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[NN] Letdown

Day 1,541, 12:05 Published in Austria Austria by NettoBoy

After very successful term as a DoE under CP A.Emmerich I was really looking forward to next good term served under judicious, intelligent President who wants nothing but the best for eAustria.

But when I read about an "Empire", slogans such as "Eine Partei, ein Reich, ein Führer", "new order" flags and CP exhorting citizens to join 'the only proper' party and leaving National Army for some private foreign MU, I'm sure that nothing good will happen.

@ A.Emmerich:

I don't know what suddenly happened to you, but I know one thing: that is not what I voted for few days ago.


Former Director of Embassies
ACoP Party President



II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,541, 12:12

Nothing that really matters changed, but a lot of new friends arrived to help. : )


Long live Austria!
Rot-Weiß-Rot bis in den Tod!

DracoFlameus Day 1,541, 12:29

Comment deleted

Vreath Day 1,541, 13:39

I was seeking support from your side Netto, but you ignored me like one of thousands of trees of the amazonas....

Schwrzwolf Day 1,541, 13:43

"Nothing that really matters changed" - By now you should have understood that those things might not have mattered for you, but they matter to us. A lot. So act like adults for a change and end this useless talk of Empires. Right now.

Hydroloc Day 1,541, 15:28

Comment deleted

Yhamilitz Day 1,541, 21:48


Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,542, 23:34

Really calling us nazis is offensive and i will report you, i didnt wanted but its for your own good.
If admins delete your pathetic comments you will look smarter ..

Balkan Beast
Balkan Beast Day 1,542, 04:38

It sounds no different than when your fuhrer was calling myself and others horrid nazis, fascists, liars, and ptoers.

Nope, the only difference is that the claims against your friends actually have a basis.
You are liars, you are PTOers, and there are Fascists among you.
Does Fascist mean Racist? No they are not related, racism is a common theme however.

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