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[PL-MoFA] Announcement regarding the treaty between France and Poland. (EN/PL)

Day 1,754, 10:22 Published in Poland Poland by Minister Spraw Zagranicznych

Polska wersja artykułu znajduje się poniżej.


We would like to announce that the treaty between France and Poland has been broken by France. Recently France has supported many RWs against Poland. Also France has managed to liberate one (Rhone Alps) of the regions that belongs to Poland according to the treaty signed in last month. Finally France has refused to put Poland as natural enemy on our request in order to bring region of Rhone Alps to Poland.

According to this points 4 and 5 of the treaty has been violated by France:

4. France will not start or support any resistance war in regions mentioned in point 3.

5. If Poland lose control over one of regions from point 3:
- France will NE Poland on request of Poland

Hereby we would like to inform you that the treaty between France and Poland has been broken by France and is no longer valid.

Polish MoFA team


Chcielibyśmy zakomunikować, iż traktat pomiędzy Francją a Polską został złamany przez Francję. Ostatnio Francja wspierała wiele powstań (RW) przeciw Polsce. Również udało się Francji wyzwolić jeden (Rhone Alps) z regionów należących do Polski zgodnie z traktatem zawartym w zeszłym miesiącu. W końcu Francja odmówiła przegłosowania natural enemy na naszą prośbę w celu odzyskania Rhone Alps dla Polski.

W związku z tym punkty 4 i 5 traktatu zostały naruszone przez Francję:

4. Francja nie będzie zaczynać oraz wspierać powstań w regionach wymienionych w punkcie 3.
5. Jeżeli Polska utraci kontrolę nad regionem wspomnianym w punkcie 3:
- Francja wystawi NE na prośbę Polski

Niniejszym chcielibyśmy poinformować, że pakt pomiędzy Francją a Polską został zerwany z winy Francji i przestał obowiązywać.

Cóż, nie zawsze jest tak jak się tego chce i o ile my dotrzymaliśmy swojej części umowy o tyle Francja nie potrafi uszanować chyba żadnej umowy z przeciwnikiem. Teraz nauczeni doświadczeniem wiemy, że nie jest warto układać się z Francuzami.

ekipa MSZ


Mixliarder Day 1,754, 10:23


scyzoryck Day 1,754, 10:23


staruszek Day 1,754, 10:24

NE france ..

staruszek Day 1,754, 10:24

ooo already done 😛

Andrej.M Day 1,754, 10:25


El Reto
El Reto Day 1,754, 10:26


MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,754, 10:27


Leuch Day 1,754, 10:29

From France to Poland, with l...ol.

Szym3k o7
Szym3k o7 Day 1,754, 10:30

panowie i panie: bicie bedzie bicie \o/

radens Day 1,754, 10:32

Why would anyone respect agreements with country that usually breaks them?

France is not alone, Poland will cry.

Romper Day 1,754, 10:32

Loland, the eRep clowns! Prophet is authority on breaking NAP that he agreed to.

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,754, 10:33


Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,754, 10:33


Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Day 1,754, 10:36

so lame...but what to expect from loland..trying to sing mpp with every single country in eWorld and then bully ur neighbors...

Arbooz Day 1,754, 10:37


Ejdiejem Day 1,754, 10:42

France has broken agreement and Poland is bad side for you. Congratulations for your logic 🙂.

Prophet009 Day 1,754, 10:46


Cry me an ocean rompi. And also there was no NAP, deal with it.

Xexull Day 1,754, 10:47

Romper could you buy some more gold...? You are low! 🙂

Helldarr Day 1,754, 10:50

Romper and his pupets cry again. Yes France has broken agreement and yes cratia has tried to talk Serbia into attacking us. Both countries simply earned what happened or will happen.
Btw Germany, Belgium, Netherlands are a great examples that Poland keeps its word.
Cry more Romper it makes you pathetic.

Wildrunner Day 1,754, 10:52

radens and lolper, unfortunately for you everybody read the logs of the NAP talks in which you refuse to accept and sign such. Just continue to embarass yourselves with more lies.

Poland o7

aVie Day 1,754, 10:57


Rona1d Day 1,754, 10:57

if they broke the NAP, the deserve to be wiped forever, you can't trust in a country like that,and yeah cry me a adriatic sea lomper

eSupernova Day 1,754, 11:04

At least, it will give you the possiblity to get more true patriot medals.

