[PM] Dust in the Wind; eUK Votes to Leave.

Day 732, 15:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy

Good Evening!

Following the weeks events, involving a theft of somesorts it's aroundabout time I delivered a small update about whats been going on - although that isn't todays biggest piece of news.

Following the theft we managed to retrieve some of the higher Q companies, and are working with our new SF CO Craig Rossiter to replace missing companies and return to maximum efficiency.

The Cabinet has as always had their heads down, but through the course of next week we will be holding a Cabinet meeting and every member of the eUK with control over government orgs will have to sign a contract, to help ensure we don't get repeats of what happened a few days ago. (special thanks to Dodgy Dude, Dishmcds, and Collins)

Finally, I would like to make it known that nor myself or my party hold the FDP responsible for the actions of Widdows, and realise he was acting as an individual.


It is an unfortunate truth that PEACE GC seems to be degrading, what once stood proud and tall is struggling to remain so. With members leaving, the question had to be asked. Should we remain? Where do we turn if we leave? The issue was discussed, and plans for the future have been made.

Over the past few weeks, a few member nations of PEACE have been leaving, and recently a new charter was proposed. After a congress discussion on the eUK's current membership status in PEACE, the issue of signing the new charter was put to vote.

As a result of that Vote, the eUK is leaving PEACE GC.

We know, however, that we will remain friends with many of the member nations of PEACE, and hope to maintain the fantastic relations we hold with many of our allies in and out of PEACE. We aim to forge our links in the new world based on our friendships, with our true allies.

Mr Woldy,
Prime Minister of the eUK.

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