***Operation: Final Blow, American Give it your All NOW***

Day 474, 10:14 Published in USA USA by Uncle Sam

I have edited this article from the war updates and engagement plan for a simple reason. America is on the verge of Victory! The message must be sent fast, so let me say this is few words to our country.

It is time for America do deliver the final blow to Mexico. We are able to attack all three regions at once that remain. an MPP with Italy looms in the future of this war, and if we do not end this war now, we will not have as great a chance of keeping our regions in the future with the added efforts of Brazil. I will not lie, this will be a tough battle, but I believe if Americans give it their all, we will prevail.

Spend everything you have, Gold for wellness Packs, money for weapons, go all out in these three battles! They will be the battles to end the war once and for all!

All Americans must Fight in the follow three battles!

The Pacific Coast
The Gulf
The Southeast

A Reminded, if you have fought on the morning on day 475, do not fight again tonight, as the hospital will not work for you! Save wellness until tomorrow

-Uncle Sam-
USA President