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[PoP] Why you should vote for TheJakal

Day 1,841, 15:07 Published in Pakistan USA by TheJakal

My Fellow Pakistani's,

NOTE: There will be no graphics in this article. Too tired.

When I was running for elections, I had a foreign opponent, he like many President's before me wrote along the same lines of how awesome he was going to make ePakistan when he is elected. I didn't make such a promise because I unlike many past president's am a realist.

When I got into power, I had no access to the State Bank of ePakistan despite requests sent to the so called care takers of ePakistan and when I had threatened to reset the passwords all the money disappeared.

Two organizations managed by Bozli 2xCP of ePakistan and multiple time congressmen had about 140 gold worth of currency and gold. Bozli messaged me requesting that the transfer of funds. I had by that time, already moved money from those two organizations into State Bank of ePakistan.

I later refunded Bozli from my own account the 140 gold of which he can confirm and did not take the money out of State Bank of ePakistan as funds were required to set Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs).

MPPs which my predecessor Mohammad Bilal didn't seem to care much about, despite him having access to a lot of money. So from our one MPP with Serbia, My MoFA Alex and I contacted nations we had been friendly in the past with under ClusterStorm's presidency with Ishamael Naeblis was MoFA to try and get some of those MPP's back. It wasn't easy as quite frankly ePakistan isn't worth 10,000 PKR that the country would have to spend.

We pushed.

We could have signed a lot more MPPs but with an economy that doesn't generate enough revenue to be able to support 4 MPPs a month, I made the decision to opt out and only MPP large nations that have the highest chance of war so that the soliders of ePakistan are able to complete their DOs. The job would have been extremely difficult had Alex not been in the picture.

Objective Completed.

The next step was to organize the national supplies. Once again the lack of funds was a major hamper, but in a high level meeting with my Minister of Defence Annihilator, I specifically said, make the plan and I will fund it.
So I did, I bought Q6 tanks of the market and that began our to be honest first, transparent, with no unreasonable conditions attached national supply.
The dMoD Mehmood25 at the time, the emotional fellow that he is, resigned and deleted all the supply documents. He was defended by the infamous Policy who I will come to at the end of this article. MoD Annihilator is busy with exams, despite him being busy he still puts in 10 minutes a day to reward our strongest solider of the day. He is unable to supply, but for the last 2 days I have been supplying players that request.

We organized resistance wars, but were unable to do a training war with India or Iran. The risks and costs of a training war were too high. The country could simply not afford it.

Objective Completed.

The Minister of Community, Muz97 has been holding quizzes and IRC competitions for those who cared to participate and many young soldiers did. He initially started quizzes on articles than attempted to run the games on IRC. Very few citizens participated in this, but I believe consistency in this will help create more activity in the game and I will keep encouraging him to continue.

Running quizzes and daily supplies is hard work and time consuming, revolutionary's who sit in bunkers 2 meters below sea-level don't understand this.

Objective Completed.

Minister of Education

Kismat was not up to mark in publishing training articles, he was busy, was lost and quite frankly tired as he had been running the education for the last two governments, as per my suggestion. I should have replaced him with a fresh pair of legs and didn't do so and that is my fault.

Objective Failed.


I personally attempted another massive baby-boom, I initiated the first 650,000 email campaign that I had already paid for and spent about €30 euros on facebook advertisements. During this time, I was also having numerous discussions with eRepublik officials to help optimize the baby-boom process. The email campaign was a failure of epic proportions and the facebook campaign was too expensive per user joining the game. I decided to put the efforts to recruit new players on hold, as I will be flying to Bucharest this weekend to attend the 2012 Official Summit and have a meeting with Plato to discuss and execute a baby-boom.

Objective Failed / Put on hold.

Last but not least, I have been encouraging new players to invite their friends more and have offered 5 gold additional to each Society Builder they earn. Some have tried, some haven't bothered.

Objective undetermined.

More recently, Policy who decided to make a come back into ePakistan politics claims he's a revolutionary. He writes entertaining articles but other than there isn't much her can offer ePakistan. His strength is very low for his age in the game, he can't lead battles, he spends more time criticising and his new past time favourite is trying to get people on forums.
I personally don't think ePakistan is ready for forums, some members in my cabinet agree others disagree.

