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[Norway Embassy] Ambassador's first report - day 1889 of the New World

Day 1,889, 14:57 Published in Norway Norway by Nills Holgerson
Good evening,

I would like to start by saying some things about me so you can all get to know me better.
I am Romanian in RL. I play this game for 1 month an 11 days. I tryied to become an ambassador since last month, but only this month I managed to get the job. I had time to research what an ambassdor does and I hope I can now apply what I've learned. If you want to know more about me I am waiting for your comments or PMs.

So, like I said in the previous article, I am ambassador in eRomania. These days I gattered some hopefully useful information.
First thing first, the eRomanian goverment team for this month:

Country President: Valahian

Minister of Defense: Rondy Rondy

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Schmidt Bogdan

Governer of eRomania National Bank: Damayanty

Minister of Education: Mlendea Horatiu

eRomania's military situation

At this moment eRomania has 2 free regions after they were erased from the map by ePoland and eHungary. eRomania wanted to be erased so they can win the core regions back by RWs. Direct fights with either of the two countries are ment to fail because of the NE they had on eRomania. Also there are talks about a reorganization of EDEN. The aliance just lost a strong member last week - eArgentina - so probably this is a must.

It is very obviuos they are in a delicate position...being surounded by hungarians, polish, serbs and bulgarians. With another NE law incoming from the polish side, romanians should start fighting hard if they want to have Congress on the 25th.

The political situation

The political situation is not much better than the military one. Elected 2nd time in a row, the CP Valahian allready suffered an impeach law, that didnt pass. He is starting to loose some of his supporters because of the situation he has brought in eRomania. Some citizens said this all thing started when the CP bought Bukovina (an eUkraine region) from eHungary continuing after that with the attack and NE on eHungary. But all this doesn't seem to stop him to run for the 3rd CP office in a row.

That is all for the moment. In my next report I will try to fill in some interviews with one or two officials of eRomania.

This is it. Thank you for your patience. Please excuse my english and errors.

Have a great evening,
Nills Holgerson,
eNorway Embassy in eRomania


fredrikz Day 1,889, 15:10


Nills Holgerson
Nills Holgerson Day 1,889, 15:13


fredrikz Day 1,889, 15:20

Very informative:)

Nills Holgerson
Nills Holgerson Day 1,889, 15:24

I hope so 🙂

Steina Day 1,889, 15:29

Very good report, you brought us some important and useful informations.

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 1,889, 15:30

Good job mr. Holgerson!

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Day 1,889, 15:32


Nills Holgerson
Nills Holgerson Day 1,889, 15:48


t0trag Day 1,890, 01:07

good job nils! you ve sad it exactely as it is!

Akashaton Day 1,891, 03:32

Good job, thanks for the update!

Akashaton Day 1,891, 06:29

But use this form, in the future.

Nills Holgerson
Nills Holgerson Day 1,891, 07:30

ok Akashaton

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