[Phoenix] From the brink of defeat

Day 1,102, 11:55 Published in Brazil China by Donnie Bronco

Dear friends,

From the brink of defeat, victory. That is the thought in my mind now. On the 25th of November we saw a great battle raging. A battle greater than LK or CBE were, a battle not for a region but for the soul of a nation. Our ally, Russia, was under threat on her very soil. With hundreds of voters from EDEN and the USA descending on it in its weakened state, things looked desperate. However in the end we achieved victory- not through some miraculous intervention, but through the hard work of individuals who sacrificed their democratic right to choose leaders at home to protect an ally from being pillaged by opportunistic enemies.

On that day of the 25th we won a battle so great that the others preceding it seem to pale in comparison. However that is not to say that those victories were not also a great indication of the power of an awakened and invigorated Phoenix. Poland, once considered indefatigable in this module, is reeling under a series of hammer blows from the Phoenix juggernaut, spearheaded by France. In a desperate attempt to divert damage, Spain has attacked France in the rear and RW’d it’s region in Canaries. Even here EDEN is struggling to make any gains, despite the ease with which they did so not long ago.

I’d like to especially thank everyone who has given gold. Whether you gave 1g, or 100g, you are the reason Phoenix is winning. RWs have been started, battles opened and won, purely on donations from members. Remember, donating to us, or using gold and currency to buy extra food, is what wins our wars for us. I would like to thank Ankesenamen Ra, sared, zebikeback, James Glover, ZdravkoT, ashalia, Ric4rdo, Juanisimo, Feer Suo, Crni Dani organisation and Blama22 for their generous donations. So far they have paid for successful resistance wars and battles all across our occupied countries, and I can’t praise you highly enough. I would also like to thank those who sent small amounts of currency - even 10 currency pays for food and extra attacks, it can make the difference. Remember to send all donations to this organisation.

I would also like to thank those who stayed up very late to win the critical battle in Rhineland-Palatinate which swung the tide in Europe in our favour. My thanks are extended to Marco Polo, fanasimpson, fib, Ernesto-Che Guevara and BattalGazi for their efforts throughout the night. I would also like to thank the French President Yakou for the money he has spent and the troops he has devoted to the alliance, even at the cost of French regions. Finally I would like to thank all the soldiers of every nation who fought in the final battle. One of the last fighters in Rhineland, at 5am CET, was The Purple, an ordinary soldier. I remember seeing his fights amongst the heavy tanks, and it is soldiers like him, devoted to this alliance, which make us great. We are not a “one man army” alliance, we rely on our soldiers to win battles, as we haven’t the gold to tank a lot of the time.

The struggle for freedom continues

With many of our members facing the prospect of freedom, if not the reality quite yet, we ask ourselves the question: “where do we go from here?” The answer of course is not an easy one. With changes in the war module on the horizon (as mentioned by the admins on the official eRepublik forums), we can’t predict how the map will change. Are we planning a wholescale EDEN-style invasion? No. Why not? Because they are stupid- they cost a lot, and are ultimately futile. In many cases wiping a weak country only benefits them, as it closes wars and protects them from future tactical moves. In addition with whole-scale changes planned to the game, it would be foolish to chase prizes which might at any minute become worthless.

However this does not mean the battle is over now by any means. France and Brazil are still threatened by Spain, Poland is still occupying much of Russia and the North American powers are still occupying the United Kingdom. I cannot of course say where the ever watching eye of Phoenix will turn next, but where it turns we will emerge victorious: And not through any underhand means, but by hard work and dedication; organisation and skill; full hearts and sharp minds. Prepare your weapons, fill your inventory with food, armour yourself with gold. Now the final battles of the liberation are upon us, Phoenix expects every soldier to do his best.

Iain Keers

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