Policy was also planning to run for Country President but ended up endorsing me in a pity campaign citing Unity, Faith and Discipline. We're already in process of uniting all the Military Unit's in this country despite the reservations of Chief of Army Staff who is unfortunately in-active most of the time.
My attempt to treat all ePakistani's as equals was to try and bring Unity together, other countries have foreign individuals playing and they work with them. Hence inviting the Dioists who have as much right to ePakistan as a RL Pakistani does was the first step.
Inviting Somaka and his team into congress and national supplies was the second step.

I have faith in myself and my team that not only will we be instrumental in bringing this nation up but we will also have fun during that process. All of us treat this like a game.

So my fellow country men, if you feel I haven't done a good job so far, than by all means vote for the other candidate, I know that given the lack of money in the State Bank of ePakistan the onus of funding wars, supplies and MPPs was the responsibility of this government and we funded it and managed it.

If I could I would give myself a pat on the back.

My Minister of Finance is currently travelling but has promised me that on his return he will publish the full budget, i.e. expenses and revenue we have earned this month. Although the congress has been updated of all transactions taken place in the in-game congress thread.

I close this extremely long article that its important young players train and invite their friends into the game, ePakistan requires soldiers. With the addition of our Dioist friends coming in, our damage is rising. We are no longer ranked in the bottom two and our average damage has doubled.

Make no mistake and do not fall for fallen heroes, who will speak of their former glory days of how they battled India and how they took over China and sell you the great Pakistani dream. Those dreams were short-lived with long-term consequences of which is why we are here today.

The voyage is a long one and the path is filled with evil obstacles, but if a little hobbit could destroy the one ring, I am sure that my team and I will destroy the oligarchy once and for all.

Now in the spirit of the forums launched at I suggest you all move any discussions or comments there. This will make our friend in the bunker very happy.

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Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,841, 15:11


Arfan-Khan Day 1,841, 15:16

Voted, TheJakal for CP!

raao Day 1,841, 16:51

We're already in process of uniting all the Military Unit's in this country despite the reservations of Chief of Army Staff who is unfortunately in-active most of the time.


nice ...

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Day 1,841, 18:42

Voted, TheJakal for CP!

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,841, 20:08

Papi Chulu : p

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,842, 23:49

voted......good job! i will vote for u

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,842, 00:33

gwd voted

Scorpion King
Scorpion King Day 1,842, 01:42

Voted, Thejakal for CP ... damn sure

Annihilator10 Day 1,842, 08:31


St0L3n1 Day 1,842, 08:57

After ClusterStorm this is first time the government specially CP accepting that what he or his team wasn't able to achieve, I always believe you can't fix the things unless you accept the facts and reality, this is very very good sign.

We sure try some experiment in this term some are really very good and some didn't work for us, we are learners and we will keep learning from our progress and mistakes.

Very nicely written article TheJakal I like it ..... VOTED

Policy Day 1,842, 09:06

So rather than telling us why we should vote for you, you're trying to score political mileage by attacking people that criticize you and leave your party (raao).

And perhaps you should give credit where credit is due-... I hold no official position in your cabinet yet accomplished one of your "goals"... that's getting a forum up. Myself AND the Head of Congress have been asking you and your party members to get their proper access so we can sort out the mess of congress but nooooo.

Policy Day 1,842, 09:08

And when you're talking about your supply system, perhaps you should also talk about the mass-message I sent to all of Pakistan with a link to it.

Mehmood's not hurt this nation and is a hardworking guy, deleting a document doesn't mean diddles, heck, I can create 10 more in the space of a few minutes. Rather than UNITING the country, you divide, Jakal. How many times have you attempted to reconcile with people this month? One digit: 0.

TheJakal Day 1,842, 09:15

@Policy, Yes I will criticize raao if I feel it makes sense, and no hiim leaving the party DPP is not the cause. Raao always made it clear that he doesn't belong to any one party and I was always fine with that. I have the utmost respect for raao and if raao issues instructions I will follow because I have learned all the in game politics from him.

TheJakal Day 1,842, 09:18

@Policy, the forums were already up, you chose to setup new ones to make it better, setting up forums is a small task doesn't take long, but you set it up and took 5 days to host it on a free domain / free hosting backed up from an already existing database. Do you want a reward for that? Since that day, you have been pressuring everyone to use the forums.

