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[Mr Crumpets 4 CP] Finance and Defence Appointments

Day 1,901, 00:36 Published in Australia Australia by Mr Crumpets

Good Evening eAustralia,

Tonight I have the pleasure of announcing my Department of Finance and Defence teams, who I believe will serve this country well during difficult times.

It's unknown how long we will be under occupation and when we will get some territory back, so I need a finance and defence team that can do a balancing act.

On one hand they'll need to keep a very tight budget with minimal wastage, while on the other hand, they need to advise us on what type of battles we finance over the next month and for how long.

MickSkitz - Australian Revolutionary Party
Minister of Finance

Venja - Australian Parliamentary Party
Finance Mentor

This is technically a straight swap of XG's finance department.

MickSktiz will be promoted from deputy to the Minister's role, however he will have Venja alongside him to help.

Venja has been counted on many times from this country to do the thankless finance role and done it very well.

However, there will come a time Venja wants a break to go do other things and the best way we can prepare for that, is for him to pass on the knowledge to others. Help up skill them.

Without Taxes coming in for a while, we'll need a hawk's eye view in the books to ensure we are careful with our reserves.

Majester* - Green and Gold Party
Minister of Defence

James Rellori - Australian Revolutionary Party
Deputy Minister of Defence

I'll first make note that Majester is yet to confirm his role. I've been told his had some internet problems at the moment and I'm waiting for his reply.

Nonetheless, should he accept, Majester is renowned as a 'Game Smart' player. We'll need him to help guide us through this situation of being double-occupied (Indo and Chile).

Lending support is James Rellori. The advice I've recieved from other players is that James is a handy deputy, a real workhorse.

To be honest we'll be working him hard. If we as a nation get into fortunate position of being able to counter-attack, we'll need all hands on deck.

Tomorrow I will announce my Human Services, Immigration and Information departments.

The first two will be about giving newer players a shot, Information though will be a surprise. In may in fact 'rock-the-boat', but it will be about keeping my government honest.

Finally, I invite you all to a special Question Time LIVE Podcast tomorrow night.

It will be hosted by CallumH123 where Tim_Holtz and I will go head-to-head in a debate, featuring your phone/skype calls.

It will take place Sunday, 3rd February at 8pm Melbourne Tim or 01:00 eRepublik Time on Day 1,902.

The link will be in the CallumH123 newspaper tomorrow.

Mr Crumpets



Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,901, 00:55

nice, better than the oppositions... oh wait... does Tim even realise he should be doing Cabinet and Agenda articles?

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,901, 01:21

"Lending support is James Rellori. The advice I've recieved from other players is that James is a handy deputy, a real workhorse."

James Rellori approves of this statement on the topic of James Rellori, James Rellori is a real workhorse, James Rellori is a real man in the sack. James Rellori likes horses and sacks.

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,901, 03:17

James Rellori is a Brony fag, has been confirmed Live.

venja Day 1,901, 03:33


infin Day 1,901, 04:38

bronies ftl

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,901, 04:52

I had sexual relations with that pony. I admit it.

Start writing articles about me, Who wants the full four page scoop?

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,901, 05:05

Nobody wants it. go away.

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