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[POTeUS] Day Three and Texas Free

Day 2,057, 21:45 Published in USA USA by Paul Proteus

Comes with mood musik

Sup eAmerica. It's Day 3, and I'm checking in. For one, we won Texas. More on that later. Also RGR has been sending me hilarious ultimatums as a part of the Servian government, maybe I'll share them eventually 😁. Anyway, been a few eventful days so let's get started

Texas and RWs

Oh yeah did I mention we won an RW in Texas?

Glorious \o/

For now we broke the wipe, and have now completed what was meant to be part 1 of my predecessors HAM operation, and, of course, currently the region of Texas is free, and is now our capital \o/ Is this a big victory? Yes. Does this mean the wipe is over for good? Unfortunately not. We're still fighting against extremely difficult odds, and it's very possible we will lose the region again. Still, in winning Texas we see that our enemy's hold on our regions is not unshakable. While it is easy to be demoralized, our enemies cannot hold us down. While politics and demographics shift, one thing remains constant: America's constant resistance and commitment to regaining our regions as quickly as we can.

Texas was a triumph. Stick with us America, and by time the month ends we'll show you more.

Brave Americans fighting for Texas, also remembering the Alamo

NE Proposal

As I mentioned above, my administration inherited a plan from the previous administration. Upon taking office we re-evaluated our strategy a bit, but upon recovering Texas we're ready to move forward with what was part two of that plan: An NE of RoC. We're now moving into Mexico to fight RoC.

The first battle can be found here in Northeast of Mexico

It's going to be difficult, and we may only have one shot at this, so make sure to follow DoD Orders, let's make this work

That's it for today, will try to have more for my next update, as always keep an eye out for the next White House Press Report.

Until next time,

Paul Proteus


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,057, 21:58

Proteus is an awesome POTeUS so far.

Llisus Kraist
Llisus Kraist Day 2,057, 22:06

Sub pole

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,058, 10:07

Please do elaborate this claim!

Valiant Thor Day 2,058, 13:01

Comment deleted

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,057, 22:01

Let's Win Our Country Back! Proteus for Victory!

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,057, 22:05

Front man for the Proteus Executive Slave Pits checking in o7

Un Foullon
Un Foullon Day 2,057, 22:05


F.11 Day 2,057, 22:09


Thedillpickl Day 2,057, 22:10

Huckalah, huckalah, hooyays!

Who knew Santa Anna was Serbian?
Also, who knew that Santa and his elves killed over 500 Texicans at the Alamo?!
Next Christmas I'm gonna shoot that somebitch in the ass when he starts to slide down my chimney.

Ifritus Day 2,057, 22:11

wait, why are we attacking mexico? shouldn't we be focusing on regaining the states? I just can't see the logic in this strategy

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,057, 22:20

Not attacking Mexico, attacking RoC (who are occupying Mexico). Reason is to remove TWO members in North America and RoC is less powerful than Serbia and easier to take on.

Ifritus Day 2,057, 22:22

oh, that makes sense, but what about the mexicans? are they willing to let us take over?

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,057, 22:24

Mexico is on board with this

Radamanthys de Wyvern
Radamanthys de Wyvern Day 2,057, 22:22

easy, RoC stills a a treating to USA

AudazZ Day 2,057, 22:12


remi.remi Day 2,057, 22:14


Evans Day 2,057, 22:21

Lets kick eRoC

Jamarcus Day 2,057, 23:39


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,057, 23:52


Fanaxidiel Day 2,058, 00:41

Epic win is epic!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,058, 01:05

What epic win? About as win as Italy under Romano Prodi.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,058, 02:15

This win enables AFA to import more Serbs and others into USA. I guess that's what he was referring to.

dmjohnston Day 2,058, 05:11

I believe in Paul Proteus!

Brdar Dragan
Brdar Dragan Day 2,058, 05:12

We come and bring democracy to you!

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 2,058, 06:09

Good start, dude.

Steve Wright
Steve Wright Day 2,058, 09:18

I have faith in America eUS is not eSerbia

Rex Ormunde
Rex Ormunde Day 2,058, 09:34

We can sit here and flail our arms all day. The only way we'll win this is by using our allies and our neighbors to cut off key points to our enemies and close down on them. AKA, we're not doing this on our own. Glad to see we're throwing some helping weight towards Mexico, but I think we're still going about it wrong. 😛

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,058, 10:07

Day 4 and Texas gone?

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,058, 12:58

I believe I mentioned in the article that that was a likely possibility

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,058, 13:02

Well, you've also mentioned that "We're now moving into Mexico to fight RoC." We have seen how that was accomplished. How about you make some kind of plan that actually might succeed?

Longhunter Day 2,058, 14:25

VT, you're on every thread complaining. What's your big strategy? Why don't you offer an idea once in a while instead of just nitpicking anyone who makes an effort?

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,058, 15:09

Here's an idea: stop unnecessary RWs until we can coordinate a successful one and have a wining strategy to keep it.

Nektari0s Day 2,058, 10:15

Keep on, have faith!

Pompous Day 2,058, 10:22

USNG ! ! !

Well done everybody in reclaiming Texas!

Next step is the next step. We will succeed but it will take working as a team in every experience division.

Nicolas Vivas
Nicolas Vivas Day 2,058, 11:15


Churchill93 Day 2,058, 11:24

Don't mess with Texas!


xDesertHamsterX Day 2,058, 12:33

we liberated texas from usa again!

Sarma Day 2,058, 13:14

day 4... no more...

Vucko74 Day 2,058, 13:22

Good trolling.

Iamnameless Day 2,058, 13:29

The struggle continues. \o

Zordacz Day 2,058, 15:19

Texas free, lol good one.

Greene12 Day 2,058, 15:26


Condemnation Day 2,059, 15:13

Yeah, that's because eAmerica is already as screwed up as it's ever going to be under this administration.

Norbengo Day 2,058, 15:29

""Is this a big victory? Yes. ""

Day 4 Texas lost. Big victory my ass and why do you stick to that idiotic HAM plan?

That just makes you bad POTUS, still not as bad as Tenshibo on Hailman, but keep it up like this and who knows...

Thedillpickl Day 2,058, 15:54

I think I hear your daddy calling!
Hanibal moved back to Serbia and is lonely, he misses his son.

Norbengo Day 2,058, 16:43

Your butt, it still hurts doesn't it?

Thedillpickl Day 2,058, 18:24

LOL, you still have a fascination for my butt after all this time? Norbengo needs a gf.

Delyruin Day 2,058, 16:32

A few RGR ultimatums would be a real pick-me-up. ^____^

MCSH Day 2,058, 20:44

Nice Job on Texas!

I hope we re-regain it back!

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Day 2,059, 02:15

What's the point? If you re-occupy another part, we'll just liberate it again.

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