUSA and others that we don't have an MPP with set defeating the unsavory airstrike as a priority. The mere words of thank you are insufficient in expressing the heartfelt gratitude of the eUSA. At one point in time we had 5 active battles open at the same time. We won 4 of them. I'm told this is the first time in the history of the eUSA that we've defeated an airstrike attempt on our soil.

John NWP and Wild Owl were absolutely invaluable during the battles. Before becoming President I knew John NWP by reputation only. He came highly recommended by those I trust. He's more than lived up to what I was told about him. He's smart, dedicated, and efficient. The nation owes him a debt of gratitude for his tireless and selfless work over the last few days. Wild Owl has been his usual stalwart self and a reliable partner in crime both for myself and John NWP. SHIELD my home MU put up massive COs in an effort to help keep the Oriente RW from slipping away while we were still otherwise occupied with other battles. My inbox was full of messages from people all over the eWorld expressing solidarity and showing me screenshots of their tanking efforts.

This event was something that I would have prevented if I could. However, I have been humbled and pleased to see our nation rally together. Community is our great strength and when we are unified in purpose we are a force to be reckoned with. This has been a far more action packed first week in office than I anticipated. However, I could not be more proud of my nation. It is an honor and a privilege to lead this great nation for a short time. I salute you eAmerica!

Just as a side note we have some exciting programs coming out of the Domestic Departments. Stack the Wall has returned and is currently visiting USAF they will be moving on to other newb friendly MUs soon. BU2SU continues, and Evil Elvis has begun to get his usual excellence going in Education. The newly created USAF Press Corp is going to unveil their first edition soon, and the Census Bureau is hard at work constructing a website designed to get us more ebabies in this place. Last but not least the media department will be running a contest that rewards gold/cc for publishing articles. If interested in that check out the WHPR. One last thing of note Dave Gulya does a fantastic job puting up daily notes of the goings on of the executive branch, they're very well done and entertaining. Check them out and feel free to ask Dave or myself a question. (,21.0.html) If you're interested in working for the Bubblar administration please contact me. I'll find something for you to get involved in and learn the ropes of a Department. Good night and thanks for reading!



Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,488, 21:00


Luis9601 Day 2,488, 21:03


TMG KRYTPIC X Day 2,488, 21:04


john nwp
john nwp Day 2,488, 21:08

Thanks to everyone that helped out

klop123 Day 2,488, 21:08

I'm famous \o/

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,488, 21:26

You always were famous in my heart, you Klopping machine. 😉

Arrden Day 2,488, 21:16

BU2SU <o

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,488, 21:28

Insensitive global trolls will troll. Let's take Japan and then onward to the land of cigars!


Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,488, 21:32

United we stand, divided we fall.

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,488, 21:35


Evil.Elvis Day 2,488, 21:48


Thanks for the free reset, Thailand.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,488, 21:57


PilotPhil Day 2,488, 22:56


Waruda Day 2,488, 23:09

Get your Bonus's and do nothing else of importance in the game like Papa Poland Ball

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,488, 23:12


The Mike
The Mike Day 2,489, 01:11


Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,489, 03:31


Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,489, 04:40


Iamnameless Day 2,489, 06:31

Ahora si se jodio Cuba.

SColbert Day 2,489, 06:56










Cthulhu.. Day 2,489, 06:59


chazp Day 2,489, 07:11

Sushi followed by a cigar.

Bobby Canell
Bobby Canell Day 2,489, 08:39

Airstrike Thailand

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,489, 09:03

AntolIos wrote 3 minutes ago

Tanishq Day 2,489, 08:44


Intolerant Day 2,489, 11:04

Should have heard them going nuts in the #ecuba channel - eCuban president as well... You'd have thought that they actually believe that they are significant enough to win one over on us fair and square. 🙂

I say that we wipe them, and keep them permacapped - destroy their pitiful little population. Make an example of them.

I think an excerpt from a song written by Toby Keith on the events of 9/11 just about sums up the situation pretty well.

"Justice will be served
And the battle will rage
This big dog will fight
When you rattle his cage
And you’ll be sorry that you messed with
The U.S. of A.
`Cause we`ll put a boot in your ass
It`s the American way"

Toby Keith - "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue"

The good 'ol USA - coming soon to a city near you, Cuba! Courtesy of the Red White and Blue! 🙂

Henry William French
Henry William French Day 2,489, 11:57

Baaaaaaa o7

Krimpie Day 2,489, 12:08

Dude, seriously.. 22cal ammo? Do you want to go hunt rabbits in Cuba or invade the fucking country?

Nothing less than Ma Deuce!

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,489, 19:39

USA! "No One Gets Left Behind!"

Nesterus Day 2,489, 20:24

this looks fun

ALEX KING Day 2,490, 04:57

Sniped, Hail eUSA

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,490, 14:10


Zonmei Day 2,490, 16:08

"Note that I circled the send a gift icon. I'll touch on that in a moment."

Did I miss the explanation? Great article BTW.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,490, 17:48

Our gift will be an invasion and a resulting wipe.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,490, 16:42

It's really sad to see such a weak Government in eCuba which can't follow its own deals. Hopefully, when eCuba is in the right hands US will want to have stable neighbourhood and sign a deal we're going to respect.

CrOmega Cuba!

morningblur Day 2,490, 17:08

Comment deleted

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,490, 17:10

Yep, US has really been honourable in all this. Thanks, hopefully people of eCuba will realise how wrong they are when they elect idi*ts who base their motive on RL things.

Valky Vala
Valky Vala Day 2,490, 18:48

They lie, and I'll post it

Nikola TesIa
Nikola TesIa Day 2,491, 12:42

Oh, look who's back, Don Croqueta

A dog never bites the hand that feeds him 😉

Valky Vala
Valky Vala Day 2,490, 18:48

The eUSA has had a negotiated rental agreement with Cuba -> FAKE, You dont wanted new agreement, and You have not updated the agreement last month itself was made

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,490, 19:18

There will be no agreement going forward. Enjoy your wipe.

Fessti Day 2,490, 00:27

Where is lie Valky (Argentinian) proAsteria ?

Is this first agreement you're negotiating? Why you waited just 2 days for their confirmation in that deal? Dont lie 6 days,because its just 2 days..dont count days after Thai proposed AS and you started to drain USA... you will be wiped anyways xD

Queen Reptila
Queen Reptila Day 2,491, 01:20

Esta mañana
me he levantado
o Bella Ciao
Bella Ciao
Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao
Esta mañana
me he levantado
y he descubierto al invasor

We'll be waiting for you in Bahía Cochinos

As somebody said, you smell like sulfur!

PsyCokenin Day 2,491, 19:40

yankees go home
get out of eCuba

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