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[ONE] First eRepublik International Meeting in Budapest

Day 1,337, 06:46 Published in Serbia Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by ONE HQ

Dear eRepublikans,

Few months ago there were several articles about the first International eRepublik Meeting in Budapest. That time we cleared the time table, and the programme. There was quite a good turnout about the articles, and as we counted more than 100 people noticed us that are attending to the event.

As the last articles about the event published months ago we decided to make a media campaign again.

Since the articles, we made the programme fix, look after organizers, and contacted with the eRepublik Labs about any possible help or support they can give. The team were kind, and they offered their help, right now we are talking about this issue.

International Erepublik meeting - 19-21st August, Budapest

We would like to bring your attention to the first upcoming international meeting that will be held between the 19th and 21st of August in Budapest, Hungary.
Budapest is in the centre of Europe, easily reachable from most of the active eRepublik countries, like Romania, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria etc.

Everyone is welcome, we hope that each one of you is going to have a good time here.

So let’s see the details:

The date:

- we set the date at the end of August so you can plan ahead. We know that you cannot organise a foreign trip overnight so you have plenty of time to make this long weekend free.
- as some of you know, the 20th of August is a national holiday in Hungary. That means, you are not just given the opportunity to meet players from all over the world but you can also see the the city celebrate and make some awesome photos of the grand firework 😉


- we try to accomodate as many people for free in our homes as possible. Despite of that some of you may have to book a room in a hotel or hostel. We are here to assist you with any questions you might have and we will also try to look up the most fairly priced rooms in town.

We have decided to search for a really low-priced accommodation possibility to the students or for who don’t want to pay too much for the accommodation. There is a student hostel in the 14th district of Budapest, 45 minutes from the pub the meeting will be held, and 55 minutes from the center of the town/the downtown, which is a really short trip with public transportation.

The program:

We personally feel responsible about you having a good time once you visited our country.
Sightseeing tours will be provided for free, you can see the plan below and come to as many or as few proposals you like. (The sightseeing tours themselves are going to be free of charge, however if you would like to see an area you should finance entry fees for yourself. We are working on group discounts so you don’t have to go bankrupt on Hungarian culture.)

19th of August:

- arriving in town, people meet their hosts/ check in their booked rooms.
- getting ready for clubbing.
- 20:00 CET - ? CET clubbing 🙂

20th of August:

- 10: 00 CET Castle District, Buda
- cca. 12:30 CET arriving @ Margit-sziget (Margaret Island)
- cca. 15:00 CET (I personally suggest this appointment since I think we should spend the hottest day of time under some nice tall trees 🙂 ) Szent István Bazilika (Saint Stephen Basilica)
- cca. 16:30 CET Hősök Tere (Heroes Square)
- cca. 17:30 CET Free time 😛
- in the evening: watching fireworks, clubbing 🙂

21th of August:

plan a)
You are early birds and leave the country

You come visit the Ráckeve aquapark with us 🙂

All hours are rather estimated than fixed, it depends on you, how much time would you like to spend at a given destination. This schedule is made upon Kita’s experience as a tour guide.

The evening party will be held at the traditional Hungarian eRepublik Meeting pub, the Vaskapu, which is fairly cheap, qualitative, big enough for 100 people to sit down and chat and drink, offers some food if you would be hungry.
The pub itself located in the downtown of Budapest, close to everything.
They have a good tame beer, traditional beverages of all kinds, long tables to talk, table footballs, armchairs, and the pub is allowing smoking, because they have a fine vent system.

There is a Facebook event made for the Meeting, if you are attending please join the event too.

There is an IRC channel for the Meeting on the Rizon server :



There you can ask about accommodation, travelling, routes, prices, so basicly about everything related to the event.

We would like to list a few people who will participate on the event:

alpho, Bogdan Adamutz, the_mihai, Alex Craciun, ghishae, Nalaja, Manedhel, StrozeR, vingaer, Cerber, Gregory Gallangher, Baltazar8, Clueless, Kistru, oriana(kirkan), avec, Petsku,

If you are interested in participating, keep in touch with at least one of the following people and fill out the following form :

eRepublik RL meeting Form
If you have any question please contact with your country’s organizer or come to the #bpmeeting on Rizon, or PM an organizer of another country.

srnica/sekica18 - on behalf of Serbia
alpho - on behalf of Romania
Kita Skowronski / AThompson - on behalf of Hungary
Wieloryb (Wea) / Manedhel - on behalf of Poland

We hope that many of you will come to Budapest. Cya there!

