[Plato Foundation Application] The Flying Dutchman

Day 3,974, 09:37 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Greetings, citizens of eNetherlands

we release this article in order to apply for the sponsorship from The Plato Foundation for The Flying Dutchman initiative, which was started as a project several weeks ago by the government of eNetherlands. This project is aimed at people, who participate in the aircraft module of this game, and it is used to motivate them to improve and be overall more active in our community.

Based on the feedback from our citizens, The Flying Dutchman initiative will consist of two modules: The Weekly Sponsorship and The Ranking Sponsorship. Details for these modules are explained below.

The Weekly Sponsorship

Each week, there will be 15 000 currency prize pool dedicated from the government funding + the funding received through the donation of the Plato foundation, which will be distributed based on the number of aerial kills from the previous week. There will be few rules and limitations:

1. You need to be a citizen of eNetherlands with level higher (or equal) than 20.
2. You need to have rank lower than Wing Commander.
3. You need to make atleast 75 kills in the Aerial module during the previous week.
4. All kills above the limit of 1 000 kills during previous week will not count for the calculation of the subsidy.
5. You need to ask for this sponsorship each week until next Tuesday morning under the weekly MoD article or in the private message to MoD.

The prizes will be distributed based on your share of the total amount of kills made during the week. The mathematical formula is:


All players will be notified, if they are eligible for the sponsorship by a special message sent from MoD org, and their names will be written in the MoD weekly article. All details regarding the calculation and the distribution of Weekly Sponsorship will be noted in a MoD Google Document and published in the MoD articles as well. The details from the pilot three weeks can be seen here:

The Ranking Sponsorship

This sponsorship is aimed at players with higher aircraft ranks, who already have a big influence on the battlefield, and who have bigger difficulty to improve their ranks. That's why we are introducing the Ranking Sponsorship, to motivate those players to continue in their development and activity even further. There are only two rules for this Sponsorship:

1. You need to be a citizen of eNetherlands and member of any eNetherlands MU.
2. You need to have rank higher (or equal) than Flight Lieutenant.

The size of the Ranking Sponsorship is following:
Flight Lieutenant and every * gets 750 cc
Squadron Leader and every * gets 1 500 cc
Chief Master Sergeant and every * gets 2 500 cc
Wing Commander and every * gets 7 500 cc
Group Captain and every * gets 15 000 cc

This sponsorship will be fully funded by governmental funding, and it will be distributed each Tuesday to players, who rank up during previous week. Their names will be written in the weekly MoD article. The government will be tracking the progress of all players with the appropriate rank, who will be active in the aircraft module. However in case we miss someone ranking up (we are all humans after all 🙂 ), please let us know in the comment section or in private message.

Janty F
Minister of Defence

Minister of Finance