[ONE] ONE Battlegroup's duel

Day 1,300, 12:47 Published in Poland Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by ONE HQ

Dear Citizens of the ONE, and our dear Friends,

Herby I convey you an idea of bernard75. The HQ decided to make it real with full support. I didn't need to change anything in his sentences.
So, please read and comment the idea.

Greetings members of ONE and proONE,

Our ONE alliance has awesome times, we are winning on all fronts and soon we will reach the USA. We hope that domination stays forever, to continue that, ONE HQ has decided to make an IRC channel on Rizon based on my original idea to begin a new age of our cooperation. We are going to plan and coordinate actions like this and continue Erasmus on a new level. That channel will help our alliance by coordinating ONE HQ with battle groups on an international level.

If you are a MoD of ONE you should join to coordinate the actions of your Military Units and with other MoDs. To get the channel name and password ask anybody from the ONE leadership. Leaders of ONE Military Units should join too, if you can't join ask your MoD for direct access.

Furthermore all ONE Military Units should update their group data on www.egov4you.info (list of soldiers), which will help us immensely to coordinate our actions:

1. Register for free account
a. activate account (email)
b. ask for Leader account by PMing aVie

2. Add your team (Leader account required)
a. add soldiers
b. edit team details (country, logo, full name)
c. activate your team

Finally, we would like to invite every citizen of New World to IRC channel #one.public on Rizon, it's a great place to talk about ONE related topics or just troll around a bit. 😉

dMoD of Poland


SG of the ONE

Secretary General: AThompson
Deputy Secretary General : Ernst von Jacob
Military Commander: staruszek
Deputy Military Commander: hunnia91, angeldav
Department of International Relations : Valnad, gid1, aVie
Drunk IRC overlord: GregoryG

In the end I would like to invite every friendly citizen of the ONE, every honorable opponent and troll to our public IRC channel on Rizon: #one.public

National translations

If you have any, please either comment or send a PM to the ONE HQ org we will put it here.