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[MorreJa] - Happy 4th Birthday!

Day 2,171, 09:08 Published in China Serbia by MorreJa

It all started in the day i was eBorn, the sun was shining in a big blue sky and the sea was peaceful and calm.

Then i heard the doctor say: "Push, he's coming out" and so my mother screamed with a lot of pain until i finally saw the light of the bright sun pounding in my face for the first time in my life, that was the most exciting moment in my whole life.

As soon as i left the hospital, i was sent immediatly sent to eRepublik to start my life as an economist, military or political, but since my blood was telling to be a great military, i picked that one and through time i did everything in my power to develop my strength and my military rank.

For a long period of time i was a part of portuguese military units, until the day i decided though i was part of a military unit, i was going to be a mercenary fighting for what side i saw fit and not for the side i was told to fight. In that time i passed along several military units and made friends that i admired until this day, as well as seeing friends that i admired die cause they couldn't stay firm and faithful to this world, even so i wish them the best in the other world they are now part of.

And so 4 years have passed, exactly 4 years, in my opinion they passed flying and it gave me a lot of joyful memories, as well many sad moments, but the best is always to remember the good friends and moments we spent together talking.

A big thanks to Manel Hortalica for the beautiful images for the new journal and for the patience of putting up with me all the time asking for those same images 🙂.

Also a great hug to those who left the game and for those that are still here, that we may continue 4 years more to help Plato fill his pockets 😉



MorreJa Day 2,171, 09:09


Lucifel Day 2,171, 09:10

2nd Denied!

Good to have you around ^^

Bitorino Day 2,171, 09:21

Congrtz buddy o/

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,171, 11:10

Happy birthday o7

Equilibrium Day 2,171, 11:49

Congratz dude

Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov
Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov Day 2,171, 12:49

Happy B-day!! o/

investmkd90 Day 2,171, 13:02

Happy birthday 🙂

wwindboy Day 2,171, 14:00

Happy birthday 🙂

DioKartel Day 2,171, 14:22

Happy birthday 🙂

BraweHeart Day 2,171, 15:20

Happy birthday 😉

Manel Hortalica
Manel Hortalica Day 2,171, 16:11

Parabéns gorda 😳

Johannes Valkkynen
Johannes Valkkynen Day 2,171, 16:15

Parabéns MorreJa! 😃

El3ssaR Day 2,171, 16:49

Happy birthday o7

Amaboy Day 2,171, 18:23

happy birthday :)

csc11 Day 2,171, 18:31


Falcon Ye
Falcon Ye Day 2,171, 22:03

v360 happy birthday

eCrazylion Day 2,171, 22:41

v365 s978
Happy Birthday!

Vlei Day 2,172, 07:06

v365 Happy Birthday!

Vlei Day 2,172, 07:06


Urumqi roar
Urumqi roar Day 2,172, 07:33


WangMark Day 2,172, 18:46

Happy B-day!!

sdfsd86 Day 2,173, 01:16

v434 happy birthday !

Dr.You Day 2,173, 07:05

Happy birthday 🙂

19hunter Day 2,173, 07:52

v436 Happy birthday !!!!

Gameiro101 Day 2,173, 08:18

Congrats o7

Cenataker Day 2,173, 08:52

v437 s931 Happy birthday ~

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