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[NAZ4POTUS] Plans and Thoughts

Day 2,175, 12:31 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

So far I have announced an overview of my policies next month and a list of all of my cabinet secretaries. I now want to see if I can get a little more in-depth on some points of my agenda. Next month could be quiet, or it could be vibrant, but either way we have to be prepared to face challenges and create opportunities. I would like to thank the Federalists and other parties who have endorsed me for president, and I will make you proud.

Focus on Domestic Institutions

I made it a point in my overview that Education, Interior, and Media deserve more attention for the work that they do. I have also committed to setting up the Department of Human Services and changing the scope of Homeland Security to ATO and party strengthening. While the world might move around us, our treaty gives us breathing space to divert more attention to home. I want to see some progress in these areas.

For Education, I would like to see a focus on the traditional teaching, rebuilding old institutions and programs, and experimentation in out-of-game recruitment. I have already discussed some of these elements with Alexandrer Coin, my Education Secretary, and we look forward to implementing some of these ideas. We have seen other countries pursue babybooms to varying success, so we need to look into our options. We could also seek to link Education to Flight Training and provide a direct route for our new players. Implementation of these proposals and ideas could grant us some rewards and new players. Waiting gains us nothing, and experimentation costs us nothing.

For Interior, we must effectively use the money donated. Programs like Bank Up and Meals on Wheels are good initiatives, and we can experiment further with other ideas. Moving programs have existed in the past, but their cost might be questionable, so I will look to congress to help with this area. Congress has effectively covered other areas in their first 10 days, so I expect to see a lot of communication and brainstorming on solutions to our domestic woes. This includes input on areas of education, media, and human services.

Human Services is another area I look forward to implementing. I didn’t want a department just for “fun”, because the effectiveness of games, contests, and scavenger hunts is debatable in keeping people interested in the game. While I will look towards incorporating things of that nature, we need an HR department that assists other departments with staffing. With the diminished population, we can afford to always do massive turnovers anymore, meaning that a reliable government staff that can pass through administrations would be of great use. We’ve already utilized a common application before, under Media Department, to some success, so a more focused approach could produce better results.

Homeland Security is of top importance as well. Our string of victories and success need to be upheld, and we need to strengthen the current top 5 and other 6th parties to ensure this stability and new democracy continues. For the first month in many, we are able to have a fully democratic election with five candidates, unthinkable in months past. I will provide whatever support I can to DHS to ensure we keep this secure.

Media has picked up again, and I hope to help them continue their stride. Having government communications is great, and media usually does not let people down. eNPR should also continue to provide information and entertainment, and I hope to help them with guests and my own presence. There isn’t many changes I can suggest for this area, so I will simply assist them by keeping them working hard.

War and Peace

I don’t expect a major war to break out against America next month, and will seek to uphold our peace so we have time for recovery. However, we can still concentrate on ensuring effectiveness of our military and our foreign policy. Debates have been ongoing about the USAF and its viability, but I have always seen them as an integral component of our country. Committed damage is required to maintain our foreign affairs, so I will seek any way to help them spend money effectively, get money, or assist in organization. I don’t pledge to drastically cut or alter USAF, since everything has to be considered carefully and with the input of the USAF officers.

Abroad, we could see some things move around. I don’t like making predictions, but I have been watching and reading a bit, and I know several countries want to review their foreign affairs next month. Due to our current peace, we have the ability to do this as well, and I will see to it that the eUS is on stable footing no matter what happens. We have a lot of friends in the world, and we have a bit of opportunity as well. Despite our decline, the eUS is still a strong player in world affairs, so our decisions still carry a bit of weight. I’ve been around foreign affairs for several months now, and I will not make decisions without carefully weighing them. I want the eUS to keep smart diplomacy, and I intend to carry that out.

I view all fields as important, and despite my pledge to give more attention to the domestic, I will still keep focus on our external and our fighting ability. We will keep the peace, look into USAF performance, and keep our eyes and ears open for the changes in the world. You will be in steady hands.

Letting people down is probably the worst feeling in the world, which is why I will seek to maintain a strong presence and hand throughout the month. I have built a good team, and I have determination to help them achieve our goals. Next month is all about strengthening and securing, although there could be a few surprises thrown in. I expect to face every obstacle and pass them with the help of my cabinet and nation. I am dedicated to service, and I don’t intend to let you down this month.

If you have any questions, ask. If you have any concerns, tell them. I also still seek people interested in providing help this month, especially to our domestic front. Don’t hesitate to message me about your desire to contribute. I look forward to your support on election day, and I hope for an exciting election. What are you waiting for? Your next stop is a newspaper in which the candidate 'Walks the Walk'.



Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Day 2,175, 12:32

First for President

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Day 2,175, 12:33

Great stuff!!

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,175, 12:54

He is the ONE o/\/\

Tanishq Day 2,175, 12:55

Good luck! 🙂

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 2,175, 12:56

Needs a slogan

Tenshibo Day 2,175, 12:56


DylanBAS Day 2,175, 13:01

Are any of those interested countries nations that just left EDEN?

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,175, 14:01


Gnilraps Day 2,175, 14:23

seems like you are doing a great job already

cLaw eagLe
cLaw eagLe Day 2,175, 14:38


Good Luck NewAzazel!

Arrden Day 2,175, 14:38


Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,175, 14:51


Zetyro Day 2,175, 15:31

Good luck and nice plan o/

Nektari0s Day 2,175, 16:01


tsakali Day 2,175, 19:41


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,176, 03:02


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,176, 12:33

Good luck NAz! 😃

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