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[POTUS] The Finale and Vote for VANEK!

Day 1,931, 14:34 Published in USA USA by John Killah

Everything must come to an end

This is the trouble with February, everything ends so much quicker than every other month because there’s only 28 days.

So, my final quote for you all to guess is in the italics, and it’s only part of the quote. Just like WhydoIbother last article, guess it and write it in the comments and you’ll win a cash prize.

First, the Unity vote, VOTE VANEK

Another Primary over, another Unity system finished for the month, another Unity Candidate steps up to the plate tomorrow. This month was an interesting battle of a different polar opposites in which the New Public faced off against the Old Backstage in the forms of Jefferson Locke Vs Vanek26.

Jefferson played hard on the “New Generation Card”, while Vanek played the “Experience Card”. It’s probably well known who I wanted to win, and I won’t say I’m not saddened at the outcome, but at the end of they day, I don’t feel too bad since the country is in more than capable hands … that was the best bit about all this – The country would be fine either way.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I hate the Unity System. I hate having to use it, I hate that we can’t have the old elections like we used to where it was party Vs party ON ELECTION DAY. I know you’re all tired of it, like me, you all yearn for the days when we could do that … But to do that now would be catastrophic.

So Tomorrow, remember to vote for Vanek26, to remind the PTO’s that while we’re fractured most of the time, we can still come together when the occasion calls for ****block of their interests.

Final Thoughts on the term gone by

First off, being President is a giant pain in the ASS! You hear stories about how terrible being president can be, and how hard it is sometimes … but you always think “I’ll be fine”. But it’s a lot harder than it seems sometimes.

My term wasn’t spectacular … it wasn’t on fire, it wasn’t amazing and it won’t have people talking about it for months to come. I won’t have earnt a legion of fans, a cult following who worship me every decision, and I certainly haven’t left my mark on the presidency and some big shoes to fill for Vanek.

But at the end of it, I don’t particularly care. You see … I tried despite crap circumstances such as the shortness of my term and having an entire week of my term being taken up by working triple my hours. I know some people will disagree and say I haven’t tried, but they’re either the ones that had Extremely Low expectations of me, or Extremely High expectations. The main people to ask whether I’ve tried would be Jefferson Locke and Artela – I spoke daily with them about everything, getting their view on a lot of the things I did.

I have come out of this presidency learning something – On the national stage, I am a better follower than a leader. I can listen and follow instructions fine, but when the roles are reversed and I’m the one giving those instructions, I’m out of my comfort zone and that has shown this month. It’s the reason why you will probably never see me as President again (Well, that and I’m sure some people will attempt to stop me again).

So what’s next for me? I’m gonna take a month off from this game. I’m going to keep a low profile for a week, then go on holiday with my missus, and then I’ll return and go back to Party work in the AMP, where I feel comfortable and in the zone.

And for people aspiring to be President, I give you one piece of advice – Steel yourself for a lot harder work that you expect, and also expect a lot of sideline bitching, AFA trolling, and criticism for any little thing you do. If you have a tough skin, you’ll be fine … just shrug it off and plough on.

And with that, the term ends, not with a bang, but with a whisper. I’m sad that I couldn’t get Operation Gangnam Style finished (although the great news is that alongside CoT, Japan is now in control of ALL their original regions … THEY’RE FREE!) … I’m sad that we didn’t deal a death blow to the AFA, although we’ve shrunken their Congress Majority slightly.

On the plus side, we managed to fund a temporary solution to the DoD Orders, and through the work of Tenshibo and Jefferson Locke, we finally got an MPP with Albania WITH CoT’s blessing since Macedonia had no problem with it. That’s the thing I’m most proud of, being able to fight side by side with our Albanian brothers when they need our help.

And as for my cabinet … goddamn they were awesome. EnterAwesome stepped up to the plate at short notice when Civil had to step aside because he couldn’t fulfil what was expected of him, and her releases have been great and it’s been lovely to see the media team back! Mr Swagg has worked his backside off to bring us articles for newbies to help inform them of all the legitimate parties and MU’s in the country. Tenshibo has been a wealth of knowledge in Foreign Affairs and he’s even improved my understanding of the complex system that it is. Rainy has been a star in the Interior, bringing new ideas to the table that I know she will bring to fruition during Vanek’s term. Duncan has done well considering he was thrust into a position he had very little knowledge of, and he’s tried his hardest. And I need say nothing more about Artela and Jefferson Locke, they have been godsends that nobody should cast aside.

Keep it chillin eAmerica because this is your February PotUS signing out!



John Killah
John Killah Day 1,931, 14:34

First Denied because i'm OUTTA HERE!

DMV3 Day 1,931, 20:18

Nominate America's turrible elitists:

Let your voice be heard!

Sisk Day 1,932, 03:29

as a joke .. do you know when women talk less : in February cause its has 28 days ^^... good luck with your next allection
as a PS : for a little fun as we are in the ellection a little contest for all us citizens : so lets vote fair and may the best win

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,931, 14:39


Goodnight sweet prince.

weasel2 Day 1,931, 14:55

Good article.
Now you can join the X-POTUS club. I hear they have free drinks on Thursdays and dancing girls all the time. 🙂

Thedillpickl Day 1,931, 14:56

Meh, you did OK. 😃:D

Now go do something crazy like sleep, kiss a girl, go to a movie or eat something that didn't come in a bag.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,931, 14:57

Nice job and good luck o7

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,931, 15:08


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,931, 15:14

In the words of Mark Levin after Nancy Pelosi was no longer Speaker.


