[ONE] End of an era, ONE officially dissolved

Day 1,719, 14:35 Published in Serbia Czech Republic by Rhual

NOTE : ONE does not have an official newspaper after admins deleted all the orgs, so Rhual has kindly agreed to let ONE borrow his newspaper.

Dear friends of ONE,

All good things come to an end, that is why we with great sorrow announce the dissolution of ONE.

ONE was an alliance created between Poland,Hungary,Serbia and Spain. The four countries established good contact’s, developed great relations and eventually formed an unofficial alliance called the NWO. Right from the start it could be seen that the alliance is destined for greatness. Our first challenge was the battle for Central Hungary , it was our first major battle together , and it united us, it is because of that that we were victorious. Later new countries were added to NWO (at that point already ONE) they were: Indonesia,Iran,Macedonia,Slovenia,Sweden and The United Kingdom. They all made a great addition to ONE and we know it was the start of a great new story.

ONE achieved anything an alliance could hope for. We dominated for months , we wiped the floor with EDEN, from the US in the west as far as China to the east, the domination of ONE was undeniable. We conquered all the continents and our enemies fell down before us one by one. We also achieved what PEACE could not, we brought the US to it’s knee’s and we made sure the job was done. We took Brazil via South Africa just for fun, then again via Spain. The once untouchable China fell before us and Asia became our playground.

ONE is a story of brotherhood and betrayal, happiness and sorrow, loyalty and betrayal.
ONE set a new precedent , it achieved what most alliances could only dream of, we truly conquered the new world. And after achieving that goal we ran out of opponent’s, that is when ONE started to fade away. We had no goal left, we have done everything we could possibly dream of, countries had no reason to fight anymore.

At that time we were still the strongest alliance and nobody could challenge that, but at that time it was the huge damage we had that guaranteed us victory. After Turkey’s betrayal , we lost that advantage and considering we had no good organization ONE started to fall. The fall was a hard one, we reached rock bottom. In January only two of our member had congress. After that we slowly started to recover , it was a bumpy ride but we were getting back on top. Of great help was our friend Bulgaria, who realised what EDEN really stands for, and decided to ally with us.
The next months were turbulent. We made great victories and suffered great loses.

The HQ was inactive, and nobody followed orders. After some new recruits joined the HQ it started to get lively again. In march for the first time there were tides supporting the creation a new alliance out of the ashes of ONE. We didn’t allow that. But alas Spain fell victim to empty promises and it soon exited ONE. That was actually the biggest blow we got. Not militarily, but morally. Everyone knew Poland was leaving next, and expected that ONE will be dissolved any day now. It is because of that that countries stopped following orders and government's stopped being active.

We tried to save ONE because we knew we could, we had a good chance. A new treaty and reform was planned and presented on some meetings, unfortunately nobody was there to hear us out. CP’s were inactive, MoD’s didn’t bother to show up to channels... Some countries started to make secret channels , citing they had no trust in the HQ, and accused it of incompetence, even though they did not bother to come to ONE channels at all. Both Poland and Spain used the same excuse when exiting ONE, even though every member country has the right to call for new HQ elections at any given time. The HQ tried to preserve ONE, some countries were not interested , so they established parallel channels to coordinate .

It is why we have decided to end ONE, no need to further the suffering of a once great alliance, perhaps the greatest alliance that has existed to date. Many government's also like to accuse the alliance for it’s failures, that is the reason why ONE lost it’s support amongst the general population.

Today we should not be sad, we should not mourn over this loss. ONE has completed it’s circle, it has proven to be the greatest alliance yet , that anything is possible, it served it’s purpose. We are dissolving it so that it may remain spotless and great as it was, we are doing this out of compassion.

ONE may not exist anymore, but the friendship... brotherhood forged in it will remain forever, alliances come and go, but brothers are forever!

Now, we ask you to on last time say...


~Last ONE HQ

Secretary General (the first and the last)- Gregory Gallangher
deputy Secretary General - Cookies Revenge
Military Commander - Rhual
Director of International Relations - gid1

and the rest of the HQ