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[MoI-MoE] Do nich! 1657

Day 1,657, 02:40 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Ministerstvo Informacii

Novacikovia do levelu 25 mozte ziadat o dotacie na chleba uz od vcerajska!

Poziadali iba dvaja, co je dost nuda 😉

Mam este 4000 HP na sklade a mozno aj viac, takze pytajte odomna - nick 'conta' na IRC RIZON alebo mi napiste spravu tutaj 😉

Do nich!

za MoI conta



conta.srdr Day 1,657, 02:43

nezabudnite udriet proti ukrajine 😉

Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,657, 14:21

nezabudli sme : )

bakulla Day 1,658, 15:12


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