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[NN] Austrian Royal Party Congress List

Day 1,892, 13:26 Published in Austria Austria by NettoBoy

Hello, this month Austrian Royal Party will try to gain your trust, by nominating members in the following order:

1. Vlado33
2. Kenny-1
3. NettoBoy
4. Zell am See
5. Valentoni
6. cehansen
7. OmuNegru9
8. vladut georgel
9. Farg vom Boxberg
10. Duuuutan
11. mmarior

Good luck tomorrow!


Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,892, 14:17

Voted hard. Good luck : )

OEBernd Day 1,892, 14:45

Voted hard and good list!

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,892, 15:55

good luck

Vreath Day 1,892, 17:51

Boat driving hard on the sea! Good luck

Vlado33 Day 1,892, 18:20

Nice article Nettoboy!
We will be stronger together.
Good luck to all

Martinus_1 Day 1,893, 07:01

good luck

yst31 Day 1,893, 07:16

Good luck guys

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,893, 08:20

Good luck!

Rangeley Day 1,893, 12:19

Good luck!

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