[Plato Foundation] Report week 51

Day 3,978, 05:04 Published in Belgium Belgium by Curlybear

This week we’ve considered two new projects:

-The Flying Dutchman which will be funded. They will receive 130 Gold this week.

-Korea Air Force for which the board couldn’t reach a decision this week. The final vote of the board regarding the project is therefore postponed until next week.

The Ongoing projects are:

The Icarus project will receive a grant of 100 Gold this week.

The Russian Air squad will receive 125 Gold.

Air Force Academy of Lithuania are running under PF aid for the tenth week and will receive 250 Gold.

Belgian BHA will receive 110 Gold.

MEK Housing will be receiving 140 Gold.

Croatian Falcons has re-applied for a grant this week and were approved for another month. This week they will get 220 Gold.

The Irish Army Airborne has also turned in a renewal request and was approved. They will therefore receive 200 Gold this week.

The Chilean Aviation Academy will receive 120 Gold this week.

The Air Estonia Project will receive 240 Gold this week.

The Brazilian Sky’s Guardians will receive 100 Gold this week.

Do you have a project that would help your eCommunity? We’d love to hear about it! Make sure to submit it in the Dedicated Discord channel.

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