[PF] Lithuanian Army Project Report

Day 3,934, 20:10 Published in Lithuania Lithuania by Deliux88

Lithuanian Army project, partly funded by the Plato Foundation, has started 4 weeks ago. This is the report for the first month of the project.

Rules: HERE

Military Unit: HERE

Spreadsheet: HERE

Financial overview of the Month



Project was funded by(approximately):
Plato Foundation - 100 gold per week (equivalent in CC - ~43 000 LTL);
Government of eLithuania - 150 gold per wek(equivalent in CC - 65 000 LTL) ;
eRepublik citizens (Ipsiart, theSpirit, ...)~ 10 gold (equivalent in CC - 10 000 LTL) .

eLithuanian soldiers consume aid from Plato Foundation

The impact on the community

eLithuanian Army encourages citizens of eLithuania to actively involve in war module and facilitates faster military rank growth. Military unit’s reward system motivates to increase number of hits and therefore more thorough study game mechanics, possibilities to increase HP, etc.

During the first month of the project 18 people joined avia regiment, 10 people joined ground regiment. Total: 28 new people.

We can recognise significant increase in damages and activity of new members as the same as old.

A positive impact on eLithuanian press activity is observed as well. Military Unit reports increase morale not only for unit members but all community in general, as well as contributes to increasing awareness and facilitates discussions. Number of analytical articles has increased in eLithuania as well. It is not easy to say how much eLithuanian Army contributed to it (there are rewards for general activity, including press activity, as well), but the most active people in analytical press are also members of the eLithuanian Army.

MU commander motivates new members of eLithuanian Army

Plans for the next month

As present reward system proved to be very successful, no reward changes are planned in the nearest month.
We are going to focus on report automation in order to save time on unit administration and, hopefully, use this time for further MU development. We are also planning to continue advertizing of the Lithuanian Army in order to increase number of members and providing advice for our existing members in Telegram chat in order to improve player strategies, effectiveness and strengthen community.

eLithuanian Army developers working on sheet automation

Feedback to the Plato Foundation

Plato foundation contributed very significantly to the success of eLithuanian Army. Financial support not only provided more possibilities to create attractive reward system, it also increased motivation of Military Unit staff to progress.
Project requirements were presented clearly, communication, help and support from Plato Foundation were absolutely amazing. We are extremely grateful on behalf of all eLithuanian community.
One suggestion we would have - some more time to prepare monthly report. eRepublik week ends 10 a.m. on Tuesday, deadline for monthly report - in 14 hours. A number of things have to be accomplished during these 14 hours - weekly report, calculations, situation analysis and monthly report. A review of the report by experienced and competent players would be great when writing, but it also takes time. In our opinion, putting deadline a couple of days after weekly report could greatly improve report quality and reduce stress for active players preparing it.
We would also like to note that the increased funding would be always appreciated as well. It would enable involvement of more players without damage to the reward system.

eLithuanian soldier, notified about the deadline for project report