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[POTUS] Interview with the VPs!

Day 1,837, 14:32 Published in USA USA by Jason Welsh

Hello America! Jason Welsh here with a big article for you guys today, I did an interview with all 3 VP candidates! I think I asked some good questions and I know that I got some amazing answers to those questions that I’m really excited to share. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you interviews with NewAzazel, John Largo, and Molly Emma!

First off is NewAzazel!

[21:00] <jason-welsh> hey
[21:00] <NewAzazel> hey
[21:01] <NewAzazel> how are you?
[21:01] <jason-welsh> im good, how are you?
[21:01] <NewAzazel> decent, just got done with all my work today
[21:01] <NewAzazel> well, aside from monitoring eNPR
[21:02] <jason-welsh> thats good
[21:02] <jason-welsh> want to get started with the interview then?
[21:02] <NewAzazel> sure thing
[21:03] <jason-welsh> ok, first question, Your profile says you joined the game last September, and you've already made a pretty big name for yourself. Tell us about some of the stuff you've done so far
[21:04] <NewAzazel> Well I started out as an independent writer just trying to report on politics and international affairs, and I was tapped by Custer (then Sec Media) to be a WHPR staff writer
[21:05] <NewAzazel> I worked there for a bit, joined Easy Company, and then was promoted to Secretary of Media at Custer's resignation
[21:05] <NewAzazel> since then, I have worked as Secretary of Media trying to continue what Custer started, and I've also been made Captain of the 9th Regiment of Easy Company, and I'm currently serving as the Ambassador to Indonesia as well
[21:07] <jason-welsh> Second question, how well do you know John Killah? How did you meet in-game? Do you work well together on projects?
[21:08] <NewAzazel> Well, John Killah initially worked in Media as well before becoming Speaker of the House, and one of my first assignments for the WHPR was to interview him.
[21:08] <NewAzazel> since becoming Secretary of Media, we maintained a good relationship, and on occasion had discussed things to put in the WHPR
[21:09] <NewAzazel> I know what he's done, and we roam the same circles, and so far we've had a great working relationship that would be great to continue
[21:09] <jason-welsh> Are you excited to be running for Vice President of the country with him? Do you think you're ready for the job?
[21:11] <NewAzazel> I was initially surprised at being picked for VP candidate, and a bit excited for it. From my experience in cabinet so far, I know the role of VP and what it does. I believe as VP I can be a spokesman for what our government stands for, and back-up John Killah whenever he needs the support.
[21:12] <jason-welsh> Are there any particular issues where your opinion differs from JK's?
[21:13] <NewAzazel> Not that I'm aware of. I've seen his answers to questions relating to various issues and problems, and have agreed with their principles. John Killah also supports my goals of making our government more visible and available to citizens. So far we've been in sync on everything..
[21:14] <jason-welsh> Dogs or cats?
[21:14] <NewAzazel> Dogs, have two myself.

[21:14] <jason-welsh> What is your opinion of the Bear and Eagle Engagement?
[21:16] <NewAzazel> Russia has been a friend of the eUS dating back to Terra times, and have not stood against us despite all that has occurred with Terra's collapse and CTRL's experiment. I thought the work of Cerb and State Department on that agreement was excellent and I welcome more cooperation with Russia in the future.
[21:16] <jason-welsh> Tell us what you think about 6th parties?
[21:18] <NewAzazel> 6th parties have always had a rough go in eRep, even before the change to a proportional representation system with congress. Top 5 dealings have always overshadowed the 6th parties in eRep. While their ability to participate has been limited more and more by the game, I do think that 6th parties are valuable.
[21:19] <jason-welsh> And finally, how do you think the elections will play out?
[21:19] <NewAzazel> Feds themselves used to be a 6th party themselves, and we may see the next big thing emerge from them. While they need to cooperate more with the Top 5s for the unity process, I do think there is some value to them.
[21:21] <NewAzazel> Regardless of who wins the primaries, regardless of who our standard bearer is in the unity process, I do think that the unity candidate will prevail. We have a very strong and active group in this country that knows what is best and doesn't fall for AFA propaganda. We are resilient and we will remain so.
[21:21] <jason-welsh> Thanks a lot for doing this interview, and good luck campaigning :3
[21:21] <NewAzazel> last statement to the last question:
[21:22] <NewAzazel> I support John Killah as his running-mate, but I always support America first.
[21:22] <NewAzazel> and you're welcome, it was fun doing it
[21:22] <jason-welsh> sorry for cutting you off for those last 2, i thought you were done XD
[21:23] <NewAzazel> its fine, i ran out of room to type. lol

Next up is John Largo!

Me: It looks like you have a pretty impressive military career, tell us about that.

John Largo:I started out not wanting to join any military and be a lone wolf mercenary, but I was too weak back them. In my first term in congress, I found out that many congressmen were in the USNG, which was the political branch of the military at the time. I felt patriotic and joined. After learning the ropes there, having fun, and building up my strength and rank, I was promoted to The Marine Corps, where I have been ever since. The Marines are the top tier military unit and I constantly strive to be amongst the best.
Me: How well do you know your John Jay? How did you two start talking? Do you get along well working together?

John Largo: If you are from a small town like I am and someone asks you when you met someone, you just shrug your shoulders, because everybody knows everyone. Thats how it is with John Jay, I think I have always known him. Probably met him in a mass attack channel a few years ago if I had to guess. Most recently he helped me out when I was running for POTUS a few months ago.

