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[Outgoing PM Report] – Thanks and the Treaty Collapse

Day 1,903, 19:22 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Prime Minister Office

Well, the end of the month is here, the new elections for the new CP should be starting shortly. Good luck to both the Candidates. I’d like to just take this opportunity to wrap up some things before my time in the hot seat comes to a close.


There are far too many people to thank individually, but I want to say what a magnificent cabinet. You have all worked your butts off and it has been extremely productive. Information in and out, quick action and discussions where needed and constant streams of communication. It has been great working with you all.

FA: We have had our issues and done what we could under the circumstances present and placed upon us, but that’s another matter in this discussion, well to all of you though.

DHS, Centrelink and Information: I couldn’t have asked for better. A constant stream of information going out to the public from irule777, Centrelink back up and running thanks to Vyrin and a special thank you to those unknown Australian’s that have donated to Centrelink by purchasing Raw Materials to help it assist our new players, and Arcaian, crap man, the DHS site is up, running and pretty much in order. Everything we need all in one place, I just hope the other Governments from here on in keep it up to date and keep it expanding.

Finance: Venja and Michael, talk about finance gods, not a lot going on there I know, but thanks for keeping our finances under control. I actually hope we ended up spending a lot less than we budgeted for, we can but hope.

Defence: Arfman and Reximus, rough start I know with Ranger bowing out early, but at least you got things organised and kept it running relatively smoothly in the end.

Homeland Security: What the hell guys!!!. AC with his Immigration stuff, nice move and constant contact, and oh my gosh, Detroit our super protector. Any CP that does not have you 2 in their Homeland Security Departments for immigration and Homeland Security seriously needs their heads read, what a team and the information gathering and supplied by the both of you is just mind blowing, thank you for keeping me up to date with it all. Unfortunately, what you do is classified and will never be truly understood or even really known about. You work in the shadows as unsung heroes whose work will never really be appreciated. Until you have been in my position and seen what the 2 of you have achieved, certainly going beyond what I would call the requirements of the job together as a team with everything you have done. That said, I have chosen to award both of you with the Prime Minister's Distinguished Service Medal, something that has not been awarded to anybody since Venja received it in April 2010, certainly something that you have both deserved from my perspective for your work and initiative, but which many others will never see from you.

Defence Review: Infin and the MU Leaders that took part, thank you for taking this on. I know not a lot got done with it by Government this month after your findings were released, but perhaps the next CP can look more at ways of working your assessment into something that works at least.

Sorry for the TL:DR below, read on if you are interested.


Talk about this will go on for months, and I’m not going to actually lay blame for it here one way or the other, at least that is not my intent, but I want to outline something’s that many may not have known about. This treaty was bound to have failed no matter what through not main fault of any one person or nation, but a mixture of lots of different things. Here is some points as to why:


The Treaty was created to start with against the specific instructions outlined in the CoT Charter. This is the first and one of the major reasons for its failure. The Charter States:

A member state needs to inform the Supreme Command for all contracts it intends to sign in its relations towards non-member states. In case these non-member states have common border with a member state the Supreme Command should act as a mediator between these member states involved to avoid potential conflicts.

This was not done. Both eIndonesia and eNew Zealand have common borders with eAustralia. Both of these nations should have been bought into the discussion and negotiations between Chile and Australia when the treaty was being discussed by CoT out of principle for its own Charter, and USA and Brazil for their (at the time) unbiased involvement. Neither was consulted which left the whole process open to interruption as occurred when eIndonesia wanted WA when it was returned. We know that eChile was in discussions with eIndonesia regarding giving them WA while they had us wiped, and 2 days after it was returned to Australia eIndonesia contacted us about wanting it. Effectively, that was the end of the treaty from the start.


Prior to the USA joining CoT they were a good independent and unbiased mediator along with Brazil should anything happen. The moment they actually joined CoT, their unbiased ability flew out the window.

Firstly, they had issues getting Trial Membership in CoT, with major restrictions placed upon them and their actions.

Secondly, 3 days into their Trial Membership, eNZ threated to Veto their Trial Membership, instead having it extended from 1 month to 3, with the ability to re-instate their Veto at any time within that period.

This in turn caused them to accuse TWO of initiating the Veto through Serbia, neither of which knew anything about it. Ok we all know NZ is often referred to as New Zerbia, its natural to think that Serbia or even TWO organised for NZ to veto their Trial Membership isn’t it? Or is it possible that NZ just chose to do something on its own for its own reasons? Either way, instant hatred of TWO by the USA because Serbia is a member of TWO, and we also know that eUSA blames eSerbia for attempting to PTO them.


