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[MoI] First Article - My Goals, Elections Turnout, New Cabinet, MoD Changes

Day 1,964, 10:02 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Hunter4Life123


I am the new Swiss Minister of Information for April of 2013. I will be updating you about twice a week on what's happening in eSwitzerland. My goal is to stay focused and updated so that I can update you at least once a week. To achieve this, I will dig into what's going on to find out what I need to in order to update the public. I will stay focused on what's going on and put aside some time from real life to use to do this. I am happy to do this for you and proud to serve my country.

In my first article, I will talk about the April of 2013 eSwiss Presidential Elections.

TrogdorTheTroll100 (supported by The Swiss Resistance, the Conservative Democratic Party, the Swiss Revolutionary Party, the Swiss Freedom Party, the Swiss Liberal Party, the Anti-Clonoss Party, and the FREEDOM FOR SWISS Party) was running against Impressio HT (supported by The Others). There was a total of 117 votes. TrogdorTheTroll100 got 65 votes, giving him 55.56%, and Impressio HT got 52 votes, giving him 44.44% of the votes. In other words, TrogdorTheTroll100 has become the President of eSwitzerland during April 5th, 2013 through May 4th, 2013. Congratulations, TrogdorTheTroll100!

Because of this election, we have some new cabinet members! In case you are too lazy to dig through other articles to find it or anything, I will list them for you once again.

Country President: TrogdorTheTroll100

Vice Country President of Domestic Affairs: Paul Proteus

Minister of Home Affairs: Archein von Drakenov

Minister of Finance: Lotus Black

Minister of Defense: plasmakp

Vice Minister of Defense: dyplomata z krakowa

Minister of Information: Hunter4Life123

Vice Country President of Foreign Affairs: Rican

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Alexandre Walen

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: jkli5

The new Minister of Defense, plasmakp, has made some updates and changes to how he has been doing it lately. He's made it so that, instead of going into the MoD artices to view the Battle Orders, a citizen can simply install Greasemonkey or install Tampermonkey and see the Battle Orders beneath their Daily Order. plasmakp has also changed the look of the Battle Orders to show the importance of the Order. Read more about it here. To view the Battle Order and possibly get 10 Q7 tanks, go here.

That's all for today! If you have any questions, ask below or PM me.

MoI and PP of the SLP


Thedillpickl Day 1,964, 10:03


Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,964, 10:13

Well done! Looking forward to a great month!

Rican Day 1,964, 12:32

excellent as usual...........
congratz to Troggy

jensenn Day 1,964, 12:33


VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,964, 12:34

Voted. ; )

vukio Day 1,964, 12:50

Congratz Troggy.
And very nice seeing dyplomata active in eSwiss gov.

ANTINIANKU Day 1,964, 15:11


VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,965, 00:28

New script for Battle Orders!

Schwrzwolf Day 1,965, 10:26

vote & greetings from Austria

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 1,965, 18:10

MoI Rulez

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 1,966, 09:48

Needs more Jhunter.

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