[PCP] My First Article!

Day 4,620, 22:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Webley2

Firstly - many thanks to good friend Chaz for offering a sufficiently enormous bribe/incentive to get this written!

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When standing as a candidate for Party Prez of the best party in UK last month, I set out some simple objectives. These were:

1. To get Chaz to be elected as Country President

2. To get lots of Pirate filled seats in Congress

3. To have a good party!

I think that together we accomplished those objectives pretty successfully.

So - once again - it is time to set out some more objectives for the new term - which are:

A. Convince Chaz to stand for a SECOND term as DO and lobby and make sure that he gets the necessary support from the other parties (even the TUP)

B. Get more Congressional candidate to stand so that we can have seen more power in Government.

C. Knock the TUP off the No.1 spot to ensure that The Pirate Cats are the leading political party in the eUK!

So - for the future of the eUK and the Cats - Vote Webley2 for your next PP!