[Plato Foundation]Proposal for Connecting Words - A Norwegian Mini Game

Day 3,636, 01:40 Published in Norway Norway by Eraclev
Greeting ladies and gentlemen people of eWorld..

Today i will present you a Proposal of Plato Foundation, the competition called Norwegian Mini Games a Connecting Words, every one can join this game including non Norwegian this game is a game from Japan with some revision called Shiritori.

Those who often read my article must be know this little mini game..
Shiratori is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final Alphabet of the previous word.

What is the meaning of the Program?

This plan aims to strengthen community social ties, this competition will held in 5 different country, no need to register you just need to join the game by comment on the article..
The 5 country who will be a host of this Competition is :
1. Indonesia
2. India
3. Switzerland
4. Austria, and
5. Norway

Example :
I say Monkey you need to find anyword that using Y in the begining like Youth and other people must say next word that using H in the begining.

You can see the article here :

Example 1 : https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-ngp-connecting-words-total-prize-15000-cc-2654685/1/20
Winner 1 : https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-ngp-winner-of-norway-mini-game-connecting-words-2654799/1/20

Example 2 : https://m.erepublik.com/es/article/-dw-games-connecting-words-total-prize-7500-cc-2632157/1/20
Winner 2 : https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-dw-games-winner-of-norway-mini-game-connecting-words-2632356/1/20

Example 3 (Modification of the original competition) :
Winner 3 :


The rules are simple:
1. All people can join this mini game including non Norwegian.
2. You must use english words
3. One word per comment.
4. You cant comment same words that already used
5. You need to comment unique word every time
6. Every words should be use shiratori rules that i mentioned above.
7. You can only comment one time without commented twice next to next.
8. No two consecutive comments.
9. You can comments many times without limitation but no two consecutive comments
10. Any comment which does not follow these rules will be ignored.
11. One (1) Comment will worth 0.2 points, comment points will be limited max 5 points

PS : Just delete your comment if is not required to the rules above.

The connecting words ends after 24 hours, if it published on 06:00 eRep time Day 3635 it will end on 06:00 eRep Time Day 3636. (Any comments after that will be ignored) the winner is the person that comment the last.

The winner of the competition will be the person who gain more points

1. Person who answer/comment the last will get 10 points
2. Person who answer/comment the second last will get 8 points
3. Person who answer/comment before the second last will get 5 points
4. Person who comment with the rules will get 0.2 points for every comment, with max 5 points for comment points

If we get Gold from Plato Foundation 25% will be for the founder and official of the event.. 4/5 will be for the reward/prize

The winner of each mini game party will get 5000 NOK..

The Winner of the Competition : [If we get sponsored 500 Gold) if less the terms above will be included)
1. 3rd Place will get 50 Gold
2. 2nd Place will get 100 Gold
3. 1st Place will get 150 Gold

Special reward for the most active comment who didnt get in top 3 (Top Comment) 50 Gold

If this proposal supported by plato foundation, Norwegian Minister of Education Land Surveyor will have a right to get all the gold and distribute to the winner of the competition and the official


President of eNorway