I don’t really think Chile wanted this agreement in the first place. They took eAustralia by stealth through the actions of Ronnell in eNZ during a TW. It was Chile’s safe haven from Argentina, however they locked themselves into a position by having their capital trapped in Victoria when Argentina made the decision to RW our own regions back.

It happens and no big deal, the best option for them would have been to RW Victoria to return their capital back to the Chilean mainland to reconnect it with the rest of their lost regions and at the same time negotiate with Australia about the treaty to allow both parties to incorporate new specific requirements within it to get them their holdings within Australia back to them. I’ll say this: Those negotiations were occurring and would have continued and come to fruition had the Chilean Congress not had the crap scared out of them by Argentina and chosen to Impeach their CP.

With Australia trying to move towards a CoT MPP stack and eventually membership, one of the things that people forget is the following in the CoT Charter:

By default the defence of the core regions of the member states is to have priority over other military operations unless the circumstances imply more optimal alternative actions.

This would have required some specific type of deal to be worked out between Australia and Chile in regard to them holding our regions, irrespective of the Treaty in place. The idea of my Government was to work with Chile to allow for them to “Rent” the regions from us they needed rather than hold them as Invaders and Occupiers, making it much easy for the People of Australia to accept. It was similar to what we offered Indonesia and for the same reason.

There is no way Chile or Indonesia could hold onto Australian regions without some specific form of change to the Treaty under the CoT Charter, effectively no CoT member nation may hold the core regions of another member nation without something in place to justify the occupation. A rental system would have been the best and most legally acceptable option for both eIndonesia and eChile for us to join CoT, neither was ever actually going to accept this option, especially when they can just take them when they want anyway.


The most unfortunate nation in all this. Promised a region by Chile, and that region lost to them when Chile did a deal with Australia, aided by CoT, Brazil and USA outside of the CoT Charter requirements. They should have been brought into the discussion at the beginning as the Charter requires.


The sacrificial lamb. Yes I know everybody blames our government for it, but really we were nothing more than the sacrificial lamb for the other players. Brazil is about the only one that could be called unbiased and for those that haven’t noticed, has pretty much stayed out of the whole unfortunate mess that has followed since USA’s and CoT’s decision that we broke the Treaty, with I will add, nothing official being announced regarding it being broken or WHY.

Australia was put into a situation right from the word go with eIndonesia wanting WA. With only 2 regions that connected, we had no choice but to try to work out something else. NSW was useless to us, it was disconnected from NT. WA and NT were the only regions that connected and provided income, even if WA provided no resource bonus having the same resource as NT.

Let’s outline some points:

1. Asking if an alliance would accept our membership is not the same as actually joining, Senate approval would have been needed, threats of invasion do not leave many options when you’re not getting the support from the Alliance that agreed to the Treaty in the first place.

2. Once the eIndo CP pushed the NE button, no CoT or TWO nations were going to sign any further MPP’s with us for fear of losing their own MPPs with eIndo, question is, did the suggestion come from somewhere else? Either way, eIndo should have been included in the Treaty discussions according to CoT Charter requirements.

3. Negotiations with Chile about region returns would have worked smoothly had the Chilean Congress not had the crap scared out of them by Argentina smacking the crap out of them.

4. USA was never going to support Australia over the Treaty breach by the NE of Chile because CoT needs Chile and Indo, they hold the strongest D2 and D3 in the alliance and CoT needs them. USA’s membership in CoT and the threat of Veto of their Trial membership by NZ meant they were always going to go with Chile and ultimately Indonesia as well.

5. Irrespective of what else may have gone on behind the scenes in Australian FA, we were placed in a position that we had to do whatever we could because neither USA, Brazil (in part) or CoT in particular would do anything in regard to eIndo’s involvement with us and our own regions.

In finishing, this Treaty failed from many different areas, no one nation or person is responsible for its complete failure, it is a mass conglomeration of screw-ups from several quarters, including the preceding Australian Government’s actions in signing the Treaty to start with without ensuring that the other nations mentioned were involved. Effectively, it was bound to fail no matter what, but no Treaty can encompass or cover every single thing that can happen during its enactment.

Xavier Grifith
eAustralian Prime Minister
January 2013

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Aus Prime Minister Office
Aus Prime Minister Office Day 1,903, 19:24

First taken

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,903, 19:33

Congrats to AC and Detroit, well done you two. To be the stand out performers in what was a solid month is something deserving of note.

Shirobu Day 1,903, 19:58

Hmm I know COT has an alliance court lurking around, wonder why this whole thing wasn't reviewed. It's too bad things happened.Wish the best of luck to you Australia.

