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[OIP] Kongressliste OIP | Congresslist OIP

Day 1,892, 15:50 Published in Austria Austria by Luis Grindl

Geschätzte Österreicher,

Morgen stehen wieder Kongresswahlen an und spät aber doch hier die offizielle Liste der OIP.

Dear Austrians,

Tomorrow are Congresselctions and here is the official list of the OIP.

1. Schwrzwolf
2. Rangeley
3. LarsUlrich87
4. hippie007
5. Havok Fault
6. spachti
7. Van S
8. Jeanlouis
9. Martinus_1
10. Luis Grindl
11. Pierre37
12. Geheimdokument
13. Goonrider
14. cyberkoc
15. Zlatko-Bec
16. Manuel Rutherford
17. Hugo Maia

Viel Glück allen und handelt zum Wohle Österreichs.
Good Luck to all of you and act in the sence of Austria.

Minister of Finance and Partypresident of the OIP


Rangeley Day 1,892, 17:44

Big vote!

Vreath Day 1,892, 17:50

Voted! Good luck!

Cyberkoc Day 1,892, 20:45


NettoBoy Day 1,893, 01:52

Good luck!

Schwrzwolf Day 1,893, 02:26


hippie007 Day 1,893, 02:50


Martinus_1 Day 1,893, 06:59

voted 🙂

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,893, 08:29

Good luck to y'all!


Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,894, 03:50

Boated hard : D

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