[PotUS] Inaugural speech

Day 2,574, 11:26 Published in USA USA by Deepchill

After a hard fought Country Presidential campaign, I would like to personally give all eUSA citizens my gratitude for electing me and my team.

Before going further, I just can’t ignore the fantastic job Rainy Sunday’s team did by making this election a classic battle to be remembered. No one else but Rainy Sunday would have been able to gather so much support on such short notice. I am lucky she decided to run at the last minute. What I am the most proud of was the fact that the whole campaign was a very clean one, no cheap shots on either side.

As we speak, your elected team is at work in the White House. With all the new faces learning and getting familiar with their new jobs, its going surprisingly very well.

I promised action this month (rea😛 war!) and that will be my priority. Our media team will keep our Country informed, your Military leaders will also be able to fill you in on upcoming events since every major Military Unit is represented in the cabinet. The same goes with your political party, they are all well represented and part of the cabinet.

Finally, thank you to everyone who cast a vote on the 5th. You expressed your voice. But now I want you to also concern yourselves with the voice of those who share your citizenship but did not express themselves by voting. You are the active ones. It is up to every one of us to so publicly enjoy this game that by some means perhaps our active voice grows.

I look forward to serving you as President in December.