-Shirobu of eJapan

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,903, 20:19

Thanks Shirobu, I miss eJapan 🙂. Yes they have an alliance court, but as Australia is not a member of CoT we are not eligible to request the whole thing go there, only member nations are permitted to send things there, it would take a member nation to have this whole thing sent to the CoT Court and none have done it.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,903, 21:04

Interesting to say the least.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,903, 22:00

it isnt Australias responsibility to make sure indonesia was involved, Chile as a CoT member should have followed their own charter

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,904, 02:17

Actually, its CoT responsbility to make sure they follow their own Charter. Whats the point of an Alliance having a Charter if they aren't prepared to make sure they follow it.

alexg737 Day 1,904, 03:21

Nice read on eAustralia's plight

venja Day 1,904, 04:04

Gratz XG on a successful term under very trying conditions.

Detroit34 Day 1,904, 04:05

Thank you XG.
Full credit for support from AC.
It was a privilege to serve.

Sir Voldemort
Sir Voldemort Day 1,904, 04:26

What a champion!
Never 2 be forgotten to me!
Helped me get started!

infin Day 1,904, 04:53

thank you for your service XG.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,904, 05:46

Just one more example of the excellent work of this administration. This article should be saved for the history books and should be a model of what CP's write at the end of their term.

Arcaian Day 1,904, 05:52

It was a very good term XG, under very demanding circumstances. We all overlooked the eIndonesia part of the treaty - but it really was CoT's responsibility to follow their charter.

Congratulations to Detriot and AC, I would like to know what they did... but thank you for your at the moment unnamed service, and nice work getting the medal! 😃

Majester Day 1,904, 06:01

Its certainly been an interesting ride, if not a little frustrating. Until they can accept Australia's value, it will remain a trying battle. I believe not enough attention is paid in the whole process to New Zealand's quiet influence. They are also a neighbour.

LanyIsLost Day 1,904, 07:42

Thanks again XG for an interesting month.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,904, 09:18

Gratz XG on a successful term under very trying conditions. X 2

Icetek Day 1,904, 19:17

Thank you for getting us wiped. And thank you for wording it in a way where you are the greatest thing that happened to eAUS.

Shirobu Day 1,904, 22:19

Hmm, I think I will poke around and see if anything can be done about it, I smell foul play, and I don't like it.

Binda33 Day 1,905, 00:20

There was definitely foul play involved.

Crusadercarl Day 1,905, 10:07

"NZ is often referred to as New Zerbia,"

This is extremely insulting to us eKiwis. We don't take orders from eSerbia. (That aside, eSerbia has always provided massive support to us & we are always staunch allies, but they have never asked us to be, nor would we ever be their minions ). Our RL Serbians have worked so hard for eNZ and their loyalty is beyond question.

We make our own decisions and our distrust of the eUS is simply because they have switched alliances so many times and due to their political instability.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,905, 11:03

Hi CC, that's what believed when I was told about the issue : )

Stolch Day 1,905, 15:37


"Both eIndonesia and eNew Zealand have common borders with eAustralia. Both of these nations should have been bought into the discussion and negotiations between Chile and Australia when the treaty was being discussed by CoT out of principle for its own Charter"

No, no and no. By the way, did I mention no?

From the first day in office you've speculated and tried to spin to achieve your agenda to no end. The charter of CoT has zero concern for you or Australia. Your attempt to cede internal conflicts within CoT is the only reason Australia finds itself in the curent predicament. No matter what you do and how willing your countryman are to believe you this will not change.

You can rest assured hoever you've realized your objectives, making sure there was no way Australia could become a member of CoT. Though that possibility was a long shot (not a certainty, let alone the dubious self-importance as if it had already become a member that you try to portray), there as still a chance, now there is zero and the prospects for Australia in the near and not so near future do not look good at all....

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,905, 21:26

@Richard Parker:

Yes, Yes and Yes. By the way, did I mention Yes?

CoTs Charter may not apply to us directly because we are not CoT members, but we are a Nation that Indonesia and Chile have had long standing military action against and the Charter applies to them when dealing with us. Whether you or they like it or not it does matter. Under the Charter, CoT is required to involve those nations that have borders with us. Had that occured, then Indo wouldn't have come at us on day 2 of the term and wanted to talk about WA, that would have been discussed at the original meeting.

As to acheiving my own agenda, you have no idea what my agenda was, nor will you ever, because you relied on information coming from sources that couldn't be trusted and you listened to gossip, hence why your in the predicament your in : ). I didn't attempt to cede anything, they came at me first, hence why the CoT charter states what it does, so that any issue in this respect would have been dealt with and sorted out in the beginning, had it been done properly then it wouldn't have been as bad as it is now.

BTW Richard, have fun : )

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