John Killah
John Killah Day 1,931, 15:31

In the words of every citizen who knows the real you.

"Go **** yourself*

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,932, 01:00

^ I taker it that was the TL;DR version? ROFL!

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,931, 22:21

ajay possessed by an evil spirit

Tiamati Day 1,932, 01:38

John McLaughlin > Mark Nevin

Viarizi Day 1,931, 15:48

Thanks for the voters money


Funlooker Day 1,931, 16:42

VCS done, thanks for ur work Mr. Pres o7

Cubby Day 1,931, 16:53

Wait... you were PotUS?

DW.Frost Day 1,932, 00:17


ligtreb Day 1,931, 18:11

Thank you for all your hard work.

Sozo Day 1,931, 19:13

Enjoy your break.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,932, 01:00

Nice work, John. Best of luck for whatever comes next.

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 01:08

Comment deleted

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 03:26

Look, i'm sorry your IQ is below 90, so I can't tell if Trolling, or drooling. Come back when you've learnt to troll better o/

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 04:23

Get lost loser!!!

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 04:34

Awww, am I upsetting you, I should feel bad about upsetting a 10 year old girl ... but in all honesty, I really don't ;3 Come on, where's that trolling spirit :3

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 04:53

Comment deleted

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 04:56

Oh look, you've said that twice, say, do you ever get bored of using the same old things? Probably not since you must be one of those people that wear the same underwear for a week then feel the best change is to turn them inside out and wear them for another week \o Do you have anything better than that, because I seriously feel like every time you try and insult me, you lose a few IQ points.

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 05:02

Comment deleted

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 05:08

Slightly better, although you used "british fag" again, so i'm gonna mark you down a few points for that. Also, the use of multiple exclamation marks is grammatically incorrect, so there's another couple of marks down, so, I award you ... 2/10 for trolling. Say ... where you're from, is it a national past time to suck at trolling? Or are you just special? o/

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 05:14

Comment deleted

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 05:21

Sixth use of "british fag" ... 2nd use of "loser" ... Yep, you're definately a 2-Week Underwear person ... Or maybe ... maybe you still wear diaper ... explains the smell. Or maybe all greeks naturally smell like that now the country is broke. Can't greeks afford to shower or change their underwear now? Crying same, except nobody is crying really.

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 05:28

Comment deleted

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 05:32

Seventh use, also ... you REALLY seem to have some sort of fettish with my ass ...I'm sorry, but i'm not batting for your side. Look, I understand that you can't help your feelings, and i'm cool with that, i'm all for letting people be who they are. But please, don't imagine my ass ... it's creepy. Also, marking you down for your trolling again - 0/10. I think we're gonna be in negatives next post.

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 05:38

Comment deleted

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 05:44

Oh, so now it's a dildo and not a pipe? That escalated quickly ... A pipe was wrong, but a dildo is just perverted ... I think you may have to seek professional help if you are imagining dildo's up peoples asses ... Wait, does Greece still have professionals in anything? I think most of them's probably fled the country since it can't afford to pay them.

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 05:56

Comment deleted

Thedillpickl Day 1,932, 06:10

And I wasn't planning to revisit this article!!! (oops, 3 exclamation point!)

Yeah JK, pull the dildo outta yer mouth and really let him have it. 😃:D PROFHUKAS doesn't understand human anatomy very well. In the mouth out the bum. But excuse me, didn't mean to butt in.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,932, 06:01

Oh so now the dildo is in my mouth? You have some weird fantasies ... and one's I ain't prepared to indulge, because you know, i'm straight. But I can put you in touch with many homosexual Greeks I know, would you like me to because you're clearly feeling sexually frustrated and I think those men would be the perfect release for you o/

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,932, 06:08

Comment deleted

Thedillpickl Day 1,932, 06:49

Well shit! I jinxed the fun.

Did get the little pimple head to send me a nasty PM. 😃:D Shame it is his bed time and mommy made him turn the computer off. Maybe he'll come back to play tomorrow.

Tiamati Day 1,932, 01:35

Well stated; you exceeded my expectations based on your predecessor.
Two minor points; AFA presently enjoys a plurality within the eAmerican Legislature; not a majority. Secondly, I felt your lack of response as the eExecutive branch to eCongress's unpopular choice of not renewing the eAlbanian MPP showed weakness in regards to eAmerican Military Policy.

Don Joe
Don Joe Day 1,932, 01:38


Arthk Day 1,932, 02:48

wow, that's one neat 90's wordart technique

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 1,932, 09:19

Can you at least do something useful and make sure we win this battle against Taiwan? Wow, what downers these Unity presidents are. : /

Nektari0s Day 1,932, 14:18

voted! People need help and not all help is useful !

Tyrannocopters Day 1,932, 15:34

I like how our leaders solution to the public's dislike of Unity Elections is "Omg guyz, we like, hate is SOOOO much, but suck it it's gonna happen anyway lolololol"

fingerguns Day 1,933, 06:29

It's literally the only solution that has been presented other than 'meh, fuck it, just let the AFA win.'

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,933, 07:02

Why didn't you run again is what I want to know...

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,933, 07:15

Job is way too stressful, I want a break. Besides, i'd rather let other people have a chance.

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