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[PMO] Long Live the ANZAC

Day 2,108, 03:34 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Prime Minister Office

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My fellow citizens,

Today eNew Zealand proposed a Natural Enemy Proposal against eIndonesia, whom we are currently at war with. It seems this bill will pass with a resounding majority.

I want to say to our deepest and most sincere appreciation to our cousins across the sea. Despite our turbulent past it brings great happiness to me, to see at last two great nations that share such history come together and unite. I hope this signifies brighter and more honourable days ahead for both our nations.

To those of you who may or may not be RL Kiwi or Aussie, I hope you understand what this relationship means and that you give it the justice, honour and respect it deserves.

Long Live the ANZACs. And to my fellow eAustralian's, let's keep up the good fight.

Prime Minister

The eAustralian National Library

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Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,108, 03:43

ANZAC forces fighting side by side as it should always be, whats their women like by the way???


Crusadercarl Day 2,108, 03:46

They cook a lovely egg:)

Schoft Day 2,108, 10:00

I see what your doing here

Jazzine Day 2,108, 12:13

We cook 😮

Crusadercarl Day 2,108, 03:45

You've been pissing around for 5 years so we thought we'd better show you Aussies how it's done:D

Long Live the ANZACs o7

Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf Day 2,108, 12:02

You're doing it only because of me, admit it. 😘

Crusadercarl Day 2,108, 13:17

Well, u know, your birthday's coming up and all;) 😘*

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 2,108, 03:46

Let's stand for that man we call the ANZAC. We will remember them o7

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,108, 03:46


kerna96 Day 2,108, 03:48


Saiwun Day 2,108, 03:59

May the might of ANZAC prevail!

Kattiaa Day 2,108, 04:02

Hail friendship!

/me runs up and prepares anzac cookies 🙂
Beat wishes @}-}---

sirjames244 Day 2,108, 04:04


we fought side by side many times in the past.

here to a toast to our cousin sheep rapers!

Crusadercarl Day 2,108, 04:18

I've would never rape a sheep cousin. wtf is wrong with u:P

sirjames244 Day 2,108, 04:29


thats what they all say:P

hey you know, is australia and NZ joined sdheep population we would only just beat china's ammount:P

Cyber.Casper Day 2,109, 01:37

I have it on reliable info those sheep consented.


sirjames244 Day 2,109, 15:10

dosn't mean they liked it

\holding grain in front of their face is not consent!

BOUD1CCA Day 2,108, 05:05

sheep rappers
they would be black sheep I assume 🙂

BOUD1CCA Day 2,108, 05:23

ROFL - but they arn't black

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 2,108, 06:58

You got a problem with black?

BOUD1CCA Day 2,108, 05:20
Those Indos, and to think they used to be friends with NZ once
goes to show

Crusadercarl Day 2,108, 05:37

Tbh we started it lol. I thought everyone liked surprise TWs...u used to love it u minx;3

yodhisaputra Day 2,108, 06:45

That article just a reaction of NZ NE proposal...eIndo never think about to NZ resources...

010901 Day 2,108, 07:28

Don't worry, Indonesia will hopefully liberate New Zealand from Serbia!

Jazzine Day 2,108, 10:11

Yeah its just a surprise TW. ROFL

Tim_Holtz Day 2,108, 05:33


Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Day 2,108, 05:37

o7 VOTED o7

Martin von Anhalt
Martin von Anhalt Day 2,108, 06:32

Good work Flatty.

Jazzine Day 2,108, 08:15

Hail Anzac.

About time we joined you.

Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf Day 2,108, 08:32

Carl's behind all this. He's doing it for me. ; )

Crusadercarl Day 2,108, 13:18

U know it:D

Oboacer Day 2,108, 08:46

Well this will make for a very interesting situation for eNZ

Cpt Jackson
Cpt Jackson Day 2,108, 09:18

Big News. Well played NZ. It should make things fun.

Icetek Day 2,109, 00:22

Hail Serbia in NZ

I cant believe how quickly you all forget how Flatty failed his CP goals, now he distracts us with this nonsense

lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,109, 13:17

you complain and yet you cannot come up with a solution yourself. Is this jealousy? Or just plain ignorance

Icetek Day 2,109, 19:05

Their is no solution because their is no active players in eAUS. Keep watching its one circle jerk between a few players who fail every time because they think they know whats best.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,109, 19:37

he is the bad type of american lord braddy, the type of loves to talk shit but is mysteriously gone when anything important comes up

Icetek Day 2,110, 01:12

Hmm well, at least i dont run when i get my ass handed to me. You will sit their and talk shit when you have back up, but be the 1st coward to run.

And not gone, just not motivated to argue with a brainless idiots. But feel free to prove me wrong, what has Flatty done? Cuz i see eAUS the same as when we took CP.....2 months ago.

How long has the ADF debating been going on now, 6 months, more?

Sadly Tim, you are so butt hurt by me and ignorant you choose to waste your few words in stupidity on me, save it for people who actually care.

Icetek Day 2,110, 01:18

@ lord
You must think i take this game as seriously as you to be jealous. And im just stating facts about Flatty that they all hate admitting because it makes them look bad.

Flatty is nothing more then a self stroking egomaniac, he actually believes his own bullshit. Even when he fails, he flips words to make it look semi positive and deep in his head he accomplished something, when in fact he did nothing.

The biggest noob in eAUS could have signed MPPs with country THAT ARE IN THE ALLIANCE!!!!

This "anzac" talk now, how long will that last until we get back stabbed once again. This was a desperation move by Flatty because he needed something to brag about since he failed all his other goals.

Warringah Day 2,109, 06:55

Great news!!

Long life to the ANZAC warriors!

Binda33 Day 2,110, 03:24

Thanks NZ. You are good guys.

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