[POTUS] The Winds of Change

Day 2,508, 17:45 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

Other than the excitement of the Thailand Airstrike it’s been a relatively calm month. The State Department have continued their excellence that the eUSA has enjoyed for the several administrations. Patient and careful cultivation of relationships have begun to bear fruit in the form of an MPP with RoC (Taiwan), and we are hopeful in the coming weeks and months to reel in several other high profile MPPs that we as a nation have long sought after. NSC has been fantastic in coordinating damage and protecting our borders. Things have been relatively stable at home and abroad for months. However, this is likely the calm before the storm.

For months now changes have been brewing. The current order began to fracture behind the scenes. Molly Emma saw this during her first term as President. Which is why she took a stand that resulted in our nation no longer holding a place in Sirius. Since then Wild Owl has labored unceasingly behind the scenes to make a place for the eUSA in the current world order, and to position us to land comfortably in the coming new one. 6 days ago the anticipated winds of change began to kick up.

During my campaign for election and shortly after I was repeatedly told by several of our forig affairs folks that in the next several months the aforementioned seismic changes would arrive. It was unlikely for these shifts to occur during my time at the helm of the eUSA, but it was important that I be aware they were on the horizon and help the ongoing work of preparing for it. However, depending on how this CP election goes in several key countries we will witness a lot of shifts in alliances and friendships. Pacifica is well positioned to keep key friends and make new ones in the next several months. Fortunately for the eUSA the last several Administrations have been hard at work building windmills.

I campaigned on a Domestic heavy agenda. Up until the last week I have failed to deliver. In the last week I have hired 4 new Secretaries that have stepped in and rolled up their sleeves with enthusiasm. Interior, Education, Census, and DoD have all reopened for business. Media and Census both have ongoing writing contests. In addition to this, Kevin Sheridan in the Interior and MrCarey Education departments are hiring. The USAF Press Corp is still in its infancy and desperately needs contributors, if interested in helping the USAF community get its message out please contact A^2 or DMJ. In short we need you.

On a closing note please check out the game the Feds are hosting. I had no part in organizing or even thinking it up, and it is not an Executive run game, however it is one of the most unique and creative endeavors I have witnessed during my time in eRepublik. Don’t miss out on the game or the prize of a war stash. Have a look in this article here.