[PoA] And another Legend rank in Austria!

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Hello dear friends,

Today I have another announcement to make! (Which is great cause otherwise I wouldn't be writing articles. Ever)

We have a new legend rank in Austria!

First I want to thank King Dom for everything he did for Austria and his unselfishness in honouring our very best citizens with legend ranks. Some of which are almost 13 years in the game. Some are gone. All of them I had the pleasure to work with and all of them helped Austria more than they know. Spending 13 years in a game demonstrates the willingness to help out. Who do we honour today?

So who is Luis Grindl?

Before I start with the compliments, I just wanna say this. Thank you for not leaving me Luis. Even though you were really close a few times.

Luis is one of the oldest and smartest people in Austria. He was Minister of Finance a couple of times, Minister of Defense and our very own President when we needed him the most. His ideas on how to resolve problems are beyond perfection. If you ever wondered what I do when I have a doubt about things, I just speak with Luis. He is the most positive guy playing eRepublik. Rational and always thinks everything through a couple of times ahead.

He witnessed many things in Austria. He was there when the constitution was made, he was the one who signed the famous region trade where Austria got some nice resources from Czecho-Slovakia. That also ended the furious war between our 2 nations and even established a friendship which lasted for many years until Slovaks decided to leave the game. A great fighter and tactician and from recently a Legend of Austria: Battalion I himself!

Talking about Luis is never easy because he will definitely get mad at me. Also even if I tried to capture the whole picture I would definitely fail. There is just too much left to be said. But I hope I managed to show you a glimpse of the guy who saved me a couple of times and was always here for me. Always.

Thank you Luis!
Thank you King Dom!

PS: Luis really is this guy on the pic.

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Until next time! Prince out!