[PM] This Is Only The Beginning

Day 623, 07:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Hassan Pesaran

Hello eUK!

I have enjoyed the last month more than I have the rest of my year in eRepublik. We've had more Wars than I can remember, we've gained regions, begun to partake in consistent Training Wars, the Armed Forces have been fully deployed for the first ever time; all this in one month.

This dramatic improvement over the last month has not happened by chance, not by any stretch of imagination. It has happened through the hard work and dedication of myself and my Administration. We have held a rather different philosophy than the vast majority of previous Presidents (Kumnaa's aside), and I believe that is the underlying reason why this month has been such a success.

In the past, people have wanted to tinker with legislation, and pedantic rules, acting in belief that this would make the country a better, and more stable place for all; I however approached this month looking at things that would make the game FUN - nothing else. Same goes for the full deployment of the Armed Forces - we did it because it was fun, as well as the right thing to do. and then did the logistical planning to make sure it worked.

Next month will be no different if I am fortunate enough to be re-elected. The Cabinet will be largely the same, with the rather glaring omission of Dishmcds after he announced his eRetirement a few days ago. His loss is huge for the eUK, but we will have to do what we've always done; adapt to the situation and make the best out of it. I have been a big advocate of continuity, and next term will be largely the same as this term has been - FUN. Of course, I do have some nice suprises lined up already which I'm sure you'll all enjoy once it's unveiled.

Finally, we are fighting a World War. This is no small task. That we have been able to over run the USA and Canada is a huge achievement, and the eUK has been an integral part of this. We have enabled our Allies to continue their assault on USA/Canada unimpeded through some nifty region swaps, and we played a vital role in securing California and Alberta. Our Armed Forces are a credit to this Country, and we owe them a huge amount. They are highly active, and they need to be recognised for being able to be called upon whenever necessary, night or day, to help secure victories.

I am honoured to be supported by the UKRP and TUP and hope you, the eUK, will decide to re-elect me for another month, so we can continue what we've started.

This is only the beginning.

Hassan Pesaran
Prime Minister of the eUK