[Plato Foundation] Media Contest: Result of the 2nd Category + Week 57 report

Day 4,020, 04:53 Published in Belgium Belgium by Curlybear

Good day all,

The board had plenty of “work” to do this week, reading all entries for the competition. I think it is safe to say that it was a pleasant work to do. Indeed! Thank you writers for the plenty and well-written articles that teleported us back in history.

Ongoing projects:

Since the last time he’s been featured in a Plato Foundation Report, Mentalist de Bucovina visited not just one country, but two! Two weeks ago he ended his trip to Latvia, then he hopped on a plane to Malaysia where he won his Medal and made some more Citizens happy.

The government of Netherlands has decided to include their project, The Flying Dutchman, into their lawbook to maintain the continuity of this initiative. They received their 3rd grant of 180 Gold.

New projects:

South Korea’s PF application for non active lower powered citizens has been voted and rejected. Among other reasons, the project does not seem to have the support of the South Korean community. With only 6 votes on their application article at the moment of the vote, the Plato Foundation Board was not convinced about its impact. However we do regret the mix up and delays with the application.

Ending projects:

After three very successful months, our support to the Chilean Air Academy comes to an end after yesterday’s last endorsement of 160 Gold. They've successfully kept quite a few new players alive and helped them and other older players to get involved in the air module by providing them with goals and help when required. We wish them all the best in the future.

Air Estonia project has reapplied for their 3rd set of grants last week. The board analyzed the reapplication and decided to not grant another set of grants to the projects. We were happy to help support the project for 2 months and hopefully it will keep on growing and help aviators of Estonia.

The support for the Belgian House Aid project has been ceased after a successful run of 16 weeks on Plato Foundation sponsorship out of the project’s 17 weeks. We wish good luck to the project team and hope the project will re-emerge after the economical situation stabilize.

Brazil’s Sky Guardians have done a great job within their community and we hope for them to continue doing so. After discussing it among ourselves, we agreed that we won’t be able to keep on supporting them.

Update on the contest:

We are proud to announce there were many entries in the category Best memories from the New World

Once upon a time By Prince of Austria : Price of Austria is looking back at the old days and back to a whole different play than that we are playing now. Different times, good times and a lot of cooperation needed to succeed.

Best Memories from the New World by Ash: The best memories Ash has are from the days when planning a campaign was a real undertaking. India vs Croatia battles strategies.

Glimpse of the past by George The Mercifull: Greek Division 3 was a force to be reckoned with. An ode to all the players who were part of this great division.

Built it and they will come by Asterios C: Asterios could write whole history books from the New World. He is looking back at the truly old players who shaped him and made him the player he is today.

A house divided by Spite: Another player who could write history books is talking about his country “The UK”, its position in regards to the World's Alliances throughout history and how this divided UK for all eternity.

All about the people by PRINTSY: We get a look in PRINTSY’s personal history and how meeting people in eRepublik changed her game experience and eLife.

3652 Days After Proxyma by PTOLEMEOS: PTOLEMEOS stumbled upon Erepublik by playing another game and although his view is rather gloom he is still around after 10 years.

Without much ado, it is time to announce the winners for this round of articles:

For the 1st prize we have Spite313 with A House Divided.
He will receive 200 Gold.

The runner-up is Prince of Austria with his entry: Once upon a time.
He will receive 150 Gold.

The Board decided to also give a Special Mention Prize of 75 Gold to Ashwamaedh for his article “Best memories from the New World”!

Printsy was back at it again, spreading love and encouragement in the Comments Section, side by side with Clopoyaur and Prince of Austria. For this, the Board will reward each of them with 40 Gold.

The next category in the Day 4000 Contest will include articles about Large Military Operations.

Best Record of a Large War/Military Operation
Articles should be submitted before Daychange 4029 (1 Dec)
Will be awarded on Day 4030 (2 Dec)

You can check the rules and post your entries on the the forum announcement

Have a wonderful weekend!

~Plato Foundation Board Members