[Phoenix] Russia ATO ~ The most important vote you will ever cast

Day 1,100, 12:49 Published in Serbia China by Donnie Bronco

Dear friends,

I said two days ago that Phoenix was pulling together, that we were rising, and that we wouldn’t give up until our regions were free. A lot of people in the comments said that Phoenix was in no position to do so- that we were weak, occupied and growing weaker. I understand their comments- but you must be objective EDEN friends. I recognised your victories, now it is time for you to recognise ours. Since the last article, we have won two heroic victories in Southern Great Plain, in Lorraine, in South-East England and in Bavaria. Last night Phoenix opened battles all across Europe and America, and now we are beginning the fight-back. Since I began writing, we have won two more battles in Rhone-Alps and in Poitou Charentes. We are also holding our own in Canary Islands, Rhineland and the Central Black Earth region. Please follow orders from your local Ministry of Defence, and spend your gold. As Keynes says, in the long run we’re all dead.

WAR UPDATES: In the early hours of the morning, phoenix brigades overran Romanian forces in Central Black Earth. Though the RO elite troops fought hard an well throughout the day, they were finally beaten. I have to say I saw Spanish flags, Croatian flags, but hardly any Polish ones. Later, at approx 05.20 CET, Phoenix forces in France overran the Polish juggernaut in Rhineland-Palatinate. Hail to all the forces who fought in the battles. I will mention more on that in the next article.

Oh, and we won Auvergne. Oh and Wales. My Supreme Commander, James is very pleased with himself, and with the fact that (for once) nobody is blaming him. Oh, and for the tiny minority of people who care about Ireland, we took their high grain. Please don't wantonly invade one of our members again.

Now to the important part of this article. Over a month ago EDEN triumphed over Phoenix and succeeded in wiping and holding down two of our nations- Portugal and Russia. It was a terrible day for Phoenix, and a day of triumph for EDEN. In the following Presidential elections we won in both countries through a huge effort, but now all of that is at risk again. Until Russia and Portugal have secure congresses, we are in danger. The main threat tomorrow is in Russia, and so that is where we need you to focus.

Therefore I ask all Phoenix citizens to use their vote wisely on election day.

We need every citizen to put Russia first. I know congress elections are important to many of you, but no matter who wins your countries congress elections it cannot be as bad as if EDEN win in Russia. You have a unique chance to save Russia without pressing "fight" all day long, without spending gold, just come to Russia and cast your votes for proper candidates. It's free.


Join us on irc HERE, HERE or by simply going to #ATO-Russia on rizon.

OR you can send a message to this org and they will tell you how and where to vote.

Finally, we are starting to make gains, but in every battle it is because private citizens go the extra mile for the alliance, putting their own gold on the line. I would like to thank the heroes who are spending carefully saved gold. If you have 20g saved and you spend it on Phoenix, you are giving more than anyone could ever ask- every fight and donation makes me proud to lead this alliance. Remember to send any gold or money for tanking to the Phoenix Treasury. Thank you.

Iain Keers


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