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[New Exploration] How To Reach The Destop Version Of Erepublic On iOS Mobile

Day 1,801, 01:42 Published in China Republic of China (Taiwan) by Albert tseng

the writer is Pallas Landan

to people who want to browse the desktop version of erepublic on you mobile:

This great article provides a simple guide for people to change the setting, and also reminds me that if i can change the "user agent" on my mobile, i can view on the destop version of the page.

And here's the crude research i've done:

Change the User Agent on an Android Phone (2010/5/25)

Open your browser, enter about:debug into the address bar, then hit the "Go" button on your keyboard—don't tap the search/URL suggestion that comes up. You'll notice that the browser now does, well, nothing. But hit your Menu key, choose the "More" option, then select Settings. Scroll down some, and you'll see a new collection of advanced options there, including a "UAString" option. Click that, then choose between Android, desktop, or iPhone user strings to change what browser web sites think you're visiting with...


with this comment below,

Any other browser such as Skyfire or Dolphin Browser HD will allow you to change the user agent in the settings easily. (Ender15 25 May 2010, 9:37 AM)

And for opera, besides the options shown on the article mentioned at the beginning, you can also...

In opera:config's search bar, type 'Custom'. Then you'll see a box: 'Custom User-Agent'. In box, type any OS name. For eg. Windows, iPhone/iOS/iPad, Android...(mvthakar 15 April 2012, 19:35:48)

to add new User Agent to your browser.

if you’re using other browsers and want to know how to change to desktop version, just google it with “User Agent String”.




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Albert tseng Day 1,801, 01:42


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