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[MoMC]Daily Quiz 2029 Result

Day 2,031, 00:46 Published in India India by sathish.c

Hi Friends

The Right Answers for Daily Quiz 2029

Q1 - Pink
Q2 - Kolkata
Q3 - Salt
Q4 - Australia
Q5 - 70

Jaskaran Singh
Akshit IInd
Manikandan Kaliyamurthi

Uv Ajed
Nikhil Jaiswal

Winners Prize
5 q7 and 500 Health
Runners Prize
3 q7 and 300 Health

Participants gets 100 Health

Donors List
Preach Lord

Articles for new players
About Weapons
Training Ground
Weapon dispatch program
Baby Boom

Thanks & Regards
MoMC Team


Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 2,031, 01:23

i won \o/

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