Secretary General of the ONE

Secretary General: AThompson and gid1
Military Commander: angeldav
Department of International Relations : DedaNoe

In the end I would like to invite every friendly citizen of the ONE, every honorable opponent and troll to our public IRC channel on Rizon: #one.public

National translations

If you have any, please either comment or send a PM to the ONE HQ org we will put it here.


Maked0ner Day 1,337, 06:48


MehmetGazi Day 1,337, 06:48


Crolaki619 Day 1,337, 06:48

LoL o7

Tiger Macedonia
Tiger Macedonia Day 1,337, 06:49

I like chocolate milk.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,337, 06:49

Marginaldefeat Island yeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ipath Day 1,337, 06:49

First who will be there

ChewChewShoe Day 1,337, 06:53

Pay my flight and I'll go, lol

SmoothZiga Day 1,337, 06:54

Hope I can make it.

KITA Ikki Day 1,337, 06:58

Looks like fun, wish I could go! Budapest is a bit far from Japan... See you next year! 😁

Elbert Gong
Elbert Gong Day 1,337, 06:58

I would take polish beer : D

ICE The Great
ICE The Great Day 1,337, 06:59

Noooooooooo! I am there 29-31 July for the F1 Gran prix!
Next time than!

Manedhel Day 1,337, 06:59

i will be there!

Raziel_Blaze Day 1,337, 07:02

When will be meeting in Serbia or Macedonia?

Ghostbiker Day 1,337, 07:03

i rly would like to come

who can accomodate me? 😃:D

GhostRiderMK Day 1,337, 07:05

Vote o7

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,337, 07:06

many romanian sovinist the hungarian minority in romania ist invited because these special romanian guests didt like them?Such a shame...

velecaro1 Day 1,337, 07:07

vote o7

Manedhel Day 1,337, 07:08

Ghostbiker, you can sleep in my car o/

Amuda Kalkan Boga
Amuda Kalkan Boga Day 1,337, 07:11

i come ing 🙂

Atracurium Day 1,337, 07:13

I am tempted to fly over... end of August... need to clear the work on had first... 😶

Hacoguz Day 1,337, 07:14

if amuda comes, I'll be there too 😃

blackpanther76 Day 1,337, 07:21

I'll be there 100% : )

dasa1234567890 Day 1,337, 07:26

EDEN will send their mobile troops to kill all ONE players who meet there... You must call Serbian army to protect that people : D

kl_laci Day 1,337, 07:33

Yenkik is jönnek?

Anominan Day 1,337, 07:35

Напорни сте са тим секташким скуповима.

Ehsan S
Ehsan S Day 1,337, 07:38

Have fun !

S. Timi
S. Timi Day 1,337, 07:50


IceMannnnnnnnn Day 1,337, 08:33

Have fun! o7

The Other One
The Other One Day 1,337, 08:33

Attending \o/

carmeto Day 1,337, 08:33

We will have a fun 😃

guest8495 Day 1,337, 08:34

Hányszor adod ki ugyan azt a témájú cikket? : O

decisiv Day 1,337, 08:34

The Other One
The Other One Day 1,337, 08:35


GregoryG Day 1,337, 08:35

Kistru will bring Rakija

Stef40 Day 1,337, 08:37

who'll come on behalf of Macedonia ??

o7 vote & shout

Krvnikot Day 1,337, 08:40

INCI MINCI will PTO you!

Jesser Day 1,337, 08:42

budapest have gay area?

Kristijanmkd93 Day 1,337, 08:51

damn i want to come

Amphaxitis Day 1,337, 08:57

@Anominan, bravo brate !!!

jovan mkd
jovan mkd Day 1,337, 09:13

i wish i dould come 🙁
have a good time !!!! 😃

N e x F o X
N e x F o X Day 1,337, 09:18

have a good time : )

Ivan Alexashenko
Ivan Alexashenko Day 1,337, 09:18

I am in.

D. Tor
D. Tor Day 1,337, 09:21

Budapest? Marbella manda.

theodeus Day 1,337, 09:48

I also recommend sleeping in a tent on the Margaret Island if u dont find any accomodation 😉

theodeus Day 1,337, 09:50

and im serious ; )

Peter Laszlo
Peter Laszlo Day 1,337, 10:34

well Im gonna be there. please guys leave your nationalist feelings at home, I think this meeting isn't for debating about alba iulia or trianon treaty. we all are european citizens (yes, croats, serbs and macedons too!), we share the same shit happening at the moment in europe with financial and state debt crisis. be nice to others and they gonna be nice to you as well 🙂

peter81 Day 1,337, 10:34

20-án elég nehéz szállást találni...

Al hikmah khairi rizal
Al hikmah khairi rizal Day 1,337, 10:37

cool 😮

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,337, 11:07

Wall text

oboj Day 1,337, 11:22

sounds cool.

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