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Day 617, 15:28 Published in Thailand Thailand by August L. Isaan

It's been awhile since I've written anything. And seeing what's going on in Thailand, I wanted to voice my opinion greatly. But being busy in real life restricted me from doing so. Work + Saving for university books + Bills + Hangovers + Drama = NO TIME.

I want to start off by saying that I'm unbiased (maybe some don't agree, but that's my effing opinion ^^) and I don't mind Romanians moving here. But when lies, irrational decisions, and deceptions put this country, my country, into a downward spiral- I'm not going to take any of that nonsense.

1. Crazy Man, I don't understand why you're raising taxes?

The import tax I understand, you want everything domestic. But have you looked at what's being imported here that we don't have?

Q5 weapons, Q4 and Q5 food. Either you're being crazy ^^ or you're doing a terrible job looking at the resources available. You and you other Romanians said that you want to improve the wellness and strength of Thai citizens. Stopping the imports of high quality food and weapon contradicted you guys.

2. The tension between the "native" Thais and the Romanians needs to cool down a bit if possible.

Seriously everyone, remember it's a game. I love trash talking but going at it for almost a week is just getting immature. Yes these Romanians are tool boxes and probably tripping sac, and yes some native Thais are being stubborn and crying to things that you Romanians are trying to do to "improve the country" and just not giving you Romanians a chance. I know there are reasons behind it but lets take it down a notch.

3. The "Central Bank of Thailand" is the official Thailand bank account, not Thai Defense(Crazy Man).

OK, so supposedly the Romanians want a Q5 hospital. Guess what? I do too! And so do other native Thais. We have some money saved up already in the central bank exclusively for Q5 hospital, why are we donating to Thai Defense. Oh wait... It's not for "Thai Defense" it's for Crazy Man.

4. Romanians, if you want the money have it. Have it and leave.

You guys(Romanians) are running the congress, you guys are increasing the taxes, and you guys are moving the money to Thai Defense. You guys are contradicting yourselves! So far it seems like you're not here to help Thailand, but to take the money.

I thought better of you, Crazy Man. You left awhile back and you said it's over. You said the Thais are not giving you any chance to let you help improve the country. But now you're back and where's the improvement? None to be seen other than you being a crazy biotch.

If you guys are just in it for the money, flex nut(if you guys have any) and say it. If you guys really don't have any nuts and want some, I can pull down my pants and show you where to get some.

5. We're all Thai citizens now.

Romanians, or should I say... Congress. If you guys are really trying to improve the country I want to see results. It's been almost a week and all I've seen were stupid proposals and Crazy Man saying the word stupid in every article. Natives Thai, honestly, I don't think there's anything we can really do right now to get them out of the country, lets just live our eLife and end that same complaints repeating over and over on the news. Romanians, work with us. I'm sure some native Thais want to work you guys. I sure do. Since we're all citizens of Thailand, I should say lets ALL work together... Or at least try to. ^^

Stay classy Thailand,



Nouveauk Day 617, 16:14

A sensible article. I believe that if we are all to work together in Thailand, we must consolidate Thailand's funds to the Central Bank, not the Thailand Defense organization.

There should be about 5300 THB in Thailand Defense right now, and there was a large amount of gold that was removed from PUP's coffers a week ago or so. If that money is all donated to the Central Bank of Thailand, I think everyone would trust the ex-Romanian people in congress a little more.

Boss Da Boss
Boss Da Boss Day 617, 16:51

August your article it's ok, i also believe that we work together.. but with person like Jack who banned from IRC CHAT or Francis who deleted my account from forum i think no...

Why to donate the PUP money to the bank?? that money was on ads with "Join PUP" ....

August NOBODY say, "hey man you want to work with us?" in change we talk with Albert and with Gentyle... we ask them to come in our chat to talk... you guys what you do? cry over and over...

We dont banned your ppl from our chat, and set the topic ...

Boss Da Boss
Boss Da Boss Day 617, 16:52

"5. We're all Thai citizens now." yes we're all now but... you have a problem guys, srry.

Just respect for you August L. Isaan.

Manda Panda
Manda Panda Day 617, 17:28

Maybe you're right crazy man. But why would we want to work with you guys if you haven't prove you're here to work with us?

kristof von
kristof von Day 617, 17:34

agree ive been saying this from the getgo lets give em a chance and if that dont work move on to plan b, another great article august

Boss Da Boss
Boss Da Boss Day 617, 17:49

Manda Panda we invite Albert on our chat, so who dont want to work? if we dont have with who to work... it's not our problem...

Your guys like to cry and also cry.. sad.

Cluj forever
Cluj forever Day 618, 08:54

Good article. (excepting the balls part)
A decent and clear voice. One can call you a man with backbone, indeed.
I do not know if anything may change, after the last agressive stance of Jack Roberts.
Let us wait and see..
You must reckon: the other TO's were more brutal and abrupt, the country money-stealing was fast and shameless, wasn't it?
At least, I feel like waking up a sleeping beauty here. The country comes to life, at least in public debate - it is more interesting after we came. The only problem is that the beauty wanted to sleep and we started to make too much noise. Big personal privileges were taken away. The country interest was here allways the leader's personal profits and good life.
Look at tenones shouting the louder: identify the dethroned masonry.

Boss Da Boss
Boss Da Boss Day 618, 16:21

YEa, we donated the money to your org... 🙂

August L. Isaan
August L. Isaan Day 618, 18:53

@Crazy Man
Prove you're here to help. Prove that you're a Thai Citizen. Saying that "it's not our problem... " is not going to help. It shows selfishness and you guys plotting something malicious.

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