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[POTUS] Important - Time for War!

Day 2,014, 06:42 Published in USA USA by Artela

Good day eAmerica.

The last two days have been a little ‘interesting’, with the news that the AMP PP was actually a long time eSerbian sleeper who managed to set the congress candidature list of that party to a list of PTOers instead of the democratically selected candidates that were supposed to be standing for that party. A huge amount of kudos is due to the ATO team who did a magnificent job of keeping the number elected down, and we are also grateful to the many allies who rallied around and sent people to help with the ATO efforts - on behalf of eAmerica, thanks guys!

We see again what happens when eSerbia are allowed to expand outside the Balkan Box they belong in. We have seen their arrogance, their underhand dealings and methods, their wish to make the whole eWorld theirs by ANY means.


No. More.

Enough is enough!

They have crossed the line in the sand and awoken the eAmerican Beast.

We will strike back with all we have in retaliation for the continued atrocities perpetrated by the eSerbians against our sovereign nation. We will strike back with force, with honor, not skulking around in the dark trying to steal another eCountry using underhanded methods like eSerbia do.

This is a Call to Arms.

All loyal eAmericans should now prepare for battle.

We will take this fight to their front door.

We need to put the eSerbians back into their Balkan Box.

In other news: Slovenia (TWO) have declared war on Switzerland (CoT), a direct attack on one of our alliance. This means that the unofficial war that has been going on between the two alliances just got official, as in trying to liberate its own regions TWO has decided to suppress and erase a CoT member from the map.

All the best

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omg_87 Day 2,014, 06:43


SpikyJade2700 Day 2,014, 06:53

Will you make a new damage record?

omg_87 Day 2,014, 06:59

I doubt it, but I'll help our murrican Bros ofc 😁

TheKralj Day 2,014, 08:09

oh, and this too:

Viarizi Day 2,014, 11:47

Fashion Flash


Collection spring-summer 2013


Congrats u guys!

TortaFrita Day 2,014, 12:53

Comment deleted

TortaFrita Day 2,014, 12:53


VOJVODA_MANDO Day 2,014, 19:48

come we ready and wait \o/

DMV3 Day 2,014, 23:33

All American change your avatar to this for Serbia:

bogyns Day 2,015, 09:09

Just as Atrela wrote : -with honor. And much honor is in that you want to do.

Kide93 Day 2,015, 00:12

Free Texas !

nkrsystem Day 2,015, 16:52

This is a Call to Arms.

All loyal eAmericans should now prepare for battle.

Let´s fight.

Hale26 Day 2,014, 06:44


Vengeance is Ours ! ~

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,014, 08:53


Lee the Rebel Day 2,014, 10:08

Comment deleted

Lee the Rebel Day 2,014, 10:10

Comment deleted

One Sky
One Sky Day 2,014, 06:46

Here we come

cLaw eagLe
cLaw eagLe Day 2,014, 06:46

Enough is enough!

KOSOVA ArlinDx Day 2,014, 06:47


Gang bang servia limited edition !

KG.Branko Day 2,014, 19:48

Just get oils for your as*es 🙂

Skarbrandus Day 2,015, 09:58

If you knew English well enough, you'd understand it is Serbia who has to get oils from the structure of the sentence, man.

KG.Branko Day 2,017, 07:17

Yo Skarbrandus can u guys attack stronger coz like this aint funny... Poor Muricans and lolbians... And arlindx is right, Serbia banging USA Limited edition

LordRahl2 Day 2,014, 06:47


lets pull together USA

Viarizi Day 2,014, 11:48

Youre nothing but a traitor!

We all know you will fight for the Serbs!

Oblige Day 2,014, 20:18

Says the bat crazy Portugese.

Viarizi Day 2,015, 01:15

Butthurt much? LOL

MaestroAkel Day 2,014, 06:47

awesome. Here comes the FIUUU

SpikyJade2700 Day 2,014, 06:47

Enough is enough!

Berat Gashi
Berat Gashi Day 2,014, 06:47


Lets kick some ass .

Free Area Day 2,014, 18:11

Comment deleted

Berat Gashi Day 2,015, 01:06

Comment deleted

Free Area
Free Area Day 2,015, 02:49

look in the mirror and see whats the most disgusting

Clydeo Day 2,014, 06:48

Enough is enough!


Skenerbeuu Day 2,014, 06:48


RockyBalboa78 Day 2,014, 06:48

Comment deleted

Cerciz.Topulli Day 2,014, 06:49

Comment deleted

gisgosrev Day 2,014, 06:49

Voted, I don't support a TO, if you need votes I can try to take some ppl of my country to help you on the next elections 🙂

badbrad767 Day 2,014, 06:50

time to strike back

✯ ✯ ✯ AIM HIGH ✯ ✯ ✯

nuno258 Day 2,014, 06:51

Enough is enough!

Yuko Oshima
Yuko Oshima Day 2,014, 06:53

RAWR !!!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,014, 06:53


Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,014, 07:05

Aim high

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,014, 11:41

US air supremacy o7

Emerick Day 2,014, 06:54

Please find some uglier pictures, my eyes are only bleeding right now

Sandukaani Day 2,014, 07:06

Knock knock servia ... don't open the door cuz we will break it.... muhahaha

Free Area
Free Area Day 2,015, 03:23

watch out, we have a shotgun

bogyns Day 2,015, 09:13

You break it, you bought it! 🙂

KG.Branko Day 2,017, 07:10

Can u attack harder coz like this aint funny.. Poor Muricans and lolbanians

jonkastrioti Day 2,014, 06:56


Sandukaani Day 2,014, 06:57

Comment deleted

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