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~Orchidaceae~ [UPDATED] Day 1,378 - Croatia conquered Belgrade and more

Day 1,378, 11:31 Published in Croatia Canada by Elari Reili



Croatia and it's allies fought bravely and we won war against, now Belgrade is under Croatian control. Romania declared Serbia as Neutral enemy, difficult day for Serbs 3 regions are under attack by eBiH, Romania and Ukraine. Also Serbs try to take back Vojvodina, but Croatians show hard defense.

~ Latest events ~
Galicia and Lodomeria was conquered by Resistance force of Ukraine in the war versus Serbia
Banat was conquered by Resistance force of Romania in the war versus Serbia

If you want to be part of success, you can fight these battles:

[RW] - BiH vs Serbia [fight for BiH]
West Srpska Republic

That's it right now.

~~~Fun Corner~~~

We all know that Usain Bolt disqualified from world 100m final.


New trend or Usain Bolt is a terrorist? 🙂 Okay, it just joke, Bolt had a luck that no one didn't shoot him. Shirt wrapped around the face certainly attracted attention 😃

Remember, that's a joke 🙂 Don't take it seriously.

Ashamed ?

Soldier of Croatian Military, HV 1.GB Tigrovi

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Elari Reili
Elari Reili Day 1,378, 11:34

First denied.

Giove Day 1,378, 11:52

Tigrovi FTW \o/

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,378, 11:57

Vote! Gromovi FTW!

bbb_kambelovac Day 1,378, 12:00


tiburooon Day 1,378, 12:19

v+s nice and short

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