TheJakal Day 1,842, 09:20

@Policy even after your mass-msg there were still people asking from where they can request supplies and I always expected a few days of consistency required to get national supplies runnning effectively.

St0L3n1 Day 1,842, 09:33

Agreed on few points with Policy & Few points of TheJakal. Every single and little effort should be appreciated no matter who did it if he/she did it for eNation. Criticism made you better and we are all human so anyone of us can made a mistake that's for sure either it's Ahsan OR Dodial OR Bilal OR ThaJakal OR Raao or Policy OR Me.

TheJakal Day 1,842, 09:33

@Mehmood25 has done good stuff perhaps in the past, but he accepted the position of dMoD and accepted to supply. He than resigned and went further to delete government owned documents because his personal opinion on Somaka and his tit-for-tat with me was the reason. Its easy to create documents, anyone can do it but its hard to leave the docs running consistently for all to access regardless of personal differences.

St0L3n1 Day 1,842, 09:34

We had some conflicts and sure every one else had that too but we can still resolve the issues and get back to work, I strongly feel we can do it if we stand together.

We should indicate our mistakes and take it positively regardless who made us think about our mistakes.

TheJakal Day 1,842, 09:35

@Policy finally, I don't have time to make any effort in reconilation with people who are not interested in reconciling. Take your and my "relationship". You can critcize me and attack me, I can criticize you and attack you but at the end of the day, I will still discuss things with you where I need your input. Despite your devious political article in trying to malign me, I will still continue to endorse the forum project and any other crazy requests you send.

TheJakal Day 1,842, 09:37

@Policy you raised objections on Pakistan Government supplying to Pakistan Army only, it was opened to all.
When it comes to Somaka, Somaka again might have been a PTO'er in his younger days but he isn't a threat to ePakistan now. Those who try to PTO Pakistan do it for entertainment purposes. There is NOTHING left in the treasury for anyone to steal. So who ever is in congress, regardless if its Mehmood25 or Somaka, if I am the CP I will include them in the congress thread.

St0L3n1 Day 1,842, 09:37

And for the article I took it as a pure political campaign activity, which is good thing to do :-]

TheJakal Day 1,842, 09:40

@Policy obviously raao's followers will use this to create a rift between me and raao, but no matter what bullshit story those people come up with, my relationship will not be affected when it comes to raao.
In my opinion he needs to do more as CoAS and in my opinion national supplying should be transferred to him and a team that I hope he builds up. Governments change daily but raao is the one consistent element in this game, that everyone can turn to when they need help.

TheJakal Day 1,842, 10:32

@Policy and I want to transfer all the crucial elements under his (raaoi) supervision that keep the wheels rolling irrespective of government change etc.

Policy Day 1,842, 14:32

What wheels will you transfer when the current system we have isn't sustainable?

As for malign, etc. - I take that as libel; I didn't malign you at all in my article, I merely presented facts. Also, you were the one taking up the issue of forums consistently with me after I merely suggested it as the previous ones were a bit crap. I did that, now I'm doing my job in regards to them; my duties are being conducted.

Policy Day 1,842, 14:32

I'd also like to know your cabinet line up for this month.

bozli Day 1,843, 04:56

First, about the thing which is related to myself. Yes, I had around 140 gold on two national orgs, I put it there back in February when I got back orgs after over a year w/o anyone having access to them. Some other orgs were given to various people for various usage, I can summarize everything in article if there is a need for it. TheJakal was fair and gave me back my assets, even tho he could easily claim I cannot prove the money was mine cos the last time I sent anything there was months ago.

bozli Day 1,843, 05:02

He didn't, and i'm grateful for it.

On other matters, I am happy TWs with India/Iran never happened, those two are too risky. However, I strongly disagree with involving Somaka and other Croats/Ukrainians, but commenting on that matter would request a separate article as well. Just to say I am more worried about damage done to the community rather than financial damage.

Waruda Day 1,846, 23:14

For the Hobbits!

Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Day 1,854, 18:42

blame, blame blame......

have you ever written any article in which you did not criticized anyone????

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