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[PlasmaCP] Goals, cabinet and...

Day 1,992, 06:34 Published in Switzerland Peru by VaIentine MD

Hello Dear eSwiss!

First of all i want to thank you for electing me as Official Unity Candidate for Country President in May. I will be doing everything not to dissapoint you! I would like to thank Alexandre Walen for fair campaign.

Tomorrow i will be fighting with Tony Tony Chopper - he is one of pTOers that came here to steal money. I hope that we will show them, that we will win against every attempt of pTOing us!

What are my goals?

As you maybe know, our treaty with Slovenia expires at 5th of May, so that is first thing i will take care of. For now i see two options:
1. they will be paying for renting our region(s)
2. we will take our regions.

Main job of Minister of Education in this month will be "Book for Newbies". It will contain articles, tips for first steps, curiosities. Everyone will be able to write article for that Book. In future i want it to be translated to three languages: English, French and German. You will read more about it in MoE article.

With Minister of Finances we are planning to rent out our National Organizations. It will be fast and nice way to take some money for our MoD and SWIDAH giveaways (for example in Poland minimum cost of renting organization for month was 39gold). We will also see, if changes in tax we made in congress gave more money for us.

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs will take care of embassies. It is very important to have them in every country to know what is going on there. You will read about embassies more in MoFA's article.

Minister of Home Affairs will continue his work with aTO. We need to invite new players who will help us with fighting against pTOers. He will also look into our laws.

This month is also our presidency in Circle of Trust. I will nominate player who is very helpful for our country. Stay tuned!

My Cabinet:

Minister of Defence - dyplomata z krakowa
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Trogdorthetroll100
Minister of Education - Rican
Minister of Finances - Lotus Black
Minister of Home Affairs - Archein von Drakenov
Spokesman - jkli5

If you want to join any Ministry and gain experience please write PM to me with ministry you want to work in (you can choose few)! Every citizen is welcomed!

If you have any suggestions, please write PM, I will answer.

Official Unity Candidate for Country President in May


VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,992, 06:35

[PlasmaCP] Goals, cabinet and...

Vote, comment and shout!

jensenn Day 1,992, 06:39

Good luck, voted 🙂

Szym3k o7
Szym3k o7 Day 1,992, 06:48

daj tanka ™

jedimindtrick Day 1,992, 06:50


Rican Day 1,992, 06:54

We cannot be PTO'd if we stay united !

Vote for Plasma.... our unity candidate.

HumbleBe Day 1,992, 06:56

Good luck mate o/

Kaad Day 1,992, 07:03

Good luck

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,992, 08:19

v28, good luck!

Sheldon the Mad Scientist
Sheldon the Mad Scientist Day 1,992, 09:32

voted! good luck!! ps you don't have prime minister /VP

VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,992, 14:29

And i won't have ; )

Petru.S Day 1,992, 09:52

You are lame and full of lies, you took all the money from Switzerland Tresury, now come and lie to me that you did not took all the money, I`ve read all the other articles and I saw that you took those money.


jensenn Day 1,992, 10:28

lol Clonos even ur multies are lame hahahahaha

Petru.S Day 1,992, 10:33

I don`t know who are you, but you should know that cronoss is troll warlord now, but you are lame so you should keep walking lamer.

Thedillpickl Day 1,992, 11:12

Comment deleted

Petru.S Day 1,992, 11:17

PickleHead - you are the only outsider that I can see around here, I was born here and I live here so be gone and don`t be a fool.

As for Cronoss, you`ll never reach his level in this game, you are to low and to lame for that, get yourself a doll and use your picklehead.

Step on me?! I am to smart for you, step on your parents, they did now took good care of your education as I can see.

Now, be gone lamer.

Thedillpickl Day 1,992, 12:22

I laugh at your failure to take into account that we can see your profile.
You have been playing for 6 months and according to TP records you are a Polish import! 😃

Jak się masz suka?

Petru.S Day 1,992, 14:42

You must be realy stupid to say that ... anyway, go hide, i`ll search for you when I`ll need your opinion.

Thedillpickl Day 1,992, 15:07

Yes, I am so stupid that I look at your Polish TP to see that you are not Swiss either.

I'll go hide now but I have no opinion for you, only facts.

jensenn Day 1,992, 10:44

Stop acting like me, at least be original and the only who is really lame here is you, no wait now I feel sorry for you im like ur hero now go, copy me more

Petru.S Day 1,992, 11:18

Ignored, I waste my time with lowheads, clones and pickle suporters like you.

Thedillpickl Day 1,992, 11:15

Grats! Pickle's support plasmakp.

Petru.S Day 1,992, 11:20

Congrats plasma, to bad that you are suported by lames like pickle and that omgimaclone.

I am sorry for Alex Walen, he`ll have to wait a few more months till he will get his CP medal because you guys will take the medal by turn.

jensenn Day 1,992, 11:30

who cares a lot of u people are not even swiss irl, like him!!!

jensenn Day 1,992, 11:25

Still lameee

Petru.S Day 1,992, 11:33

indee, you are! : ))))

jensenn Day 1,992, 11:34

u bored me 🙁

Strength and honour

jver1207 Day 1,992, 13:16

Petru. S you are calling some pretty great folks 'lamer'. Can you please put me in their club? Many thanks..

btw, please keep practicing, we need a few good trolls around here...

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,993, 08:05

good luck!

obadiaa Day 1,993, 14:09

Good luck!

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