[Oblige4President] A Teaser

Day 2,532, 20:28 Published in USA USA by Oblige
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Dear America,

I've been waiting for this day for nearly four months now- and I'm proud to announce that (once again) I am running for President of these eUnited States. That's right. I'm going for lucky number sleven.


I can't wait to share with you all my cabinet and plans for this upcoming month.

One of the major commitments I'm making right off the bat is that unlike in some previous Presidential cycles this will be a race to the finish. I'll be out every day campaigning for your vote. You're going to see a lot of articles from me- something that lately has been missing almost entirely from Presidential campaigns. I'm also going to bring back the eNPR Presidential debate - with a tentative date of November 1st - to help make sure you have all the information you need when you cast your ballot on November 5th.

This article is just a taste of what's to come - and so for now I leave you with my resume, a brief reminder of who I am and what I've done, and this exhortation: this month, for President, America needs someone it can believe in.

★ Six Term as President of these eUnited States
★ Most Presidential American Ever
★ Four term Secretary of State
★ One term Secretary of Defense
★ Four term Secretary General of TERRA
★ Retired Commanding Officer of the Special Forces
★ Twenty six term Congressman
★ Select Committee on Intelligence Member
★ Two term Deputy Speaker of the House
★ Economics Council Member
★ National Security Council Member
★ eNPR / Forum Benefactor
★ Recipient of Congressional W.H.A.L.E. Award
★ WTP Party Founder
★ One point five term WTP Party President
★ LAP Party Founder
★ One term LAP Party President
★ 3 Term vCP of Germany
★ 3 Term MoFA of China
★ 1 Term MoFA of Brazil

P.S. please give me a shout!

Oblige for President
Lucky Number Sleven
A Teaser