[PotUS] Gratitude and Reflections

Day 4,704, 22:57 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

Greetings fellow citizens of the eUSA. I of course would like to thank those who voted for me yesterday. Some have already derided this victory as a plurality. Well as someone who has lost 4 times on election day my response to that is simply a win is a win. Game mechanics allow 5 candidates on the ballot. Yesterday we had 5. At the close of the day I finished with just under 45% of the vote. It is always nice to win with a clear majority, but as I said a win is a win. I would also like to thank my own Federalist Party for always supporting me. I would be remiss to leave out USWP from my thank yous as well. The USWP has more often than not had my back going all the way back to 2013 when WildOwl (who I owe great deal of thanks for the successes of my eRepublik journey) and I both were first time Party Presidents. These two Parties have not always seen eye to eye but overall it has been a good relationship bound in the common purpose of trying to do what is right for the eUSA and her community. I would also like to thank DSS for a good race. I enjoyed getting to know him better through this campaign. He is a good person with a good heart and beyond good intentions.

Yesterday's victory marks the 8th time I have won in a Country President election. This is a feat matched (and exceeded) only by my aforementioned friend WildOwl. I say that not to brag but to reflect and maybe marvel on how far I have come. If you will bear with me I have a bit of a personal eRepublik history account to share. In April of 2014 I ran what I still believe is the finest campaign I have ever run. Fresh off a shellacking from Gnilraps in March I was running for President. Gnil had decided not to run for reelection. I racked up 13 total Party endorsements and had the establishment of the time nervous. Nary a day went by when I did not get fresh IRC threats from Pfeiffer. He would build a coalition against me and get me voted out after one term leaving me a “Haliman Legacy”. Which reminds me Groot if you want the actual definition of a Ghost CP visit the Presidential Libraries in the eUSA forums. Reading the libraries for Haliman, Resoula, Tenshibo, and to a lesser extent BeachBunny BeachBro will clear that misunderstanding up for you. More on that later.

It was at the time considered an important election as USAF reform or consolidation was on the table. I was inclined to listen to Rainy and the rest of the USAF chain of command and that did not sit well with Pfeiffer and Company. Thus the threats. At almost the 11th hour Gnilraps changed his mind and announced he was running for reelection. This also was the same time period when VT was PP of WTP and attempted to betray them by running a full slate of Ajay aligned AFA members for Congress. He was convinced since they agreed to use his at the time avatar of a faceless man in a suit it meant he could control them. He was also going to run himself for President and win. I attempted to reason with him, but he was set on his course. In the end game mechanics stopped him. The membership of WTP jumped into BSP pushing them into the top 5 and pulling WTP out before Congressional elections.

To this day that is still one of the most inspiring acts of Country over Party I have ever seen. WTP without hesitation or complaint ripped themselves out of the top 5 to protect their country. It was then remembered a short time after congress elections that VT had shared his logins. A common practice for Party and Country Presidents just in case they are unavailable for some reason and someone needs to push the buttons. So Artela who was one of the highest level players in the eUSA was parked in WTP and VT’s account was logged into and the button was pushed to resign the Party Presidency. Thus salvaging the progress made over the Ajay insurgency and crushing VT’s dream of running himself for CP.

Going back to the April of 2014 election. Gnil announced at the 11th hour he was running for reelection. I stayed in and hoped all the leg work and endorsements I had garnered would be enough. It was not, I was crushed yet again. In the aftermath of that election Oblige and WildOwl who had been stalwart friends and Allies before and during that campaign told me my electoral chances were damaged beyond salvage for the foreseeable future. Josh Frost, my mentor, told me something much the same. I could have rage quit. I could have devolved into a troll. I could have raged against Gnil. Yet maybe 5 days later when Gnil approached me and said his chosen Secretary of Homeland Security was MIA and then offered the post to me I took it. I worked the Homeland Security effort that I was known for. Ajay had his Party taken and he missed participating in Congressional Elections yet again. Objective achieved.

The next part of the story takes me to two more people that I owe a great deal of thanks. Molly Emma and Dmjohnston. Molly Emma helped revive my CP hopes the following months after Gnil’s two terms. She tasked me with being her Chief of Staff. During her terms we were ejected from SIRIUS by Croatia and friends for her refusal to invite a wipe on the eUSA. She was tasked by SIRIUS to unilaterally attack Argentina then one of the strongest nations in the game. When she refused to do so without a comprehensive plan or support we were bounced from the Alliance. DMJ her Minister of Defense succeeded Molly and made me his VP. It was during his terms that Pacifica, an Alliance we called home for 4 years, was founded. It occurs to me that DMJ has been involved and present in a lot of meetings that resulted in major FA changes. He was present in meetings that resulted in parting ways with SIRIUS, the founding of Pacifica, leaving Pacifica iircc, the NAP with Asteria, and departing CODE. DMJ is rock solid; he has gone above and beyond in every role I have ever seen him in.

After DMJ’s terms he fully supported me in my own run which was successful for CP. 5 months after thinking my CP hopes were in ruins I made it. You might be wondering why I am telling you all of this. The reason is today I was struck by how the narrative on me has changed over the years. I have gone from dangerous firebrand outsider to multiple time CP loser (believe me once upon a time you could only strike out so many times before it became exponentially harder to break through), to company man (something John Largo once said to me), to Pfeiferist, to one of the faces of the establishment. It amuses me to no end to see comments insinuating or outright saying I pulled Krapis’ strings these last two months. Anyone who actually knows me or has worked with me could tell you this, but I will let you in on a little secret: I am the same person I was when I was considered a dangerous firebrand and I did not sell out to breakthrough. I worked, fought, and clawed until I broke through. My setbacks have made the wins just that much sweeter.

So it is that 6 years and change later I want it known that as I begin my 8th term as President I still take nothing for granted. This does and will always mean a great deal to me. I appreciate and honor the trust placed in me. This is a big month and my team and I will rise to the occasion. Which takes me back to my earlier shout out to Groot. This was in response to a comment of his:

I both agree and disagree with this comment. Before I expound on that let me just say that Groot was one of the most active and hardest working Presidents that I have ever seen. He did by himself what I would have had maybe a half dozen people doing. He was omnipresent and relentless. I have stated before and I will state it again I admire his work ethic. He also provided me a great deal of political support and cover during the summer as we made Foreign Affair changes. Yet my style is different. I assemble as big of a team of talented players as possible. I give my team the green light. I stay abreast of what they are doing. I give support in whatever way is needed, I tout the hell out of their successes, advertise their programs, approach Congress about what they’re doing if necessary, and take blame if there is reason to do so. This has been my way of doing things since I was first elected Party President of the Feds back in 2013. I know it is not a style that fits everyone but it has produced good overall results for the better part of a decade.

I look forward to this approach working once again for the betterment of the eUSA. Krapis and his administration have put a lot of work into coordinating and getting everything ready for the Resource Wars. For that we should all thank them. We are poised to once again have a very good Resource Wars and a good month overall. As always I thank you for reading. I thank you for your vote if you voted for me. If you did not vote for me, my team and I are still eager to provide you with a quality month. Until next time eUSA.