[PF Report] eRussian Air squad weekly update

Day 3,948, 19:01 Published in Russia Croatia by croMieIga

We have received 190 gold which were converted to the Russian Roubles via Monetary Market. In total we have got 81890cc which were distributed among the members of the 'Beginners' squad in accordance with their activity.

The table representing one-week progress could be found in the latest article of the Commander. The columns are #, nickname, rank points, energy, coefficient of activity and the amount of money received (PF + government finances used).

Google docs version.

NB. Due to the changes in report presentation I would publish the analysis for the last three weeks instead of one.

Air squad updates.

If we look closer into the progress of the pilots, we could see:
- 1 newbie joined the beginners squad (Snezok.);
- 1 newbie joined the strike squad (Ceramistov);
- 3 players moved from the beginners squad to the strike squad (Arxegemion, ivans133, Jezo 13);
- at least 4 players returned after zero-activity period.

Beginners squad activity.

Rank points achieved within days 3928-3934, 3935-3942, 3943-3948:

Despite of last week's real war, most of the players do not show over-exceeding results (third column). The most possible reason is that the beginners squad is mainly participating close to its limits. While almost not being able to hunt SH, players do not have resources to spend in the time of need. The situation differs for the strike squad.