Leuch Day 1,754, 11:06

Oh yes please, Poland listen your new American puppet, wiped us forever, shows to the whole eWorld how strong you are \o/

Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 1,754, 11:10

Support for Poland. Serbia is with you.


Celjusti_Kisne_Gliste Day 1,754, 11:13

Support for Poland. Serbia is with you.


staruszek Day 1,754, 11:14

selling weapons, dropped only once...

Marko ZZ
Marko ZZ Day 1,754, 11:19

Support for Poland. Serbia is with you.


Beaumanoir Day 1,754, 11:20

I like all the nobodies going full retard on Romper (being a nobody myself).
'Twas a bad treaty anyway so better to annoy the Polish from the inside than live under their shackles.
Your point 4 is also utterly preposterous. There were no distributions nor orders to start RW from the French Gov. I won't teach you how impossible it is to prevent a RW from happening.
The treaty was supposed to be or not reconducted on the 7th, obviously not.
And Ronald, stop butchering english, thank you.

Shock Therapy
Shock Therapy Day 1,754, 11:24

Support for Poland. Serbia is with you.

Beaumanoir Day 1,754, 11:26

Oh and please, from our dear Polish friends, the anglo-saxon typical French bashing is cute, considering the last time they actually faced us in battle it took them all Europe united (but the Polish) and 20 years of warfare. But you guys were in a similar or worse situation in most of the modern conflicts, so maybe the jokes are not well placed.

IvanNiksic Day 1,754, 11:28

Support for Poland. Montenegro is with you.

Skorpion 35
Skorpion 35 Day 1,754, 11:29

ffrench cookies known as croasan they are very funny.special one guy:Lompel hehehe he like very much croatia so much that he have chinese cs. 😁)

aufgehender Stern
aufgehender Stern Day 1,754, 11:29

Poland still keeps their agreement with Holland so i guess that the problem is not with them..

Whats the problem?France apparently broke 2 terms in agreement,Poland was so kind and let them a chance to have some regions and congress but now they will be certainly punished and wiped for long long time.

Cendphilion Day 1,754, 11:29

France pls

Dryblas Day 1,754, 11:31

"Support for Poland. Serbia is with you."

Oh thank God. They won't wipe France without you.

Rona1d Day 1,754, 11:41

oh jajajaja im gonna cry for youre comment Beaumanoir, i_i oh wait only the croats cry for France

TheUnit H. Pacas
TheUnit H. Pacas Day 1,754, 11:47

France fail:D

Hail Poland!
Hail Serbia!
Hail Lithuania!
Hail all ours/yours Friends!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,754, 12:09

Lets be honest, senior figures in France were talking about breaking the treaty anyway. I hope and look forward to a perma-wipe \o/

eagle one
eagle one Day 1,754, 12:13

From France to Poland, with l...ol.

Agent T
Agent T Day 1,754, 13:00

naughty, naughty Frenchies

Moonkin0 Day 1,754, 13:12

What "break" ?

Rhone Alps was free, but not by French governement.
Then French governement has never support any RW.
The treaty was supposed to be or not reconducted on the 7th, and so we refused it.

We just refused this treaty, what "break" are you asking ?

French people still free, and we never agreed this treaty that was accepted by our coward precedent CP. We're not your dogs so we'll be fighting against you as long we can, because we will never surrender \o/

NEDICEVA SRBIJA Day 1,754, 13:13

Slavic history has been manipulated!
The greatest enemy of the Slavic people , is the indifference and disinterest of the Slavs, to themselves, to their people, to their country, their customs, their history ...which will lead to the end of Slavic civilization !
They divide us to better control us!
SLAVENSKA BRACA ! fuck the west propaganda ! rodina rodzina druzina !

NEDICEVA SRBIJA Day 1,754, 13:13


NEDICEVA SRBIJA Day 1,754, 13:15


Kris Nowak
Kris Nowak Day 1,754, 13:15

Romper, Mój wodzu o/
Prowadź na Pluton i jeszcze dalej.

ThereIsNotAnotherOption Day 1,754, 13:50

Romper ur english is as well as u are...

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