Me: Are you excited to be running for VP? Are you ready for the job?

John Largo: YEAH I'M EXCITED!!! I can do the job. Both John Jay and I have been in the President's Daily Breifing board for the past 5 or 6 presidents, so we both have a good feel for what's going on in the executive branch.

Me: Are there any particular issues where your opinion differs from JJ's?

John Largo: We are pretty similar. We both prioritize the battle against the AFA PTOers, and think the bonus reduction plan is working. We both think the demagogues who demonize EDEN are silly, and we should maintain our friendships with longtime allies like Greece, Croatia, and other "Balkan" nations like Albania. Also if you publish this today, Happy 100th Independence Day, Albania!

Me: Dogs or Cats?

John Largo: Dogs love trucks!

Me: What is your opinion of the Bear and Eagle Engagement?

John Largo: Russia has been friends for a while. If we are going to continue to stay out of a formal alliance (I agree with that this month), we need to formalize some of our closest friendships to protect each other. Call it bromance, bear eagle engagement, or whatever, it works. Russia is a strong country and we can protect each other. Also Brazil is bro-tastic.

Me: Tell us your stance on 6th parties.

John Largo: I wish game mechanics allowed them an official voice. At least this time around the top 4 Unity POTUSes are letting them have a vote. My biggest concern for the 6th parties, is that they need to send their members to a top 5 party whenever we get AFA low enough to get out of the top 5. Though that won't happen for a little bit unless something big changes.

Me: How do you think the elections will play out?

John Largo: I think Inwegen takes USWP, John Jay takes WTP, and John Killah takes AMP. The Feds and the 6th parties will likely decide this unity candidate election. (Feds are always the swing vote amirite?) Then, if everyone plays nice, the unity candidate will defeat the AFA candidate handily.

Also, in closing, I want to add...this country needs Pac-Welsh! And vote John Jay in your party's primary.

Me: This has been an amazing interview, thanks for your time!

And last but not least, we have Molly Emma!

Me: You've had a pretty long-lasting political career, tell us about that.

Molly Emma: Are you calling me old? 😛 It's been a pleasure to serve the eUS. It's really what this game is all about. I got involved and showed up and I have gotten a lot of satisfaction out of this game in return. A great experience.

Me: How well do you know your Inwegen? How did you two start talking? Do you get along well working together?

Molly Emma: I've known Inwegen since Oblige appointed me SoI a little over a year ago. Inwegen was there as an advisor. We do not always see eye to eye but we are respectful and professional enough to know that we can be critical of each other and come away better off for the exchange.

Me: Are you excited to be running for VP? Are you ready for the job?

Molly Emma: Yeah, I'm ready. I was VP once before(Evry) and I regret not doing more with the position at that time. this time I am more organized and I have an agenda. I'm looking forward to it.

Me: Are there any particular issues where your opinion differs from Inwegin's?

Molly Emma: For the most part, we have reconciled our differences over the last several months. I fully endorse Inwegen's campaign goals and like all motivated cabinet assignments, have some goals of my own for the good of the country. The Executive, led by one, is still a team exercise, after all.

Me: Dogs or Cats?

Molly Emma: Dogs. 100%.

Me: What is your opinion of the Bear and Eagle Engagement?

Molly Emma: I think it's great in theory. In practice you can never know what new elections will bring so we will remember what we have established today and continue to try to make good decisions for the eUS with out Bros in mind.

Me: Tell us your stance on 6th parties.

Molly Emma: I strongly support whatever community gets people active and engaged whether it's a 6th party, MU or loose cadre. I was disappointed to see what Admin did to 6th parties in the last political module changes, but that doesn't mean that 6th parties cannot have a voice, even if it's harder to get representation.

Me: How do you think the elections will play out?

Molly Emma: I think the eUS will pull it together enough to put forward a strong, qualified candidate that will continue in the tradition of great leaders and protect our country for another month from the lies and vicissitudes emanating from Hannibal and RGR.

Thanks a lot for doing this interview, and good luck campaigning :3

Thanks for reading this, and as always, stay sexy guys 😉


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Molly Emma
Molly Emma Day 1,837, 14:45



LongLiveTheElitists Day 1,837, 14:47

Where is your interview with Hanibal's VP?

Molly Emma
Molly Emma Day 1,837, 14:49

^ BAWHAHAHAHAHAH. That's hilarious.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,837, 14:51


ME is awesome!


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Chutley Day 1,837, 15:02

I like it Jason Welsh

l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Day 1,837, 15:09

*scratches foot*

Good interview. Maybe more in-depth than presidential interviews. :v

Donkey Kong say good luck everybody.

emdoublegee Day 1,837, 15:11

Good stuff Jason! Nice to hear from the VP's!

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,837, 18:09

Hooray for Pac-Welsh!!!!

Vote for John Jay in your party's primary!


Candor Day 1,837, 18:15

V good stuff nice article.

Nektari0s Day 1,837, 18:17

voted! and subbed!

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,837, 18:39

The artwork is amazing!!

Syz2 Day 1,837, 18:46

JJ for PotUS!

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,838, 23:41


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,838, 04:27

JJ/Largo for Potus

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,838, 05:32

Nice article by the way, good job!

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,838, 07:31

I will quite possibly do this every month from now on XD

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,838, 20:55


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Media Mogul Medal Project 5
SUB for SUB...
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