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[OOP] Champ for PP and Protecting Our Party

Day 1,968, 12:00 Published in South Africa USA by Champinator

Hello OOP members,

We have a rather unfortunate circumstance on our hands. Jarraklainen is trying to take over our party. He joined the party just a few days ago and immediately ran for Party President. There is no way he has our party's values and interests in mind. He is an illegitimate candidate. He did not even join the forums until yesterday.

I urge all Open Opportunity Party members to vote for Champinator in the Party President elections to maintain the security of our party and, possibly, nation.

Thank you,



Vroteier9 Day 1,968, 12:08

go champ.

Vroteier9 Day 1,968, 13:08

Yes referring to an article by the person who has in the past PTOed SA & is currently trying to do that really helping your cause me friend.

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 1,968, 12:49

They're trying to take over several parties. Government needs to speak out.

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,969, 05:38

Go ATO \o/

Badger06 Day 1,970, 04:16

The Champ is here

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