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(Official British Army) Updates and Dispatch: ,Day 1,920

Day 1,920, 01:28 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Winston S Churchill

(Official British Army) Updates and Dispatch: ,Day 1,920

A British Unit run by the British !

Commander Sir Winston Churchill, Damage dropped for the UK 700 million.

Claim 5 Q7 just by commenting below and voting ,All British Army members will receive 5 x Q7 Weapons

Just comment "Be The Best" and you're vote number, and your tanks will be with you soon !

Stand at ease !

British Army Structure


Commander Sir Winston Churchill
2nd Commander Friedrich Barbarosa
2nd Commander Ewan Dougall
Regiment 1 Captain – Elsworth
Regiment 2 Captain – BaskB
Regiment 3 Captain – cenodekaMKD
Regiment 4 Captain – Daniel Catalan
Regiment 5 Captain – Taurum
Regiment 6 Captain – Hollenboar
Regiment 7 Captain – Treacherous

Stat's day 1919

Kills 4857 well done guys !
Damage unknown
Active Fighters unknown
Top Damage unknown

We also took part in the joint strike on sunday more info can be found here

Thanks to Butjam and R Feist for supplying the prize's.
Photo of the day - Don't have time to change this today

THIS SHOWS THE FRENCH FORIEGN LEGION, I love there uniforms and their hat's they look very dapper !

Want to collect regular supplies ? Want a very active fighting team ? Then Join the British Army today !

We are looking for brave men and women to come and defend there country, its doesnt matter what party you are from , everyone is more than welcome and each fighter is treated the same.

A British Unit under the commander of a True British Fighter ! Join Here for supplies !

and Be The Best today !

Also fighters wanted See here



Harry Paget Flashman
Harry Paget Flashman Day 1,920, 01:35


KwokRocker Day 1,920, 01:41

Be The Best v3

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 01:44


Sorsby Day 1,920, 01:53

be the best v5

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 01:55


Cbgd Day 1,920, 02:09

Be the Best v6

Jorge Gonzalez von Marees
Jorge Gonzalez von Marees Day 1,920, 02:19

The Best I say !! v7

Dr. Gustav Lauben
Dr. Gustav Lauben Day 1,920, 02:47

Be the Best v8

FragUK Day 1,920, 02:54

So this is no longer your MU Don?

Eddy Vuylsteke
Eddy Vuylsteke Day 1,920, 02:56

Be The Best v7

Bardokva Day 1,920, 03:03

Be The Best v10

dBigMac Day 1,920, 03:47

Be The Best v11

Geordie Ripper
Geordie Ripper Day 1,920, 04:29

Be The Best v13

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 04:36


Morg00n Day 1,920, 04:42

Be The Best

reti red
reti red Day 1,920, 04:46

Be the best v15

Rakurules Day 1,920, 04:55

Be The Best V16

gzvp Day 1,920, 05:34

Be The Best V18

PaulMoadibe Day 1,920, 05:34

Be The Best V18

Mr.Calitis Day 1,920, 05:37

be the best v19

EniKokona2013 Day 1,920, 05:42

Be the Best

Thane Palludore
Thane Palludore Day 1,920, 05:49

Be The Best v21

Billyscaff Day 1,920, 06:14

Be the best 22

Jimbobfrey Day 1,920, 06:23

Be the Best v23

TTXXX Day 1,920, 06:36

Be the Best v24

hollenboer Day 1,920, 07:02

Be the Best v25

jakofipa Day 1,920, 07:14

Be The Best v26

DrFeherKonrad Day 1,920, 07:17

Be The Best v27

GreenGold Day 1,920, 07:28

Best the best v28

North Scale
North Scale Day 1,920, 07:53

Be the Best v29

Bad Carrot
Bad Carrot Day 1,920, 08:32

Be The Best v30

Tommy M. Pickles
Tommy M. Pickles Day 1,920, 08:33

Be the Best v31

Dratharr Silkins
Dratharr Silkins Day 1,920, 09:35

Be the Best v32

NT Games
NT Games Day 1,920, 10:08

Be the best 33!

Carlini8 Day 1,920, 10:21

You can pull your daily damage from here:

So yesterday the British Army did ~99.6M damage. Now that doesn't track bombs or rockets (no stat sites can).

It differs from eGov for one of two reasons - One of the sites didn't track everything (seems to often happen with eGov) or because eGov tracks from 10pm to 10pm. Muse tracks from day change to day change.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 12:12

We know wehere to get info from thanks maybe we were too busy now get back to studying muse lol

Carlini8 Day 1,921, 00:00

Apologies. It took roughly 5 seconds to check BAs damage for the day and longer for you to reply to my message. Whenever I try to help I get met with nonsense. Stick to your template article with none in it then.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,921, 01:58

LOL maybe cos you are the sort of player to write up a article when somene bans you from there own room , that is what little nancy boys do !

registrs Day 1,920, 10:49

Be the Best v34

Sexagenarian Day 1,920, 11:13

I think you should check in game before trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. It clearly states here that Don Dapper is commander - Citizenship ePolish

nuff said

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 12:10

Think there is something wrong with your computer try Ctrl and F5 to update you page !

Sexagenarian Day 1,920, 12:15

Anyone can change things AFTER its pointed out

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 12:17

Also how we run a private MU is no of your business ! What is all this "nuff said : are you on the streets of London rude boi ? I guess you will be tutting at us next , with your hood up, easy rude boi !

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 12:19

We can change commander when ever we like , what business is it of yours ? get lost you troll

Sexagenarian Day 1,920, 12:37

Private MU? when you call yourselves "Official British Army"?

Maybe when you stop lying about being official I'll stop pointing out your errors

Beagle Boy
Beagle Boy Day 1,920, 11:22

Be The Best v35

Louis Philippe
Louis Philippe Day 1,920, 11:51

Be The Best v36

howdyho Day 1,920, 11:52

British Army be the best v37

Bloodstained Black Rabbit
Bloodstained Black Rabbit Day 1,920, 12:17

Be The Best v38

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,920, 12:23


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