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[MoI] New Military module - Novy vojensky modul [ENG]

Day 1,665, 07:20 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Ministerstvo Informacii

[SK] bude ked bude mat niekto cas ;/ ja nemam momentalne som v praci

as found in here

Starting Day 1,665 every citizen will belong to a division, according to the changes we have made in the military module.

Division Level Experience points needed
1 1 - 24 0
2. 25 - 29 5.000
3. 30 - 36 25.000
4. 37+ 60.000

This means that a battle is also divided into the 4 divisions mentioned above. For example if a citizen of level 26 enters a campaign to fight, he will only fight in the 2nd division.

Winning a battle

When a country reaches 1800 domination points the battle is won. This concept will be applied for every division. In addition, we’ve made the divisions more significant by adding them points, as follows:

Division 1- 1 Campaign Points
Division 2- 2 Campaign Points
Division 3- 3 Campaign Points
Division 4- 5 Campaign Points
If a division reaches 1800 domination points in 90 minutes, the next battle starts only after all the 3 others have reached 1800 points as well, hence all 4 division battles will be starting in the same time.

Winning a campaign

After every battle won by a division, the points are added to the total points of the campaign.
Eg.: After the 1st battle, if Country A wins division 1 and 3, Country B wins division 2 and 4, the Total Score would be: Country A = 4 total points and Country B = 7 total points.
After the 2nd battle, if Country A wins division 3 and 4, Country B wins division 1 and 2, the Total would be: Country A = 12 total points and Country B = 10 total points.
A campaign can last up to 15 battles. For a country to win a campaign, it needs to collect at least 83 points. (This is the majority of points that can be won in 15 battles, in all 4 divisions).
The moment one country reaches 83 points, the campaign will end even if less than 15 battles have passed during that campaign.

Battle and Campaign Hero Medal

At the end of every battle, the Battle Hero Medal is awarded to the citizen that inflicted the highest damage on every side in all divisions. They will receive an amount of gold as following:

Division 1- 2 Gold
Division 2- 3 Gold
Division 3- 4 Gold
Division 4- 5 Gold

There will be only one Campaign Hero for each of the two countries participating in the campaign, awarded as usual to the citizen that dealt the most damage in the entire campaign.

Fight to defeat an enemy

Furthermore, the fight button has been updated. You no longer have to click several times in order to kill an enemy. From now on, clicking it once you will make an instant kill. However, the wellness will still be consumed depending on how many hits you need in order to kill the enemy (same principle as before), and the damage, rank points and experience points will be given accordingly. If you have less health that needed to defeat an enemy, you will remain at 0 health, no health will be consumed.

o/ conta



surprised Day 1,665, 07:39

až teraz som to pochopil, kiež by som bol 29 level 🙁

conta.srdr Day 1,665, 07:50

so zober ze ja som v divizii s najlepsimi hracmi sveta...
taka mala krajina ako slovensko..
moje bojovanie nema ziadny zmysel

Arcade Gannon
Arcade Gannon Day 1,665, 07:51

Takze ak to dobre chapem, MoD teraz musi sledovat vsetky divizie v kazdej bitke a zhanat ludi s danym levelom aby ich pretlacil? 4krat viac roboty a koordinacie? Takze uz nestaci zohnat par silnych tankov co pridu a nadelia mega, teraz treba zhanat aj nubov aby sa pretlacili ostatne divizie? Q6 tanky pre vsetkych : D

Logout button, where ya at?

tuva Day 1,665, 11:49

@arcade, ono na druhej strane, kopec ludi sa stazovalo, ze naco budem bojovat, ked pride superovi nejaky tank, ktory tam nadeli 20x viac ako vsetci novacikovia na druhej strane...takto aspon aj ti slabsi budu mat sancu nieco ovplyvnit, netvrdim, ze je to idealne riesenie, ale podla mna je to krok vpred

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