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[MoNC] War

Day 1,580, 16:57 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irasian

One of the main features of erepublik is fighting. To gain additional resources your country has to expand its borders which can only be done through fighting and capturing regions.

This tab can be accessed by clicking on wars at the tab at the top of the screen.

Campaign of the day: This is set by the president to alert the general public where he/she would like them to fight, normally due to it being an important and vital battle.

All wars that are currently happening in Ireland: Lists all the battles that Ireland has a direct influence on and is not through and MPP.

[b/Allies campaigns:[/b] These are battles in other countries that can be participated in from the country you are currently in via a MPP (Mutual protection pact). Basically an alliance between countries.

All wars: Lists all the wars that are being held all over the eWorld

The battlefield

This is where the majority of the fighting takes place. The rest of it is done on the IRCs, forum, via personal messages and other means of communication.

Battlefield: Says which region the current battle is being held in.
Crowns: Each crown represents a round or a battle. The blue ones are the rounds won by the side you are fighting for and the red crowns are the ones won by your enemy. First to 8 rounds wins the battle and captures the region

The bar: This is a representation of how the battle is going. If the bar has more blue in it, the battle is currently going in your country’s favour. If the bar has more red in it, the battle is currently going against you. The numbers on the bar represents how many points the country you are fighting for has currently earned by keeping the bar in your favour, the first side to get to 1800 points is the winner of the round.

BH Friend: Battle Hero (BH) is an award given to the person who does the most influence in a battle on one side. This person receives a medal and is given five gold at the end.

BH Enemy: Same as above.

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Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue Day 1,584, 10:36

first comment..well lets see...can i ask whats that project plus thing?

Irasian Day 1,584, 13:08

Ah the pulse project. It is an add-on for erepublik and I believe it just records the amount of damage you do per day.
Personally I think erepublik advanced is better.
It essentially adds a whole lot of new buttons making erepublik easier to navigate and adds a fight calculator to your profile page.

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